Encourage in Passover Preparation
By James Meister | [Up]

We do not qualify for God's Love.
He loves us...He called us....and He chose us.
Whether in this last year you recognize that you have grown, have stood still, or slipped back.
God loves you and continues to love you.

We all experience these 3 different conditions by times.
Sometimes in a day, a week, or longer.... you and He alone know.
Only you Both have been there. You and God.
No-one else can determine this for us.
It is us, each individually alone before God.

The one who appears great by comparison may not shine as bright as you in Kingdom glory.
No two stars in the heavens shine in the same degree.
No two grains of sand are identical.
How can anyone determine to know the pressures that have formed each of us.

None of us start in the same place.
Only the condition of sin is what is similar.
Who can know what you have faced and overcome in this life.

God is no respecter of persons.
He does not look on our outward condition.
He sees into the depths of our innermost being.
He sees the truths no other man can.
He alone guides our reigns.

Let no one's judgement discourage you.
But be sharpened one by the other.
Encouraging one another toward the day.
Building one another up in Love.

Thoughts Before Passover
By James Meister

Misery is never far away from us. We all of us feel beat down by times.
We will always in some way experience the straining and groaning of suffering and displeasure.
It does not feel good as we are being worked and molded through trials.
Often it is just a case of our rubbing our own noses into sin like a dog eating its own vomit.

In spite of this God is still able to develop us....in spite of ourselves.
We are the desire of the heart of the True and Holy Creator God.
It does not matter who you are if you have been called and chosen.
Feel encouraged knowing that God is working and developing you no matter what.
You have not rejected Christ. You have not blasphemed. So be encouraged.

We could all do much better. No doubt about that. We could all cooperate more fully with Him.
But, nevertheless, no matter where we are at personally, we are being worked and developed by Him. God loves you personally. Deeply and intimately. In an almost incomprehensible way.

Just consider the beauty of life, and having been brought into existence through physical birth.
Existing, sharing in life and existence. What a gracious act.
Without Christs atonement, we would continually be in a state of sin before God.
We are being transformed even now into the very Children of God.
This is what we are.... we are His Children in the age of evil.... a very special stage in His Plan.

There is no solution to the fundamentals of human nature outside of Christ.
Some of us will see mankind come to its peak...the best it can possibly be apart from God.
We live in a most peculiar time in this age of evil....and mankind has been evil from the start.

Consider all of the history that had to take place in order to reach this point.
It has never known God. It cannot know or recognize Him at all. In no significant way.
They can benefit from practicing His laws, but they cannot know Him. It is that simple.

There are so many distractions that we now face.
A world on edge. Uncertainties and fear all over.
Sometimes it can feel like even we, His Children are just hanging on for dear life.

So many distractions. So much sin. A constant barrage of sin and evil behavior.
And mindless and banal considerations.... of no value at all.
The stupid and empty things that get stuck in our heads.

Guarding the gates to our mind has never been so challenging.
And they are only coming closer and closer to our circuitry and wiring.
It takes much more than just changing the channel nowadays.

Our gracious and merciful Father always provides an escape.
We may not always recognize it as such, but it is always there.
And that is a wonderful thing to know.