Michael Heiss became acquainted with the Church of God when he first heard the World Tomorrow  program as a teenager. After studying much of the church literature and completing two years at Drake University, he decided that Ambassador College was for him. He applied to attend Ambassador College and was accepted for the Fall Semester in 1960.
As a student he became good friends with  another student by the name of Fred Coulter, who went on to become the President and Founder of the Christian Biblical Church of God. After graduation Michael went into the Income Tax Business and built-up a thriving tax practice. Since the income tax business is largely seasonal, it gave him time to delve into his passion--the study of Hebrew and Old Testament. He studied at the University of Judaism and Hebrew Union College--both located in Los Angeles. He also maintains ties with the Israel Bible Center that operates out of Jerusalem, Israel.
One day in 2008, Fred Coulter called him asking if he could help with some Hebrew and the Old Testament. Michael jumped at the chance to help out and has been doing so ever since. He  was ordained as an elder on February 12, 2022 and currently attends a local CBCG congregation in Pasadena, California.


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