By Lester L. Grabbe and Robert L. Kuhn

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Introduction by Fred R. Coulter

This paper was written by Lester Grabbe and Robert Kuhn and given to the WCG ministerial conference in 1978. As you will see, this paper has my initial notes written right on it; and also, you will see as you study it that this is very poor and very sloppy research. This kind of writing was deliberate by both of these so-called scholars. Their determination was to enforce a 15th Passover as the authentic Passover, which was spearheaded by Kuhn, because the Jews in their own view are always right, never wrong.

Very few people realized that Kuhn, while he was in the employ of the church, rarely attended church services but nearly always attended Jewish Friday-night temple services in the synagogue. He was a very close companion to Stanley R. Rader, a secular Jew with a Jesuit education. Both of them were directly involved in their conspiracy to take down the WCG. This paper by Grabbe and Kuhn was the first substantial shot over the doctrinal bow.

So convincing were they that Garner Ted Armstrong actually fell for their shoddy paper on the Passover and began to call the Passover, The Lord's Supper. And not only GTA, but other evangelists including Ron Dart.

As you know, since the true Passover of God is absolutely essential to be kept on the right day, at the right time according the Calculated Hebrew Calendar—that is, the 14th day of the first month of the Calculated Hebrew Calendar. And of course, God calculates each day as ending at sunset and beginning a new day. So, the evening part begins the new day, and that's when the true Christian Passover should be observed. In retrospect, looking back on history now 41 years, it is quite evident that this was a deliberate attempt to cause initial mass confusion to pave the way for the disintegration of the WCG.

There were various splits beginning shortly before that time by Dr. Ernest Martin and Kenneth R. Westby. And because of the ordination of Stanley R. Rader, Joseph Tkach and Ellis La Ravia, none of whom were ever qualified to be evangelists, I resigned on the Day of Atonement, 1979. I resigned because it was self-evident that the WCG would eventually be destroyed, unless there was vast repentance of all the ministry and those followers who believed the changes of doctrine that was initiated by this Passover paper. [Resignation sermon, Day of Atonement 1979]

Finally, in 1994 because there was so much confusion within the various churches of God, God laid it upon me to begin to write the truth concerning the 14th Passover. And it became a book entitled, 'The Christian Passover—What Does It Mean? When Should It Be Observed—the 14th or the 15th?' This book, now in its Third Edition, is the most detailed research book on the truth about the Passover of God. Every single argument that men have come up with to date against the 14th Passover has been covered—Jewish, Catholic and Protestant.

I hope you will be able to see the fallacious reasoning of Grabbe and Kuhn. So, I put this paper online, with all of my notations that I wrote down when I read it for the first time. Now you will understand why the Passover is so important and that is always one of the first doctrines, along with the Sabbath, that the agents of Satan the Devil attacked.