Norbert and Denise Bohnert live in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada.  Our city lies one hour east of the majestic Rocky Mountains and one hour from the USA border, Montana to the south.
Norbert has been in the church since 1971 as a seventeen year old introduced to it by his parents who were long time deacon and deaconess in the WCG for many years thereafter. Denise was introduced to the Church by her sister and started attending regularly in 1985.  Norbert and Denise were both baptized by Fred in 1999.  Norbert was ordained as an Elder in Dec. 2004 by Fred and Wayne Stenhouse.
Norbert is a senior structural design engineer for a consulting firm in Lethbridge, Alberta after receiving his degree in Civil Engineering in 1976.
Norbert is an avid sports fan and although he is not so active in many sports as he once was; he still thoroughly enjoys watching sports of all types and gets the occasional golf game happening in the summer.  
Norbert and Denise thoroughly enjoy serving the brethren to the utmost and assisting them whenever they are able, as they are committed to their calling and duties they have. 


Messages by Norbert Bohnert



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