Fred R. Coulter—September 27, 2008

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What are the shenanigans going in Washington, D.C.? They are in an absolute hurry before anyone can think it through, legislation for the largest amount of money ever requisitioned for one project, $700-billion.

Now as I mentioned on the Two Trillion Dollar Meltdown, that's in addition to other things that they have been doing as well. So why the big hurry and why have the Republicans set back and steadfastly refused to do so, although they will probably be clubbed into doing it. So here's the legislative proposal for treasury authority to purchase mortgage-related assets. They don't have the title of it yet, but it is

Section 2: Purchase of Mortgage-Related Assets.

A). Authority to purchase

The secretary... [one person] authorized to purchase and to make and to fund commitments to purchase on such terms and conditions as determined by the secretary, mortgage-related assets from any financial institution having its headquarters in the United States.

Which means that, they can also buy these from banks overseas that have headquarters here—Bank of America, Citi Bank, Stanley Morgan, etc.

B). Necessary actions

Oh, by the way, there's another little caveat that someone else added which is this: If a bank in Japan or China has $400-million worth of bad mortgage debt and they want to get rid of it, let's just say they sell it to an American bank for $400-million, which represents forty percent of a billion. The American bank then, can sell it to this new entity that they're trying to create under the secretary for fifty cents on the dollar and they make a cool $100-million on the transaction.

So as Dolores and I were discussing earlier, if you rush it this fast and you do all these things, there are a lot of shenanigans that we don't know what else is going to happen.

C). Necessary actions

The secretary is authorized to take actions as the secretary deems necessary to carry out the authorities in this act including without limit.
That's everything!Total czar!

1. Appointing such employees as may be required to carry out the authorities in this act and defining their duties.

Hire a lot of your friends. Of course, and that's Henry Paulson, he's the Secretary of Treasury. And he's a Democrat, by the way, and he's been in constant touch with the Obama-nation campaign.

2. Entering into contracts, including contracts for services authorized by Section 3109 of Title 5, U.S. Code, without regard to any other provision of law regarding public contracts.

So they're given a lawless loophole to do anything they want to do.

3. Designating financial institutions as financial agents of the government...

Which means they own all the banks by designation.

...and they shall perform all such reasonable duties related to this act as financial agents of the government as may be required of them.
Whatever the secretary says, 'thou shalt do.' This is what Congress was given to work up their proposals, work up the legislation. And they were probably told, 'Don't change anything.'

4. Establishing vehicles...

Which is a broad term. What does vehicles mean? That's not cars and trucks. Those are financial entities.

...that are authorized subject to supervision by the secretary to purchase mortgage-related assets and issue obligations.
And 'issue obligations' means they trade debt for debt. You bring me $600-million of bad debt and I will give you warrants for $600-million Class-A, which then you can put in your bank and you can hold that and use that as an asset to borrow money. Lovely! And of course, to swap those, cost nothing. So they're getting $600-million in this example of warrants or issues that cost them nothing. And they got rid of their toxic debt.

5. And issuing such regulations and other guidance as may be necessary or appropriate to define terms or carry out the authorities of this act.

This is broad authority, and this is why the Republicans were saying, 'We're not going to give them a blank check.' Now let me just state this: Between this so-called bail out and the possible election of Obama, America stands at the threshold of very terrible times. Because I don't know if you saw the debate last night, but Obama was a spoiled brat airhead. Whenever he didn't like what McCain was saying, his face all grimaced up, they had to cut the camera away, because they didn't want to expose what a narcissistic, selfish individual he was. Now let's go on.

In exercising the authority granted in this act, the secretary shall take into consideration means for

  • Providing stability or preventing disruption to the financial markets or banking system
  • Protecting the taxpayer

Section 4: Reports to Congress

It should be to an outside board and commission of known well-grounded CEO's and I would recommend headed up Mitt Romney to see what they are doing. Now that would be my recommendation. Of course, mine doesn't mean anything.

So they do this within three months of the first exercise of the authority granted in Section 2-A, and semi-annually after that. The secretary shall report to the committee on the budget, financial services, ways and means, of the House of Representatives and the committees on budget, finance, banking, housing, and urban affairs of the Senate with respect to the authorities exercised under this act and to considerations required by Section 3.
All wonderful hugging buddies.

Section 5: Rights

Management, Sale of Mortgage-Related Assets

A). Exercise of Rights

The secretary may at any time exercise any right received in connection with mortgage-related assets purchased under this act.
Total free will.

B). Management of mortgage-related assets

The secretary... [again, one man] ...shall have authority to manage mortgage-related assets purchased under this act including revenues and portfolio risks there from.

C). Sale of mortgage-related assets

The secretary may at any time upon terms and conditions and at prices determined by the secretary sell or enter into security loans... [so they can get secured loans] ...repurchase transactions, or other financial transactions in regard to any mortgage-related asset purchased under this act.

D. Application of sunset to mortgage-related assets

So they give a termination date, but what can Congress always do? Extend it! 'Not enough of our friends have been rewarded, so we must extend this.' Excuse me a little facetiousness and cynicism as we go through here.

The authority of the secretary to hold any mortgage-related asset purchased under this act before the termination date in Section 9....
So they don't give you a termination date here.

...or to purchase or fund the purchase of mortgage-related assets under a commitment entered into before the termination date in Section 9 is not subject to the provision of Section 9.
Meaning on the last day they can make all kinds of commitments to everybody and you've got to honor them, because it's the law.

Section 6: Maximum of authorized purchases

The secretary's authority to purchase mortgage-related assets under this act shall be limited...
Oh, wonderful. $700-billon outstanding at any one time, which means they can roll it. If they buy $700-illion and then resell it, and they still have time and cash, they get say, $650-billion back on the $700-billion they bought. Then they can use the $650-billion to buy more. This becomes an endless thing. So guess who's technically going to own all the property?

Now what we need to understand, this is only a type, which will undoubtedly happen in every central bank in the world, very similar to it. This is a financial dictatorship, folks. We don't have to wait for Hitler, just a secretary. Remember what I said on the Two Trillion Dollar Meltdown, you can never borrow your way out of debt. Another thing we can add to it: you can never truly be prosperous by borrowing.

Section 7: Funding

For the purpose of the authorities granted in this act and for the cost of administering these authorities, the secretary may use the proceeds of the sale of any securities issued under Chapter 31, Title 31, U.S. Code.
Now let me stop right here. Most people do not realize it, but Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he called in all the gold and got permission to borrow from the Federal Reserve, they set up a parallel corporation called The United States of America, Inc. They transferred the national assets to that, which includes national parks, public lands, public buildings, so that would become collateral for their borrowing. Most people don't know that. Now we'll see what they're going to do with the debt.

And the purposes for which securities may be issued under Chapter 31, Title 31, U.S. Code are extended to include: actions authorized by this act, including the payment of administrative expenses...
Let's give everyone a big, fat salary.
...any funds expended for actions authorized by this act, including the payment of administrative expenses shall be deemed appropriate at the time of such expenditure.
No guidelines! No limit! See the fat cats won't get their bailout from Wall Street, but will they be hired by this new entity and end up being fat cats because of that?

Section 8: Review

Decisions by the secretary pursuant to the authority of this act are non-reviewable...
'We've going to have oversight, oh, we'll have oversight!' Non-reviewable oversight, isn't that wonderful.
...and committed to agency discretion and may not be reviewed by any court of law or administrative agency.
'We are above the law.' No prosecution. You're authorized to lie, to cheat, to steal, to take, to invest.

Section 9: Termination of authority

Oh, they had to put that in there.
The authorities under this act, with the exception of authorities granted in Section 2-B, 5, and 7...
Don't have the complete thing here to look at.
...shall terminate two years after the date of this enactment.
That is meaningless. That is like throwing a piece of fat to your dog, when he's lusting after your steak. It's meaningless!

Section 10: Increase in statutory limit on the public debt

That's generally handled as a separate vote. This time they won't have to handle it as a separate vote.

Subsection B of Section 3101 of Title 31, U.S. Code is amended by striking out the dollar limitation contained in such subsection and inserting in lieu thereof $11-trillion, 315-billion....

Section 11: Credit Reform

The cost of purchases of mortgage-related assets made under Section 2-A of this act shall be determined as provided under the Federal Credit Reform Act of 1990 as applicable.


For purposes of this section, the following definitions shall apply:

1. Mortgage-related assets

Now it doesn't say mortgages—mortgage-related assets, which are loans against the future payment of the mortgage. These are called hedges.

The term mortgage-related assets means residential or commercial mortgages, or any securities, obligations, or other instruments that are based on, or related to such mortgages, that in each case was originated or issued on or before September 17, 2008.
So they had this time ready to go thirteen days ago, two weeks ago. Now what do you suppose they have all stacked up, letting all their banker friends know this is going to happen. A whole bunch of stuff dated September 16th. You know they do. This is also helping bail out other banks, foreign banks. Thanks to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Democrats.

The Democrats are ninety-nine percent responsible for this debacle, beginning with Jimmy Carter and then Bill Clinton and then the whole thing of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac were cronies of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and all the Democrats and they blocked, no less than thirteen times the administration and Republican congressional members to pull the rug out from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and make them put their nose to the grindstone and the two leading men were fired for fraud. 'Oh, but they're good friends of Barney Frank, so nothing will happen to them.' And oh, by the way, they are the same color as Obama, so if you go after them that is racism. Skin color does not tell you who's a crook. A crook is a crook, regardless of skin color; however, it is a fact.

2. Secretary

Isn't that interesting? Doesn't that sound a little bit like communism? Didn't the communists have secretaries?

The term secretary means the Secretary of Treasury.
Whoever that may be. It'll be the most powerful office in the United States Government.

3. United States

The term United States means the states, territories, and possessions of the United States.... [Possessions—what do they own?] ...and the District of Columbia.
Isn't that amazing? Leaves you breathless! The fellow who wrote comments after this said, 'I'm speechless.' I guess! It was reported that when they had the meeting with the congressional leaders, with Bernanke and Paulson, that when they got done briefing them it was stone quiet for minutes, because it was so devastating. The truth is, we're on the verge of a great national bankruptcy! So I suggest—now don't get angry at me—you begin squirreling away a little bit more food, a little more, put it away, no one gets to it, cut out all unnecessary expenses, watch your 'Ps and Qs,' have a little cash on hand in case the banks fail, because if they do, your money's gone.

FDIC? Good question. Well, I'll just ask you one question. FDIC has about $51-billion in cash reserves right now. How does that compare to $700-billion? The banks have all failed, but we now have a new system. Everyone has to report to the post office and they will give you your money back in the form of digital money, but you have to have the insertion of a chip. That way they don't need any money at all; it's all digital. Now I don't know if it's going to happen, but it could. You do not know. Now some people get all upset with doom and gloom, but let me ask you the question: What will you do if no one ever said anything to you about the doom or gloom that is coming? You want me to speak hugs and kisses and nicey-nicey things when the world's falling all around? Never happen!

Everyone says, 'Oh, I want to be alive when Jesus returns.' Then you'll also have to accept all the troubles that are coming which Jesus said are going to be the worst since the creation of the world. And someone has to live through them and we're reaching the point we can't say, 'Oh, it's going to be the next generation.' We don't know. Somebody's got to do it. Will the money be of any value? If you have the money and there's no other money around, it will be of some value. Checks won't be worth anything. Then there will be inflation. Remember Germany? A wheelbarrow of marks could not buy a loaf of bread. But how did they solve the problem? A new financial system! It won't be with currency again.

But what will happen? It will bring, I believe, the whole world onto a world standard of economic transactions. They're already talking about this: pool of the dollar with the yen, with the pound, with the Euro, maybe the Swiss frank—that's it, those five currencies. What this does, it puts the dollar in this basket not carrying all of international trade. So this is a step to

  • Maybe they'll bypass all of these regional currencies. We don't know. We may get the amero yet, we may not.
  • But leading to a world currency.

Now I need to give a sermon on world currency. I've got a good book on it.

The question came up: What do we do about gold and silver? If you have silver dollars, you can probably get along pretty good. Gold, if you have $20 gold pieces, and they're numismatic coin collectors, if they confiscate gold, you don't have to turn it in, because that is exempt for all of the big boys. So if you have those, you're exempt. But what are you going to do in the economy when the money fails? For awhile you might be able to buy and sell with some gold and silver. There will probably be locations where they will only deal in gold and silver. So how long that would be? Don't know! But in times of depression and everything, gold and silver always worked. At what point do we throw gold and silver in the street? Good question! You throw it in the street when the return of Christ is pretty close to visibly imminent.

First, this is a defacto nationalization of the entire banking system, insurance, and related financial systems.
That's amazing. That is breathtaking.
Specifically, designating financial institutions, "as financial agents of the government" and they shall perform all such reasonable duties related to this act as financial agents of the government as may be required of them.
So whatever the secretary does, 'thou shalt do.' It was mentioned this is Bush's proposal. No, Bush is a pawn. He's stuck. There's nothing he can do. This is a proposal of the world banking system. Before this thing started to come down, twelve major central banks in the world coordinated the output of U.S. dollars in liquidity to the tune of $180-billion dollars in one day. So we are getting closer and closer and closer.

Let's come here to Revelation 13. Let's just look at that. Getting closer and closer and closer to it. Now again, I had the other day, someone write and say, 'What do you mean that the mark of the beast is not Sunday-keeping?' This is what the Seventh Day Adventists believe. We'll explain it here. Let's look at what is coming. If you think that Secretary Paulson is going to be a dictator, hold on, because Revelation 13 shows a greater dictator with greater and greater power, the power of life and death. We also have to realize something that's important for us to understand which is this: the time down the road is coming when we will be required to give our lives for what we believe.If you are not strengthened mentally and spiritually, then you better start preparing, because it's going to come. There will be no getting around it. It's just like every day is a new day. And here we are. We've been going through the year and now we're ready for the Feast of Trumpets, then the Feast of Tabernacles.

How is all of this going to come about? Have you witnessed the charade that's going on in congress and reporting on the news—'Oh, the deal's done.' Never happen! 'This is great for America. It's going to solve all our problems.' Never happen! But the amount of deception that is perpetrated in this election and by the government and by many other entities attacking the true values that you find in the Scriptures is becoming more and more and more and more.

We are reaching a point of deception—that I'll have to cover in another sermon—Satan is deceiving all the nations of the world, and this kind of financial shenanigan is another step toward that. This shenanigan is to cover lies, cheating, deceit, and many other things. We cannot be guaranteed of the validity of the report that 'the secretary' will give. What if the administration says, 'You're indebted to us for giving approval of this. Will you give us $100-billion over here for this secret weapons' program.' There's no accountability given. If they fudged the books and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, when they did have a little oversight, think what they can do here with no oversight and no lawsuits and no quarter review, and no board to call them into question what they are doing.

Let's see something here in Revelation 13. Here's the system, a worldwide system. Now a lot of people read this and say, 'Well, it's symbolic language.' It is symbolic in many degrees, but it's more like for those who have eyes to see, because Daniel says in the end-time the wise shall understand, the language becomes clear. The beast becomes a worldwide governmental system. We can trace that back to Dan. 4, when Nebuchadnezzar was what? His heart was changed to a heart of a beast and he ate grass for seven years. We covered that recently—right? Yes.

Now here is the system with every earmark of Satan the devil, seven heads and ten horns. Revelation 13:1: "And I [John] stood on the sand of the sea... [What does the sand of the sea represent? Nations and people!] ...and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea... [forming of a great world government] ...having seven heads and ten horns... [We will know what they will be later, but I draw your attention to what is called the G-7, heads of modern nations. Now they can always take away a nation and put in another nation.] ...and on his horns ten crowns…" Ten horns, ten crowns, seven heads. The plans of world government call for ten regions in the world. We're going to need leaders. So this is a great combination, as we're going to see in the next few verses, of the great civilizations of the world and their end-time counterparts.

"And the beast that I saw was like a leopard... [That's referring to Greece. Look at all the buildings in all capitals everywhere in the world. Are they not Greek architecture?] ...and his feet like the feet of a bear... [That's the Persian Empire, power and ponderous, and of course, what's the symbol of the bear, for what nation today? Soviet Russia! I don't call it Russia, I call it Soviet Russia, because as McCain said, 'I saw in his eyes three letters KGB.'] ...and his mouth like the mouth of a lion... [That was symbolic of the old Babylonian power, which resides where? In Rome!] ...and the dragon gave him his power, and his throne and great authority" (v 2).

Come over here to Revelation 12:9: "And the great dragon was cast out, the ancient serpent who is called the Devil and Satan, who is deceiving the whole world..." And there's never been a time in human history where they have been able to have control over the whole world wherever anyone is. And they are perfecting chips that they are putting in people's brains, which you will hear about on days three and four of the Feast of Tabernacles, where they can control people, know where they are, know what their thoughts are. And you see, as I point out in the sermons during the Feast of Tabernacles on those days, they are on the verge of doing many of these things, but there's one little problem they haven't been able to figure out. Though they can enhance the human mind with chips, with computers, and virtual reality, and all of these things, they haven't figured out how to control the evil. So if they enhance the human mind with no control over evil, guess what else they're also going to enhance?

Now you understand why Christ said that if He didn't come there would be no flesh saved alive. So back here to Revelation 13:2: "...and the dragon... [who is Satan the devil] ...gave him his power, and his throne and great authority."

Come back to the Gospel of Luke, chapter four, and let's see that Satan bragged that he had this power. This is why God tells His people, and those in the world who are trying to figure out what is happening, to come out of the Babylonian system. 'Come out of her My people.'

Luke 4:5: "Then the devil led Him up into a high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.... [Going clear back to the kingdoms of Cain, all the way through to the kingdoms at the end of the age.] ...And the devil said to Him, 'I will give You all this authority, and the glory of them all; for it has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I desire'" (vs 5-6). That's a pretty powerful statement. How is it delivered to him? It began with Adam and Eve when they refused to obey God and started to follow Satan the devil. And every time a government rejects God or turns its back on God, Satan gets more and more and more power and control over that nation and it also comes the same way with individuals.

Now notice, if you want it there's a requirement, v 7: "'Therefore, if You will worship me in my presence... [And the meaning of the Greek is 'worship me in my presence as God.'] ...all things shall be Yours.'" Well, Jesus knew He was going to inherit it. Jesus knew He had a mission to fulfill to save mankind, but you see, that was tempting to the human nature, which He had, that 'you can have it now, why do You have to wait?' And isn't that what the world is today? 'I want it now, all of it now, now, now!' Satan's right there, 'Yeah, have it, you've got it.'

Let's go back to Revelation 13. So Satan the devil gave him his power and his throne and his great authority. Now great authority is this? It will be the greatest that any man has ever had in the history of the whole world. We'll see it here in just a minute. Revelation 13:3: "And I saw one of his heads as if it were slain to death... [That could mean literally. Someone's going to attempt to kill him.] ...but his deadly wound was healed..." Resurrected back to life. Just imagine now. Picture all the TV, picture all the things that are going on, and if you don't think they will flock wildly after the beast, all you have to do is watch Obama-mania. I don't think that Obama's the beast. He doesn't have a brain big enough to do it. But they will, and especially with the false prophet, who has power to do miracles and call fire down from heaven. And they're all going to flock to him and say, 'Yes, we have our savior. Yes, Jesus is here!'

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Let's come back here to Revelation 13:3: "...the whole earth was amazed and followed the beast." Now think about what's going to happen here, not only will there be idols for the beast, you know there are going to be tee shirts, shoes, rings, bracelets, tattoos, the whole works, because he is going to be the greatest human being that has ever been. Satan is going to bring his greatest, his best, but also the most evil and worst. Let's keep that in mind.

Verse 4: "And they worshiped the dragon..." Now how do you worship the dragon? Well, of course, Walt Disney had Puff the Magic Dragon, a good dragon, prepare all the minds of children. That's why in the new book, Occult Holidays or God's Holy Days—Which?, it is the premier book to show the difference between the way of man under Satan and the way of God under Christ; the premier book that has ever been published that puts it all together in one place. Worshiping the dragon means this: how does it start? Does it start out, Satan appears and says, 'I'm the dragon and I'm evil and you worship me.' The average person would say, 'No way.' He comes along and says, 'Well, you know, God is trying to deprive you of some benefits.' What did he tell Adam and Eve? 'God's depriving you of the benefit from this tree.' Another way that it is done is by people coming along and reading the Scriptures, or taking anything that God has said and saying, 'Well, God didn't mean it that way.' Or like the spirit of antichrist that is almost universal in evangelical fundamentalism today, which is 'Christ did away with the law.' And 'once saved always saved' and you can't lose it even if you're sinning and committing adultery or lying and cheating and stealing at the return of Jesus Christ, you will be raptured away. Protestantism today is filled with the spirit of antichrist, and they're going more and more and more into the occult. So that's how they worship the dragon. When everybody, except those who are true Christians, reject Christianity, reject the Bible and the beast comes on the scene and he is hailed as the savior, the nuts and quacks that are called Christians are going to stand up and say, 'This is the antichrist,' and they're going to come after you.

"And they worshiped the dragon... [Let me just say straight out, all religious worship services in the religions of this world, and especially with idols, are worshiping Satan the devil. Now you make your judgment as to who and where and you can fill in the blanks yourself. If you can't, then you better get the Bible and start reading, so you know what the way of God really is.] ...who gave his authority to the beast. And they worshiped the beast, saying, 'Who is like the beast?.... [it's never been like this before] ...Who has the power to make war against him?'" (v 4).

Now don't you think that if any human being came on the earth and stopped every war—I mean you just think about the wars going on right now today—Afghanistan, Iraq, Darfur, the rebellions in Africa, the rebellions wherever else they may be. And they all ceased, no war! That will fulfill the prophecy of 1-Thess. 2, which says when they say peace and security, they will have peace and the beast will guarantee security. Today we don't have it. So that will be a short time, which will come, and then it says after that: Then 'sudden destruction comes upon them,' because it's all going to fall apart.

And after he's resurrected supposedly from the dead, v 5: "And a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies was given to him; and authority was given to him to continue for forty-two months." That's three and a half years. And we know from the prophecies in Daniel that the overall time period will be seven years, three and a half of the glorious reign of the new Christ in the flesh, and then three and half years after his deadly wound is healed. Now all hell breaks out on earth.

"And he was given power to make war against the saints... [So if there are any 'good-time' Christians out there, you better make sure your commitment is beyond just being a 'good-time' Christian. You better get some zeal and get going.] ...and to overcome them; and he was given authority over every tribe and language and nation" (v 7). Never has there been, ever, a man on earth to do that. Now the Seventh Day Adventists say this is the pope. Can't be the pope, he does not have authority over every nation, over every tribe. Can anyone make war against the Catholic Church at anytime they want to? Yeah, one nice size bomb over the Vatican would take care of it—right? This cannot be the pope. This is a civil power backed up by the false prophet.

Verse 8: "And all... [Whenever Revelation talks about all, it means all. When it talks about the whole world, it means the whole world. When it says all nations, it means all nations. These are not figures of speech, only the symbolism of who the beast will be is symbolism, all the rest are actual facts which will take place. So in other words, you could say it this way, this is prophetic adjectival definitions and prophecies of what really will happen. It's not symbolic language that you can say, 'Oh, this is symbolic and we don't need to pay any attention to it.'] ...And all who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."

Now if you have God's Spirit, you name is written in the book of Life. When it's written in the book of Life, you have an obligation to God, to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and being, to be totally absolutely faithful to Him and Jesus Christ under all circumstances, everywhere, at all times, even if you lose your physical life, because if you lose your physical life, you will gain eternal life. The only difference between losing your physical life under a guillotine and dying a natural death is that your last breath dying a natural death may come a little later than when your head is removed under a guillotine, or whatever other means. Now some people get upset, 'Oh, these are harsh things.' They are, they are difficult. No doubt about it, but it's in the Bible.

"If anyone has an ear, let him hear. If anyone gathers into captivity, he shall go into captivity. If anyone kills with the sword, he must be killed with the sword. Here is the endurance and the faith of the saints…. [They don't get involved in those things. Now we may have to witness to them with our last breath, as Stephen did when he was being stoned.] (here's his companion): …And I saw another beast rising out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb... [looks Christian] ...but spoke like a dragon... [Satan! A Christ-like looking satanic religion. Hmmm!] ...And he exercises all the authority of the first beast before him... [Which is what? Worldwide! But this is only at the same time that this last beast is in power.] ...and he causes the earth and those who dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed" (vs 9-12). So he says, 'Yes, this is God in the flesh. It's all right to worship him.'

"And he performs great wonders, so that he even causes fire to come down to the earth from heaven in the sight of men.... [This will not be as some people try and say. It will not be a hologram device. It will be the real thing.] ...And he deceived those who dwell on the earth by means of the wonders that were given to him to perform in the sight of the beast... [That's convincing. 'Yes, he is God, watch, I'll prove it. I'll bring fire down from heaven.' Everyone will go after him.] ...saying to those who dwell on the earth that they should make an image for the beast, which had the wound by the sword, yet was alive" (vs 13-14). And this can be of two kinds:

  • it can be of the beast itself
  • but the image for the beast has always been the mother of God

"...saying to those who dwell on the earth that they should make an image for the beast, which had the wound by the sword, yet was alive. And he was given power to give life to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast also could speak; and he causes everyone who will not worship the image of the beast to be killed…. [Enforced idolatry!] …And he causes all... [Now this is the beast behind the image.] ...the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, to receive a mark in their right hands, or in their foreheads" (vs 14-16). And they are perfecting this. Now it is my thought—right hands are for all the citizens; foreheads are all the governmental officials.

"So that no one may have the ability to buy and sell unless he has the mark... [Now the force of 'or' here in the Greek is more like 'and,' rather than or being separate as in the English.] ...or the name of the beast, or the number of his name" (v 17). So there are going to be the mark and there will be two sets of numbers that will be with it. Now that's why eventually, probably very soon we are going to have a worldwide currency, and what this does, this sets everyone up so that they will all be able to have an account number first. Then the mark will be enforced! Now that's the way I envision it coming. All the steps in between, we'll have to wait and see.

Now today you stop and think for just a minute. What could you do today if you can't buy or sell? Virtually nothing! Maybe there are some who live way, way out someplace and they have their own land in a nice little hidden peaceful valley someplace that no one knows about right now. And they have their own cattle and they have their own goats and they could make all their own stuff and they can exist out there. But how many people in the world are like that today? I think about this very often when I walk into the supermarket. The whole world's at my fingertips right there. Anything you want, you just buy it. And what happens when you buy? Well, you buy just about what you need—right? Years ago when it was in the pioneer days, you would take your horses or your oxen and hook it up to your wagon and you would go into town, and you would buy probably six months worth or maybe a year's worth of goods—flour, beans, coffee, and things like that. Today, you don't do it.

Now we have a house where we have enough space where we can store some things in cans and bottles and things like that. So if this financial crisis becomes worse, I would suggest that you have, to carry you through that—we're not yet ready for the mark of the beast—for the time being, you might get some very essential things and begin loading up and having a few things on hand. What are you going to do if the stores close down? What are you going to do if terrorists block off the main shipping roads and nothing can be delivered? And everybody is rushing to the store to buy something and they are going to start crashing the lines and there are going to be fights and there are going to be stabbings and there are going to be killings. I mean, even in normal times, when they open the door on the morning after Thanksgiving at five o'clock in the morning at the shopping centers people just rush in like herds of cattle. It's been known that some people have been trampled to death. So what do you think it's going to be when there's no prospect of food?

Now I know that's terrible to think of, but it's very likely going to happen. I can say undoubtedly. You'll have no ability to buy or sell unless he has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of the name. And someone will say, 'You mean, you have a family and you won't just get this simple thing in your right hand so you can buy some food to feed your children? Aren't you selfish. Why don't you think about your family. Do you love your family? Would you not want them to eat? Would you not want them to have clothes? It won't hurt, look at all the people that have it.' And they will testify to you how good this is. And you can go through the line; everything's all taken care of.

'Oh, but one thing we forgot to tell you, we'll know where you are at all times and what you're doing at all times. And we will control you and we will put thoughts into your head and take away your own choices.' That's why all those who receive the mark of the beast are going to suffer so greatly, because they've given up their God-given free will. Verse 18: "Here is wisdom. Let the one who has understanding count the number of the beast; for it is a man's number, and his number is 666."

  • one 6 stands for the religious system
  • one 6 stands for the governmental system
  • one 6 stands for the economic system

The perfection of man's system under Satan the devil is culminated in the mark of the beast. Now there'll be other identifying things that will come along. His name in Hebrew and in Greek will add up to 666.

Also the religious system of the Roman Catholics have 666 stamped all over it. You can go online and look it up and it's about a hundred page download of the history of why the Roman Catholic religious system has 666, so you will probably find 666 in the religious system, 666 in the governmental system, and 666 in the business system. And that equals eighteen—doesn't it?—which is three times six—is it not? And it starts out with what? Three sixes. That's just something to think on, something to look at.

Now let's come here to 2-Thessalonians 2 and someone is surely going to say, 'Well, why is God a God of love, why is He going to do all of these things, and why is He going to allow all of this to happen?' And it is true, there's going to come a slaughter of human beings, young and old, rich and poor. We'll see it's because they reject the Truth of God and worship Satan the devil.

This has not yet been fulfilled. Some people come along and say, 'Well, so-and-so fulfilled this,' no, it did not. 2-Thessalonians 2: "Now we beseech you, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him... [Isn't that interesting? The coming of Jesus Christ appears and then we have what? The resurrection, our gathering together to Him—right? Yes. This is an end-time event.] ...That you not be quickly shaken in mind, nor be troubled—neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by epistle, as if from us, saying that the day of Christ is present" (vs 1-2).

Now that is a very interesting phrase, because the New Age Christianity calls their savior a Christ. If you are in the know spiritually in those New Age religions, you accept the presence of Christ, which is really the influence of Satan the devil. That's a very interesting phrase there. Now the one that we're talking about will be called, by the Bible, the antichrist. When this one appears, he will be called the Christ. He is present. Now how many in the past have heard of Lord Matria? Some of you may have. Just remember there are lots of false Christs, lots of antichrists, but there will only be one single antichrist described here.

"Do not let anyone deceive you by any means because that day will not come unless the apostasy shall come first... [And the apostasy is the rebellion against God. What is the greatest rebellion against God? We just read it Rev. 13, 'and the whole world worshiped the beast and the dragon.'] ...and the man of sin shall be revealed—the son of perdition" (v 3). Now all of those who have the Spirit of God and know the Word of God will know who that man is and what he is. The world will say he's Christ, he's saving the world. 'Look at it, he stopped all the wars in the whole world. Who has ever done that? Isn't that what it says there in Isa. 2 that he will cause wars to cease?' That's why when we come to Trumpets the return of Christ is not coming that way. He's coming from heaven with great power and it is going to be the most awesome event to occur in the history of the world.

Now notice his fruits, v 4: "The one who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is an object of worship; so that he comes into the temple of God and sits down as God, proclaiming that he himself is God." Rev.13, 'a great mouth speaking blasphemies.' There you've got it right there. Never been a man in the history of the world to do that. Now some have tried, but when the temple of God was in Jerusalem, no man went in there just before the destruction of the temple saying, 'I am God.' So this is why when you read Matthew 24 and Mark 13, 'and when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, let the one who reads understand.' That was inserted by John when he canonized the New Testament because he was telling us the event of the abomination of desolation did not happen. So this tells us combined with Rev. 11 that there must be another temple built by the Jews. And this tells us that this man will go into that temple and say he is God.

Verse 5: "Do you not remember that when I was still with you, I told you these things? And now you understand what is holding him back in order for him to be revealed in his own set time…. [There's only going to be one, and he has to fulfill all the characteristics of Rev. 13 and 2-Thess. 2.] …For the mystery of lawlessness is already working..." (vs 5-7). The system of the mystery of lawlessness which is Satan's way is already working and it starting to infiltrate the churches. Wherever there are true Christians, Satan like to come to try and infiltrate. And when he does, unless the people in the congregations are alert and expel those people, they will then be a source of punishment by God for them allowing it to happen. All you have to do is read Rev. 2 and 3. All you have to do is look at the recent history of the church of God and understand that that is true.

"...only there is one Who is restraining at the present time until it arises out of the midst" (v 7). Isn't that interesting? Did not the beast of Rev. 13 what? Arise out of the sea, and out of the midst of that beast is there not going to arise one who will be worshiped as God? So this last beast of Rev. 13 is indeed part of the mystery of lawlessness or iniquity.

Verse 8: "And then the lawless one will be revealed..." The world will know it, the Church will know it, the two witnesses will confront them face-to-face for three and a half years in Jerusalem. That's going to be exciting—isn't it? You have the two witnesses clothed in sackcloth and ashes confronting the beast in all of his regalia and whoever the religious leader is, which will probably be the pope in all of his fancy gowns and everything like that, and they won't be able to kill them. They won't be able to do anything to them. And if they try to, the two witnesses will speak and fire will come out of their mouths and kill those who try and kill them. So this is going to be something. The false prophet's going to say, 'I'm going to call fire down from heaven.' And the two witnesses have the power to kill anyone who dare raises a hand against them with fire coming out of their mouths. I hope Christiane Amanpour is there to give us a video report.

When will he come on the scene? The next parenthetical statement: "...(whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth, and will destroy with the brightness of His coming)" (v 8). So we work backwards on understanding this. Has Christ returned? No! Has Christ destroyed anyone with the brightness of His coming? No! Therefore, the lawless one is not on the scene yet. It has not happened at any time in the past, regardless of some people who say, 'Oh, well, all prophecy has been fulfilled.' Never happened!

"Even the one whose coming is according to the inner working of Satan... [Rev. 13 says what? The dragon gave him his power, his throne and his great authority.] ...with all power and signs and lying wonders…. [Why does God allow this? He's not allowing it, He is causing it, because people reject God! There's always a penalty for rejecting God whatever it may be.] …And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in those who are perishing because they did not receive the love of the truth..." (v 10). I want to just add a couple of Scriptures here. Jesus said what?

  • 'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.' Correct? Christ is the Truth.

The Word of God is the embodiment of the Truth of God.

  • 'Your Word is the Truth.'
  • 'All Scripture is God-breathed.'

Everyone who fits into the category of twisting and turning the Scriptures of God to form their own religion and organizations, not counting all of the pagan religions of this world, because they're already gone anyway; they're already serving Satan hook, line and sinker. They didn't love the Truth and they didn't accept God at all. They didn't accept God through the Old Testament. When the Israelites went out they were supposed to go out and help bring the knowledge of God to the world. They failed!

When those who were preaching the Truth went out as missionaries to teach them the Truth, they didn't receive the love of the Truth, but the whole organization of the missionaries have been conquered by evil, and they're totally ineffective now. 'Did not receive the love of the Truth,' which means you don't love God.If you say you love God and don't love the Truth and don't obey the Truth, you don't love God. You may mouth His name. You may say the name of Jesus—but

  • Do you obey?
  • Do you keep the Sabbath and Holy Days?
  • Do you have the Holy Spirit of God?

'Oh, but we're good people and we do such good things on Christmas.' You better rethink, because that is trying to add good to evil. What is the latest saying that they have now? You put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig. You put trinkets on a tree and presents from mom and dad under it, it is still an abomination from God and you don't have the love of the truth to root it out of your house. If someone says you ought to keep the Sabbath, 'Oh!.' You don't love the Truth. That's just the way it is. There comes a penalty when you reject the Truth.

"...because they did not receive the love of the Truth, so that they might be saved. And for this cause... [God acts upon everyone's reaction to Him, regardless of who it is in the world. If God knows when a sparrow falls, God knows when someone rejects Him and rejects the Truth—correct? Yes! Whether they do it with a smile, or whether they do it with maliciousness and hatred.] ...for this cause, God will send upon them a powerful deception..." (vs 10-11). That's what's happening. You look at the way that the media is presenting the election today and they are trying to bring upon the people a powerful deception by not telling us who this man is, what he was, what he has done, who is loyalties are to, and he is great messiah savior for the United States. One man wrote a book, The Obama Nation, and he put right in the preface: I use this as a play on words for the abomination. Just a small little sample for you to gauge. Now if that offends you, then take it up with God, don't take it up with me.

...send them a powerful deception that will cause them to believe the lie…. [And what is the lie? That man is God!] …So that all may be judged who did not believe the Truth, but who took pleasure in unrighteousness. Now we are duty-bound to give thanks to God always concerning you, brethren, who are beloved by the Lord, because God from the beginning has called you unto salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the Truth" (vs 12-13). Quite a different thing—isn't it?

So this world is heading for a lot of things that are coming, which when it comes, they don't know what's going to hit them. I think—I'll have to say we can be pretty well convinced—we don't have to think or believe, we can be convinced—that if this deal goes down in the Senate and Congress, and it is enacted, and combined with all the other things in the world, another great milestone toward a world dictatorship and the mark of the beast will be put in place. How long before other things develop? We don't know, we'll just have to wait and see. That's why you need to love the Truth! If you love the Truth, then God will not let you be deceived. So there are the choices set before us. Isn't it interesting that this document parallels so much the attitude of dictatorship and control over the monetary well-being of hundreds of millions of people? It's just a step along the way, but this time more like a step ten thousand feet high. But stop and think how far people have gone in rejecting God and rejecting Truth and 'get along, go along,' in politics and corruption and sin that something as gargantuan as this, will be passed.

I didn't mean to scare you to death, but 'he who has ears to hear, let him hear.'

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Transcribed: 7-18-10
Formatted: bo—7-19-10

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