Satan is truly out of the closet!

Fred R. Coulter—July 22, 2023

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  • How bad is it?
  • How much worse can it become?

It seems as though that everything is upside down and backwards! People are trying to find their own way out of all the troubles and difficulties without really turning to God.

We are seeing so many things taking place in the world that are denying God and are actually becoming almost unreal. As we learned this last week—I don't know how many of you saw it—there was a 'slip of the tongue by Vice President Kamala Harris when she was talking about how to handle climate warming or change—whatever it may be—and she said one of the ways it needs to be handles is by depopulation. Think about that! What are two fastest ways to depopulate the earth?

  • a pandemic

(speculation): Will there be another pandemic unleashed just before the election in 2024? Have to wait and see!

What's another way of depopulating the earth a little more slowly? In addition to bad food, bad medical procedures and so forth:

Sidebar: There was a report of research on the Amish people. They're not involved in all the modern things that we have today. They live where they can grow their own food. They don't have electricity, they don't have the Internet, they don't have cars. They still have horse an buggy.

They are the most sane, least troubled, most healthy and long-lived people in America. They try and follow the Bible the best that they can.

Look at that compared to what's going on here in the rest of the world! Now the next thing in depopulating the world:

  • homosexuality and gender change

Look at what they're doing in the schools! Let's answer the question on gender change.

There was, on the news, a young girl who thought that it would be good to become a boy. She started taking all of the testosterone and drugs and everything. Then at age 14 she went in to have a mastectomy to remove her breasts. After that she came to her senses quite a bit too late to totally change everything. It was ruining and destroying her life!

We know that God said in the beginning that He made them male and female, and after th image and likeness of God. However, we're not God and there are certain things of God that we cannot change.

Matthew 5:33: "Again, you have heard that it was said to those in ancient times, 'You shall not forswear yourself, but you shall perform your oaths to the Lord.' But I say to you, do not swear at all, neither by heaven, for it is God's Throne; nor by the earth, for it is the footstool of His feet; nor by Jerusalem, because it is the city of the great King. Neither shall you swear by your head… [you can change certain things] …because you do not have the power to make one hair white or black" (vs 33-36).

You can't change what God has created! It's impossible to change the sex!

Matthew 6:27: "But who among you, by taking careful thought, is able to add one cubit to his stature?"

That's a principle that you can change anything about you physically by what you do!

  • God put in the process of growing
  • God put in the process of everything for that

All of this gender-change and all of the sexualization of the world…

By all means go to Church At Home {} and watch the series I'm doing on Sexualization of the World and Satan Out of the Closet

  • How far of this sex perversion has it reached?
  • Who now approves of it?

Showing a picture of Pope Francis waving the homosexual flag! He said the homosexuality is not a crime! All of the priests and cardinals and everyone will be happy with that decision because there's a book out called In the Closet of the Vatican that shows that most of them there are already homosexuals.

What is the last barrier that they're working on right now? Pedophilia! And they're renaming it: those who are attracted to minors!

Here's another article, which is unbelievable. This is from the United Kingdom and the Archbishop of the Anglican Church there.

Archbishop of York UK has reportedly said he agrees that the Lord's Prayer should become more inclusive meaning that the word 'Father' needs to be changed.

As I've already reported, they have already changed it. Clear back in 1995 when they first put out the first transgender New Testament where they changed the name of the Father from Father to Father/Mother.

How far is going to go? I think you're going to be very surprised! Here is a comparison:

Biblical Jesus vs Modern Jesus

It's all becoming Satanized!

Biblical Jesus: Born as God Almighty in the flesh.
Modern Jesus: Was a good teacher and man.

What does that mean? That means man has authority to do whatever he wants! One of the things that's being changed today is love.

Biblical Jesus: "Loves us enough to speak the Truth"
Modern Jesus: Waters down words to avoid offense

Biblical Jesus: Point us toward the eternal treasure [of eternal life]
Modern Jesus: Promises us earthly treasure

Biblical Jesus: Warns of sin, judgment & hell [the Lake of Fire]
Modern Jesus: Sends all to heaven, dismisses hell [the Lake of Fire]

Think about all the kids being taught in the public schools today, and what they are learning. By the time that they reach about age 15, pretty close to half of them are already in the A to Z sexuality!

Biblical Jesus: Commands repentance of sins
Modern Jesus: Minimizes need for repentance of sins

Biblical Jesus: Gives you salvation, hope, peace & joy
Modern Jesus: Gives you health, wealth, & happiness

with sickness, disease and death

Biblical Jesus: Hated and despised by the world
Modern [fake] Jesus: Loved and accepted by the world

That fake Jesus is Satan the devil! By the way I've got a report here that shows that Disneyland is producing a movie where a girl falls in love with Satan! So, think about that!

Biblical Jesus: Hates sin and exposes the truth about sin
Modern Jesus: Overlooks sin& never corrects you

Biblical Jesus: Commands with Divine authority
Modern Jesus: Gives suggestions not commandments

and do whatever you want

Biblical Jesus: Says to expect persecution in His name
Modern Jesus:  Promises our best life now

It never turns out that way!

Biblical Jesus: Brings division when necessary
Modern Jesus: Promotes unity &  tolerance at all costs

After we're hateful and tolerant to all the Christians

Biblical Jesus: Exalts God the Father's will
Modern Jesus: Serves your will above God's will

If you have any belief in God

Biblical Jesus: Warns of false signs & wonders; magnifies God's Word
Modern Jesus: Exalts sign, wonders & mysticism above God's Word

And seeing out devils, ghosts! Don't they have that now on television? They're going to find them and Satan is going to come out even more!

Biblical Jesus: Demands that emotion, experience & opinion conform to sound teaching
Modern Jesus: Exalts emotion, experience & opinion above sound teaching

That is based on 'I feel…' or 'I think…' What does God say of man? Man at his very best is altogether vanity! What is the human mind without God especially, when the mind is being flooded and exercised by the spirit of Satan? It is desperately wicked, deceitful above all things!

Biblical Jesus:  Commands you to deny yourself & be willing to lay down your life for God
Modern Jesus: Encourages you to love yourself first & gratify all your fleshly desires

That's quite a thing! This is what we're seeing! This is the transition and it's happening a whole lot quicker than we ever thought.

They did a survey of the students in Brown University and found that 38% belong to the A to Z sexual category. So, the most evil institution in the world is the educational system of America! That's why we have so much trouble.

There is a big resistance right now against trying to change the sex. Let's hope that they make some progress.

Sidebar: I saw part of a video of an orthodox priest preaching: 'Don't send your kids to school and God made us male and female and you can't change it.'

Then I heard a Catholic priest speak almost the same thing! So, even if they don't know God the way that they should, in Jer. 23 God says:

Even though I didn't send them, if they teach them My Word, I will honor it.

We don't know what's going to happen with this, but this world is headed for a great collision of belief of a magnitude we never expected to see.

How did all this ungodliness start? We know that it started with Satan the devil and later through Adam and Eve and then mankind down to the time of the Flood. Afterward after the Flood. Satan keeps coming back and coming back, and people keep going to him.

We find it labeled here at the end-time in Rev. 17. with the pope out there waving the flag of the homosexuals, he is really displaying the true inner workings of what they really want. It's described here:

Rev. 17:1: "And one of the seven angels who had the seven vials came and spoke with me, saying to me, 'Come here; I will show you the judgment of the great whore who sits upon many waters."

Verse 15: "…'The waters that you saw, where the whore sits, are peoples and multitudes and nations and languages." That's what the Vatican has always done!

Verse 2: "With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and those who dwell on the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication."

That's what all of this crazy thinking is about. It is about Satan's spiritual drunkenness poured out upon them.

Verse 3: "Then he carried me away in the spirit to a wilderness; and I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet beast that had seven heads and ten horns, full of names of blasphemy."

  • everything against God
  • everything contrary to what God has said

Verse 4: "And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and was adorned with gold and pearls and precious stones; and she had a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominations and the filthiness of her fornication."

That's where all of this is coming from, because this is what Satan is doing right now:

Verse 5: "And across her forehead a name was written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…"

That's why we ask: How does all of the evil happen? The mystery is that they have left God! They don't want God in any of their thoughts. That automatically, with the Laws of God brings all the chaos, all of these things that we see, out into the open.

They've always been there behind the scenes, and every once in a while they come out in the open. That happened just before the days of Queen Victoria in England. Homosexuality was running wild and rampant. So, when she came to the throne she outlawed homosexuality and she outlawed all of those practices. Then the nation recovered from all of its degradation! That's known as the Victorian Era. Well, here it is out again:


Now this shows the confrontation that's coming; v 6: "And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And after seeing her, I wondered with great amazement. Then the angel said to me, 'Why are you amazed? I will tell you the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carries her, which has the seven heads and the ten horns'" (vs 6-7).

Then it describes what is coming up now, which is the one-world beastly government! Let's read another prophecy of what is happening before our very eyes in this ungodly world. It's going to be so much that can anyone turn it around? How much can be changed. Think about it! Here's what we're looking at. This world is going to be exactly as it says here:

Isaiah 29:15: "Woe to those who go deep to hide their purpose from the LORD!.…"

All of them have been in the background and functioning as a low level. No one has known it. That's called 'secret societies': Masons, Knights of Columbus, inner secrets of the Catholic Church, inner secrets of the Church of Satan and so forth!

"…And their works are in the dark, and they say, 'Who sees us? And who knows us?' Surely, you have turned things upside down! Shall the potter be regarded as the potter's clay…" (vs 15-16).

Isn't that the way they're treating God today?

  • we will make us post-human!
  • we will give ourselves eternal life?
  • we will have factories that will produce children without mothers

Guess who owns them? Talk about being completely upside down! It's coming! Now, we look at it and we think: Can it get any worse? Well, without a doubt it's going to!

"…for shall the work say of him who made it, 'He did not make me?' Or shall the thing formed say to him who formed it, 'He had no understanding?'" (v 16). That's the way they view it!

It's quite a terrible thing the way things are going! Let's see where it's going to go! We understand about the educational system and what it is doing. It's doing a very productive job in producing all of the A to Z sexual behavior.

What about the abortion clinic Planned Parenthood. Have you ever seen their emblem, it's supposed to be two 'Ps' on and angle. But if you look at it carefully, that pictures a broken womb, because that's what they do when they have abortions. Since Planned Parenthood is having a difficult time because of the ruling of the Supreme Court lately. But even though they ruled the way that they did, they're not able to stop abortions. Now they have something better. This is going to take place in Minnesota right now: sex education camps.

What do you think their going to teach them? You get all of these teenagers in there and get them all stirred up sexually, what do you think their going to have them practice doing right at the camp?

Article: Sex Education in Minnesota:

Trained educators throughout Minnesota provide sex education to youth and adults in their communities. Planned Parenthood is committed to providing sex education that is nonjudgmental…

Meaning that any practice of any sex is just fine with us!

…medically accurate, and culturally responsive. Culturally specific education programming helps to remove barriers to growing…

Programs for Youth

Youth programs build future leaders by giving teenagers reliable information about reproductive and sexual health that they can share with their friends and family, and connect youth with resources to stay healthy and make a difference in their community.

In other words, do whatever they want to and rely on the doctors if anything comes up!

Education programs for youth range from the opportunity to become a peer educator…

Showing other teens what to do!

…sharing valuable reproductive health information to peers and family—to receiving tailored individual education about a variety of reproductive health topics….

Nice wording for saying showing how to become a total pervert!

…Participants receive reliable, accurate information they need to make responsible decisions and stay healthy. Parental permission is required for all youth programs.

Isn't that nice? Then there's another organization:

Southeast Asian Sexual Health: Empowerment through learning and leadership (no website could be found)

Showing a picture of a symbol of 666!

How far can this madness go? Parents can be arrested for not paying for their child's sex transition! They slaughter them when they have totally ruined their lives! If you think mastectomies for a teenage girl is a difficult proposition, I cannot explain to you how them make female genitals in males.

  • What else is happening?
  • What was the greatest victory of the Covid pandemic?

It's killed many more people than they realized, maybe up in the millions. But it didn't kill people like they wanted to. But what did it do when they made everyone stay home?

  • you can't assemble anywhere
  • you can't go to Church
  • you can't go to a theater

What's the residual of that now? The greatest victory is the shutting down of the churches!

Here's a whole article about an empty church! Even in the Churches of God we're old and we're small. How many avenues are opened up to us to preach the Word so people can hear and come and repent.

If you go online, if you really speak the Truth—I really think that the things that we have—they are shadow-banned! That is they let you stay online, but they don't let anyone else know about you or as few as possible. Likewise with the churches.

Article: How Do You Resurrect an Empty Church? By Henry Grabar, July 13, 2023

America's aging houses of worship face a stark choice…

Referring to the buildings and the property!

"…sell, redevelop, or pray for a miracle.

This is also punishment from God because they didn't preach the Truth. Now it's being taken away! It shows a picture of the West-Park Presbyterian Church in Manhattan that they're going to have to tear down, because no one is attending.

On June 25, Summerfield Church in Milwaukee held its last Sunday service. The rough-cut sandstone church, with its bright red doors and stained-glass windows, was built in 1904 to house the state's oldest Methodist congregation…"

Today the Methodist Church is being ripped asunder on two fronts:

  • because many of the Methodist churches are endorsing the A to Z sexual standards, by saying God loves everyone
  • they count by people coming to church as success

If you have numbers, you have success! How does God count success? Who is converted!

Remember when God was going to send the two angels to destroy Sodom, that was totally sexualized in every way that's going on today. Abraham was concerned for his nephew Lot.

So, Abraham came to the Lord and said, 'Lord, what are you going to do?' I'm going to destroy it! I'm going to send two angels there! 'What if there are 50 righteous there, will you still destroy it? No! 'what if there are 45?' No! Then Abraham got Him all the way down to 10. You know the rest of the story, we just covered that recently.

Didn't happen, and even Mrs. Lot couldn't obey the angel who said 'Don't look back!' This ought to tell us something! Very powerful! Like what God says, He means! Sometimes the judgment comes right away.

Here we have with the churches, they're closing down so it's hard to find them. Look at any of the churches anywhere, there are very few people. The ones who come are old. Same way with the Churches of God.

  • How old are all of us?
  • What's going to happen when we die?
  • What doors is God going to open? That's my prayer every day! What God will help us do! And how to do it!

This church (picture in article) last spring—this big church—dwindled down from hundreds that would come to just 11 members, none younger than 65! The reason is when given the bill to repair the building, would be $1.3-million. Amazing!

It is a story replaying over and over in cities across the United States, where older churches have been hammered by neighborhood change and maintenance costs, coinciding with a national trend of plummeting religious attendance across faiths.

doesn't matter which

Over the past decade, the share of Americans who attend weekly services at a church, synagogue, mosque, or temple has fallen to 30 percent…

70% gone; either died or left

…after hovering for half a century at 40 percent. Overall membership has fallen even more precipitously, and less than half of Americans now say they "belong" to a religious organization….

Even with us. We're able to reach out with live services! We reach the brethren! I want you to all pray that God will help us reach some of these younger people, because Jesus gave the promise that the 'gates of the grave would never prevail against the Church.

We need God to intervene, and we need to have the messages and the ways and means of reaching the people, as well.

"Churches have been on the edge of a cliff, and COVID was a blast of air blowing them off," said Rick Reinhard, a consultant who has worked with the United Methodist Church on the question of what to do with aging structures. He rattled off a list of towns with half a dozen, a dozen, or more churches heading for obsolescence…

The Methodist Church if it keeps going the way it is, will end up not being around anyplace!

This dilemma echoes older ones. Fifty years ago, white flight emptied out urban neighborhoods just as a new, global wave of immigrants began to repopulate those areas, and many churches changed hands. Others found a happy second life as theaters or homes.

That's what's happening there!

Now, on top of it, we have this hostility toward Christians in a militant way that we never figured would happen. That's why we need to ask for God's protection!

Remember what I said about the A.I. Bible? It's very interesting with the A.I. Bible; guess who asked the A.I. to write a Bible for them? PETA! PETA are the vegetarians who are against cruelty to animals.

They asked A.I. to write a Bible for us PETA people. So, they did!

Leftist Groups Using AI to Rewrite Bible to Fit Their Agendasby kate Anderson, July 2, 2023

…according to a May press release. PETA's manipulation of AI is one in a long list of concerns that religious advocates who spoke to the DCNF had about the technology's impact on faith…. to rewrite the creation story…

Let's see what they did to the Creation Story.

"There's obviously different translations of the Old and the New Testament with ChatGPT … [but] this isn't just a difference in translation. This is a different interpretation of the actual text, and I think that there are theological issues with what PETA is putting out in this version of the Bible."

How do they handle that?

In PETA's AI-overhauled creation account titled "The Book," the terms "beasts" and "creatures" are exchanged for "beings" and the clothing that God provides for Adam and Eve…

After they had sinned!

…is made of hemp and bamboo instead of animal skin…

This comes out and says that this is the PETA Bible! 'Oh, those are nice people, there against cruelty to animals!' Look what they produce!

"The Bible has long been used to justify all forms of oppression, so we've used ChatGPT [A.I.] to make it clear that a loving God would never endorse exploitation of or cruelty to animals," Newkirk said in the press release. "It took God only six days to create the entire world, but we realized it would take us years to rewrite the whole Bible, which is why we've started with just the first book."

Think about what they're going to do with the rest of the Bible!

This makes us very thankful that through the years we've been able to stick to the Truth and produce the Bible accurately to Hebrew and to the Greek. All of our books and everything that have.

Let me again warn everybody, be careful of your digital Bibles and things that you have. Make sure that you have a lot of the material that we have produced in printed form in your hand.

A PETA spokesperson told the DCNF that while the Bible is "evidence enough" that God is against animal cruelty, the organization created its own version of Genesis to help prevent people from misusing scripture.

You talk about an oxymoron! If you take the Bible for what it says, you're misusing it! 'Come to PETA, we will help you! Sit down and have a salad with us, and we'll explain it to you'

…The spokesperson also dismissed the idea that the project was "a rewrite of a religious document," calling it simply a "modern telling of Genesis."

That's why God did not leave it to uneducated, unconverted people to write the Word of God! This becomes more true than ever before!

Could you imagine what would happen if the Apostle Paul were resurrected and he was handed the PETA Bible? 'What is this?' The clothes were made of bamboo and hemp—marijuana—that's good. When it's worn out you can smoke it!

Go back and think about all the years you've been in the Church, could you have ever imagined such a thing as this? Let me announce this. I have 100 books coming entitled: Restoring the Original Bible by Dr. Ernest Martin. He was a professor at Ambassador College and he left in 1993. but this, as an historian is very accurate.

Later, he got carried away with Protestant theology, unfortunately! This is a good book and I've ordered 100, they will be here in a week or so, so if you want one, you e-mail or call the office and ask for the book Restoring the Original Bible. This will give you an insight as to some of the things that I wrote in the commentaries in the front of the Bible on how we came to have it. But this is more detailed and very accurate. It covers the Old Testament and the New Testament.

2-Peter 1:13: "For I consider it my duty, as long as I am in this tabernacle, to stir you up by causing you to remember these things; knowing that shortly the putting off of my tabernacle will come, even as our Lord Jesus Christ has signified to me: (vs 13-14). This was in his old age!

If you read 2-Peter 3 you find that it refers to all of Paul's epistles. So, Peter had all of them!

Verse 15: "But I will make every effort that, after my departure, you may always have a written remembrance of these things in order to practice them for yourselves."

That's why God wants it written down! How many laptops have they found in ancient caves? Zero! They have found books.

Verse 16: "For we did not follow cleverly concocted myths as our authority…"

Isn't that what we're reading right now about PETA's cleverly concocted myths about the creation? They plan to write the whole Bible!

"…when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His magnificent glory" (v 16).

Now then, Peter is referring to the time when Jesus took Peter, James and John and went up to the Mount of Transfiguration and in a vision was transfigured before them. They saw Jesus was He would look like as a spirit being. This was so indelibly written in the mind of Peter! Remember what Peter said after the vision became known:

Lord, let us make three tabernacles: one for You, one for Elijah and one for Moses!

Then everything disappeared and only Jesus was standing there and told them on the way down off the mountain, 'Tell know man about this vision until the Son of man be risen from the dead!' So, this is what Peter is referring to here.

Verse 17: "Because He received glory and honor from God the Father when the voice came to Him from the Majestic Glory, 'This is My Son, the Beloved, in Whom I am well pleased.'"

Do you suppose that Peter would write anything or say anything that was contrary to the teachings of Jesus and to the Word of God? Yet, the Catholics have the audacity to say that Peter was the first pope! So, what we're reading today is not the first time that everything was turned upside down!

Verse 18: "And this is the voice from heaven that we heard when we were with Him on the Holy mountain. We also possess the confirmed prophetic Word… [the Old Testament and the writings of the New Testament] …to which you do well to pay attention, as to a light shining in a dark place…" (vs 18-19).

Like today, darkness is covering the earth! It says in Isaiah that 'darkness shall cover the earth.' If you have The Messiah by Handel, the baritone sings that, and it's quite a song—gross darkness the world! That's what we're living in right now!

"…until the day dawns… [the return of Christ] …and the morning star arises in your hearts (v 19)—when you're resurrected!

  • Doesn't it say in Dan. 12 that we 'will shine as the stars'?
  • Didn't Jesus say that those who are in the Kingdom of God will 'shine like the sun;?

That's the glory we have to look forward to! All of this is leading up to v 20 for the veracity of the Word of God.

Verse 20: "Knowing this first… [this is the primary, basic, foundational understanding for the Word of God] …that no prophecy of Scripture…"

That doesn't prophetic Scriptures, that means speaking the Truth as God led them by the Holy Spirit, and then writing it!

Remember what happened with Jeremiah? He wrote down some of these things and Barak was his secretary to do it! Then one of the kings—when he received it—cut it out with a knife and threw in the fire! So, the word came to Jeremiah that he did this, and Jeremiah said, 'Now, you are going to write these words and more that I tell you.'

You go back and all through the Old Testament where there is: 'The Word of the Lord came too…'

Verse 20: "Knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture originated as anyone's own private interpretation" (v 20).

What is the PETA Bible? And any other A.I. Bible that's going to come? A private interpretation based upon the ideology of men!

Just like I said when I brought the first message on A.I. and I brought out to you—and I still have it here on my desk—the book: World Scriptures printed in the 1990s! So, they've be at this a long time!

Verse 21: "Because prophecy was not brought at any time by human will…"

  • World Scriptures is human will
  • the PETA Bible is human will
  • A.I. is human will

"…but the Holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit" (v 21).

Paul writes in 2-Tim. 3 that it is God-breathed! That's why in producing the Bible we went to the original in Hebrew and in Greek, because many of the other translations out there are perverted. But this PETA Bible is not a perversion, it's a re-creation of satanism, having nothing to do with what God wants!

  • How close are we to seeing the Temple being re-built?
  • Why is this important?

We will review this again, just so everybody has it in mind. There are even some Protestants who are saying that we're already in the Tribulation.

  • If that's the case, why hasn't the rapture occurred?
  • Weren't they told that when the Tribulation comes you'll be raptured away? It hasn't occurred!
  • When will the Tribulation begin?

Matthew 24:15: "Therefore, when you see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the Holy place.'…"

The Holy Place is the interior of the Temple. Then this parenthetical statement was added by John when he canonized the New Testament:

"…(The one who reads, let him understand.)" (v 15).

Why would John write that? Because he was given the vision in Rev. 11 to measure the Temple and the grounds!

In 2-Thess. Paul wrote about the 'abomination of desolation by the man of sin, the son of perdition' going into the Holy Place saying that he is 'God'!

Well, that didn't happen in 70A.D. when the Temple was destroyed! So, John put this parenthetical statement there so that later people would understand that you have to watch for the 'abomination of desolation,' and there must be a Temple built. The Jews are getting close to doing it!

Article: Arrival Of Biblical Red Heifer In Israel Could Bring Millions Of Visitors

They have two red heifers over there now. Remember Judah, what did he do to Joseph? He said, 'Let's sell him to the Midianites going down to Egypt! Let's not kill him!' Make some money!

They're taking this heifer and they're bringing it to where Shiloh was. Where was Shiloh? Where the tabernacle was first setup after they entered the land!

They're going to put this cow on display. I think they have two of them there. Actually, they've been looking for a long time, and they finally found five of them in Texas. What is Texas? Manasseh! So, it's still of Israel!

Hundreds of visitors flocked to Shiloh in Samaria's Binyamin region on Thursday to welcome a biblically pure red heifer.

Num. 19 tells them about the red heifer!

Think about this for a minute! The Jews say that without the red heifer and the ashes of it being sacrificed for the sprinkling, none of the Jews are clean. They're all impure! So, they're all looking for it, but 'we're going to make some money on the side; bring in all the tourists so they can come and see a couple of heifers.

Pay whatever on a tour to go, and you go on a bus and go down to Shiloh and you see it, and say, 'What's all the excitement about with these two heifers?' How can that bring forgiveness?

I don't think the Jews are going to have one of the tour guides give a lecture on what happened at Shiloh originally. Remember what happened during the days of Samuel when he was there with Eli? Eli's sons were corrupt, abusing the sacrifices! Committing adultery right at the gate of the tabernacle!

I mean, you talk about sexual depravity! That's was a bad one! So, what happened? The two sons Hophni and Phinehas were fighting the Philistines and they were losing, so they said, 'If we go back and get the Ark then God will have to give us the victory.'

Listen! You can have the Ark, you can have the whole Temple, you can have everything that you want, but IF you are not right with God it won't work!

What did they do? They took the Ark, the Philistines defeated them, took the Ark and killed the two sons and Eli—when he got the news—fell over backward and hit his head on a big rock and died! In one day, all three died, just like God prophesied!

Do you suppose that at Shiloh, when the busses come down with all of the tourists—with all of their cameras and they're looking and here's this stall with two red heifers—do you think the spokesman is going to tell them about the sins of the people of Israel? Why God destroyed the tabernacle area of Shiloh? NO!

The red heifer will never forgive their sins! It's about time that more Jews understand that Jesus was the sacrifice, and understand that they were driven from Jerusalem in 586B.C. because of their sins! Not because of the army!

The army was the result of their sins! Likewise, in 70A.D. God destroyed Jerusalem in 70A.D. because of their sins! Their greatest sin was rejecting Jesus Christ, God manifested in the flesh!

They said to Pilate—when Pilate wanted to release Jesus—'Let His blood be on us and on our children!' That tells you the story of why the Jews have had it so difficult! Because of their sins, not because of the enemy! The enemy comes because of sin!

Here in America we're going to have to learn the same story! Modern Christianity has a fake Jesus with a fake salvation, with everything fake about it! That's why their churches are empting and being turned over into taverns, theaters and whatever other activity. They have rejected the Truth of God and His Word!

That's the whole story of the ungodliness in this world that is coming like a great avalanche of many tsunamis coming upon us! It's going to be absolutely quite a thing!

The Tribulation cannot begin until the 'abomination of desolation' stands in the Holy Place. We're getting close, but it hasn't happened, yet!

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