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October 16, 2007

Dear Brethren,

            As we will see from the following reports and letters, it is most evident that God the Father and Jesus Christ blessed us with a tremendous Feast of Tabernacles. Our elders headed up the Feast in the following areas: Glenn Daniel—Virginia Beach, VA; Marlin Fannin and Bob Hunnicutt, with Darl Abrogast assisting—Cartersville, GA; Wayne Stenhouse and Norbert Bohnert—Canada; Roger Kendall—Bozeman, MT; and Anse Cates, with Leon Ritchie—Flagstaff, AZ. Festival hosts in other areas were: Jamie Whitlow and Jack Thomas—Waco, TX; Frank Penny—Houston, TX; Lawerence Burchfield—Tulsa, OK; Herbert Simonton and Joe ­­­Langlais—Cour de Alene, ID; Gary Spannagel—Roma, CO; and Wayne Julian—Hollister, CA. Three new sites—added a month prior to the Feast—were: Tucson, AZ, hosted by Todd Dragger; Palm Springs, CA, hosted by Jim Hyles and John Maytas; and Mount Carmel, OH, hosted by Roy Rudd. Each host has reported that the Feast in all these areas was most inspiring!

From the office here in Hollister we sent out over 100 sets of DVDs for small Feast groups in the USA, as well as nearly 400 CDs (with all nine sermons on each CD) to those who, because of circumstances, were keeping the Feast at home. There was a lot of activity on our Website before and during the Feast, as many were downloading audio sermons and transcripts so they would have material for the Feast. For those who are incarcerated, Jim Hyles sent out 17 sets of transcripts of the festival sermons before the Feast, as many of them cannot receive that many cassettes or CDs at one time.

            We received special greetings from Steve Gough and the brethren in New Zealand who reported that they were having an inspiring, excellent Feast. Australian office manager Roy Assanti called and reported on the Feast in Australia, which is typically kept in several smaller groups because of age and the distance between brethren.

            Whether in groups or individually, well over 2,000 brethren observed the Feast of Tabernacles this year with CBCG. (This is not including the 40,000 people who visited our Website in September and early October from all over the world—with over 7,500 who downloaded sermons and transcripts for their personal Feast observance.)

            While we have not yet received a written report from every festival site, those that have reported in reflect the wonderful and inspiring Feast that everyone enjoyed.

Goshen, Indiana

            Dennis Thome and Allan Bush did a tremendous job in setting up and hosting the Feast at Goshen. I began the Feast there and preached three sermons. The love, unity and fellowship with the brethren was really inspiring. Everyone was tremendously excited about the Bible Project, especially when I showed them the beautiful artwork for the presentation box and for the lambskin cover for the Bible, and the artwork for the soft cover version. We had an absolutely outstanding meal between services on the first day—with 95 in attendance. Dennis reported that the rest of the Feast went smoothly and that everyone left spiritually filled and inspired for the coming year.

Cartersville, GA

            “Our Feast of Tabernacles at Red Top Mountain was almost indescribable! We are convinced beyond all doubt that God gave us a special blessing. We could all feel His presence here and the love that was in evidence between the brethren was beyond comparison. You did your part, I [Darl] did my part, Marlin and Bob and several others did their parts and God smiled on it all and gave it His blessing. The brethren were enthralled with the quietude and natural beauty of our surroundings, and your messages were the best you’ve ever done.

            “Many brethren who have been to the Feast multiple times expressed to me that this was truly their best Feast ever. On top of every thing else, God gave us ideal weather—mid 60s at night and 80 in the afternoon. Nearly all the brethren said they wanted to come back next year [we have already paid for 2008, so we are set for next year]. We had a high attendance of 56 and the hall was perfect for our size crowd. We are expecting a larger crowd for next year because so many were saying they are going to spread the word to other brethren they know and share this experience with as many as possible by next year.”

            Marlin Fannin called, as did Bob Hunnicutt, giving a verbal report as glowing as Darl’s—and reported that four new brethren were baptized during the Feast at Cartersville.

Waco, Texas

            “We hope your Feast was the best ever and that all is well upon your return to Hollister. (Lots of pictures enclosed.) We had a high attendance of 75, and we heard many, many uplifting comments about the clarity of your explanation of Isaiah, which also provided many answers to questions they had, as well as its application to the holy days. Others stated that they had never heard the Last Great Day explained as thoroughly and as easy-to-understand as they heard on the last day.

            “We had many new brethren come to the Feast in Waco, which made up for those who traveled to other sites this year. It was a most inspiring and uplifting Feast, though you brought some very sobering information about ‘The Late Great UK and USA.’

“Though the site was relatively small, so many brethren expressed their appreciation for the food, enjoyed the meals and the wonderful fellowship. What a blessing to all be together in love and unity and feast like this during the Feast. All the work that is done for the brethren there in Hollister is deeply appreciated. We are looking forward to next year and your coming on February 9, 2008; the hall has been reserved.

—In Christian love, J & Gerrie Whitlow

Tulsa, Oklahoma

            Lawrence Burchfield reports that they had a fantastic Feast in Tulsa. The weather was perfect, nice Fall days, the trees are just about ready to turn color. Everything went smoothly and the messages were the very best. I think that with you doing the Bible project, it has opened up a much deeper understanding of God’s plan for mankind and has tied it all together in a way that we have not looked at before. Everyone made comments as to how much more they learned at this Feast than in years past. Those from other groups who attended with us said that they will be writing to be put on the mailing list; others said they want to visit our fellowship group from time to time. The West family adds: All the brethren enjoyed the meals and fellowship. Every year it seems that we are getting closer to filling up the hall, as more brethren come. The brethren are getting more knowledgeable of God’s Word and further grounded in the true faith. We appreciate the meaty and inspiring sermons. Everyone is excited and looking forward to the new Bible. It was wonderful to spend time with brethren and meet new people and see old friends from other fellowships.

Coeur de’ Alene, Idaho

            The Manzo family called with a wonderful report on the Feast in Idaho. The 35-40 brethren attending was just about the right number of people, because it made it possible to meet and fellowship with everyone. It was a perfect location with great scenery on every side. We all stayed in the same hotel we met in—just great! The sermons were inspiring, especially the ones on Isaiah, with all the brethren anticipating the sermon every day. We had special music and everyone had a tremendous Feast!

Bozeman, Montana

            God poured out His spirit abundantly in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. With 39 brethren in attendance, the feasting and fellowshipping opportunities were numerous. Everyone truly appreciated the DVD sermons and the live sermonettes, as well as the Bible Study by Roger Kendall. The brethren hiked to Palisade Falls, spelunked at Lewis and Clark Caverns, and toured the Museum of the Rockies, seeing the world renowned display of dinosaur bones. Later we saw an awesome planetarium show. Some went to the Bozeman Symphony, and others went go-carting. The brethren enjoyed hearing the children’s and adult’s choir. Everyone had a great time! Several were overheard to say that it was their best Feast ever and are now looking forward to the Kingdom of God with greater understanding.

Flagstaff, Arizona

            I talked with Leon Ritchie, who reported that they had a tremendous Feast in Flagstaff. The love and fellowship were uplifting and the sermons were inspiring. As Leon said, “We all learned a lot.” Anse and Ella Mae Cates were there again this year, coming all the way from Ohio by Amtrak passenger train. They say it is the greatest way to travel and that they don’t miss “going to heaven as Fred does when he travels by plane” and that “the view from the train is far better.”

Hollister, California

            Wayne Julian did an exceptional job of preparing and hosting the festival site in Hollister. He made special posters and schedule-of-event pamphlets—beautiful work. Kip Johnson assisted in the setup for the meetings so everyone could enjoy the Feast. The love and fellowship was tremendous. I was here for the last four days and it was most inspiring to be with the 38 brethren meeting in Hollister. We had everyone over to our home for a meal and fellowship on Tuesday—home cooked by me and Dolores. I also displayed all of my old and precious Bibles and my original copy of the Stephens 1550 Greek New Testament.

Kalbar, Australia

            Harry and Joan Roe write: Like you, we had a great Feast. The spiritual food was wonderfully inspiring and thoroughly appreciated by all present. The atmosphere was one of love, unity and cooperation. Though we are scattered, we had an attendance of 22. As usual, Roy and Carol excelled with the physical food, and the fellowship went on for hours after lunch. The offerings were excellent and our visitors from Washington state, USA, seemed to thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the Feast. They really added something special for all of us with their warmth and participation in everything.

Letter from woman attending her first Feast

Dear Brother Fred,

            I really don’t know the appropriate words to express to you how I feel—this was an amazing Feast of Tabernacles!!!! My first one actually since I was baptized. I watched and listened to the Feast of Tabernacles DVDs and I was so uplifted, so inspired, so pricked to the heart that I want to thank you and thank the Lord for the truth of God’s Word. Thank you for inspiring us to keep on the good fight—keep on keeping on, keeping God’s commandments, God’s weekly Sabbath and all the feast days that God has for us to keep.

            Thank you for speaking the truth, for telling us what is necessary to hear and for not compromising with the Word of the Lord, but for teaching us the truth and inspiring us to go on and never give up or fall away. These messages really had a big impact on our little group. Thank you for this 2007 Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day—exactly that—Great!!!

Sincerely, from Ontario, Canada

A man who is a shut-in keeps the Feast

Dear Friends,

            I hope all of you and Mr. Fred had a wonderful Feast this year. Though I am a shut-in, I had a good feast—the CD messages were all good. I am looking forward to the new Bible that you are putting together. Well I must go, but you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Take care my friends.

From Mr. G.G.

Feast Comments

Dear Fred,

            We had a great Feast at Cartersville, Georgia, at Red Top Mountain State Park. The weather was great, the messages came in loud and clear. The fellowship and food was fantastic. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks for the main sermons on Isaiah. I didn’t realize that the book of Isaiah had so much to say about the Feast of Tabernacles and the coming kingdom of God. Thank you for all the written materials, the tapes and CDs, DVDs and especially for the book God’s Plan For Mankind Revealed by His Sabbath and Holy Days. I am looking forward to the Holy Bible In Its Original Order. Thank you for supplying the study material which even made the Feast that much better.

            Of all the years I have spent in the Church of God, I can say I now have a better foundation of understanding the Scriptures—more than I ever did before.

With love, your brother in Christ

Dear Fred,

            We hope everyone had a great Feast and that all have returned safely [Yes, all did!]. I really enjoyed all the MP3 CDs, especially the Feast of Tabernacles ones. Thank you very much. Thank you so much for the “Best Feast Ever” in Houston. We were so thankful to be able to go. The brethren were so loving and helpful.

Lots of love, T.P.

Kept the Feast at home

Dear Fred,

            Although we kept the Feast at home, we had a wonderful Feast and we are soon going back over Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation. I learned more about the Great White Throne Judgment and the second resurrection. I think God’s weekly Sabbath and holy days are so great. When the high holy days come, I’m so excited—and when they are over there is a big letdown; but we have the Sabbath to look forward to each week. We went to Mount Carmel for the Feast of Trumpets and met and fellowshipped with the brethren. We met Anse and Ella Mae Cates, and enjoyed the meal together after the wonderful sermon.


Dear Fred,

            Thank you so much for the Feast CDs we received.  We enjoyed them each day of the Feast, especially the sermons on Isaiah.  So we had a good Feast even though we had to stay home.  We were able to get together with a few other brethren who couldn’t go.  We met together two times at the Golden Corral in Sherman for a meal and fellowship.  My son David continues to heal after his surgery and skin grafts in February and March.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  With love from both of us.

B & D M, TX

From husband and wife long-timers

Dear Fred,

            My wife and I have been enjoying your expounding the Bible. You always bring things out that we never really heard before. In the WCG, they had a routine of services they went through and I got so that I knew what they were going to say before they said it—even knew the scriptures they would use! We are looking forward to the Feast of Tabernacles.

Sincerely, God bless you and all your staff

From a new couple

Dear Elder Coulter,

            We were very surprised that you sent us a new MP3 player! [We have sent out nearly 150 already.] Thank you for it. We were having problems with ours (only 6 months old). I don’t know if Wal-Mart will take it back. Many times we wanted to play the CDs and just gave up. Now the one you sent works just great! Thank you!

            We would like to request a set of CDs called God’s Plan for Mankind Revealed by His Sabbath and Holy Days. We are Sabbath keepers, and I want to study the Feast Days. May God continue to bless you and your staff as you work for Him!

With Christian love, from MI

From Jamaicafinally out of spiritual prison

Dear Mr. Coulter,

            I want to thank you for all the study material I have received thus far. It is a joy and a blessing to have come into contact with the CBCG ministry. I was a part of a church which believed that it was “the one and only true Church of God” and where the Bishop reigned supreme. What he said was law. My family and I could not even visit other Sabbath-keeping churches without his permission. My family and I were like birds in a cage—not being free to worship Jesus Christ. So we decided to leave that organization. Now most Sabbaths we are home and we spend the Sabbath listening to tapes with some of the most wonderful sermons you have done. Your ministry has been a lifeline to my family and I. Thank you for allowing God to use you to be a blessing to us and many others who are alone.

            Please send me the 13 Epistle of James tapes. And please remember to work on the video about the ACLU.

Thanks much, A.S.

From Wayne Stenhouse—Report From Canada

            Around 35 brethren enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing Feast of Tabernacles in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The love of God and the Holy Spirit were evident throughout the entire Feast. I attribute this to the fact that every single person had an attitude of serving. This was the spiritual glue that held everything together. The sermons were inspiring and thought provoking. The song leaders and the pianist were absolutely fantastic. With everyone serving in some capacity, this was the key that made everything successful. As a group we traveled in caravan style to see Anne of Green Gables in the area of Hopewell Rocks. Our gratitude goes to those who made this trip possible. This was my most peaceful and happy Feast ever. It was evident that God was with His people and He truly blessed the entire Festival.

            We had a good report from Norbert Bohnert in Western Canada at Fernnie. As usual, they too had a wonderful Feast—although they had only half the usual number of brethren because of the new Feast site in Bozeman, Montana, and because of some brethren traveling to other sites. Next year we are looking forward to having a site near Victoria, or someplace in BC that will accommodate the brethren in far Western Canada. But nevertheless, God’s spirit and love was with us during the entire Feast.

From Kassahun Ayele in Ethiopia

Friday, 28 September 2007

Subject: My Successful Trip Report

Dear Fred and Jim,    

 I am very glad to pass on to you my trip report. It was very successful and God was with me in all things. Wednesday I boarded the bus and headed to Kibre Mingest, 356 km from Addis Ababa. The trip was very long. When I arrived at the town I was very exhausted. But when I saw the cheering brothers and sisters, my spirit revived. I went to the home of a very good brother for the night’s rest.

My work began on Thursday afternoon. There was a tent outside the brother’s home who hosted the meeting. Slowly the tent began to be packed with people. I began my teaching by sharing the Sabbath truth. I spoke for two hours, explaining that the Sabbath is God’s gift for us and that Christians are obliged to keep it holy. I gave them biblical references about Sabbath-keeping from both the OT and NT. At the end of my teaching they all clapped their hands with satisfaction. Then I encouraged them to ask questions concerning the Sabbath. Different questions were asked and I gave the answers to their questions. The meeting went well, and lasted until 7 in the evening. I gave them copies of the booklets, “Which is the True Sabbath?” and “Beliefs of CBCG.”

The next day we spent much of the time preparing for the Sabbath. At sunset the tent became full and we began our meeting. I shared with them about the Feasts and Holy days of God. I went on to explain the true meaning behind these feast days of God and stressed that God has commanded His people to keep them instead of the pagan feast days, such as Christmas, Easter, etc. They were amazed by the clear biblical truths and embraced them quickly. We spent all day Saturday studying the Bible. Before the afternoon came, I shared with them the love of God in giving us His Son to die for our sins. I explained about the death and resurrection of Jesus and emphasized the 3 days and 3 nights. The truth inspired many of [them] and there was a loud “Amen.” In the afternoon I taught about the fallacy of the Trinity doctrine. I gave them many historical and biblical evidences, which prove the fallacy of the trinity. Then, after a break, I explained the Law and Grace of God. I stressed that the law was not abolished on the cross and gave them many biblical references. After I finished my teaching, the leader of the program announced a testimony time. We heard the testimony of 3 attendees who told us that they have learned great truths which they didn’t learn formerly from their churches. I was greatly moved by their testimonies. The Sabbath passed with great joy.

On Sunday morning I went with two brothers to a little village. We had to walk 4 hours by foot and cross a lake in a canoe to reach the village. We arrived there by midday. The village was very primitive and without proper infrastructures. There is neither light nor pure water. It was very difficult to get pure water. When we arrived there we were very exhausted and thirsty. We didn’t have any choice but to pray and drink from a running river. Thank God He protected us from any disease. In the evening, I began my teaching for 25 people who gathered together to hear the word of truth. There was a translator who translated my teaching into their language, which is Kembatena. I spent two days with them—teaching, encouraging and admonishing them to hold fast in what they were taught. I left some booklets with them. I asked the translator if he was willing to translate the booklets into Kembatena. When I heard that he was more than willing to do so, I became very glad. He promised to translate the booklet, “Is God a Trinity?” and send it to me. I promised him I would print his translation and send copies to him so that he can distribute them to those who are interested. I returned to the town on Tuesday, after walking 4 hours. In the evening we had a farewell meeting. I encouraged those who attended the meeting to be very courageous and stand for the truth. I promised them that I would visit them in the near future. We prayed together and established the CBCG there. Then I went to my rest. Wednesday morning I boarded the bus and returned to Addis Ababa.

             Feast of Tabernacles Summary: I was encouraged to see how the Lord is working around the country, and to see new believers standing firm for the truth. I firmly believe in the importance of this work. I am reminded of Paul’s work along these lines (Acts 15:36). I thank my God and His Son Jesus Christ for all their protection on my trip and for opening people’s heart to hear the truth.

I also want to thank you and all the families of CBCG who were praying for me to have success on this trip. The Feast is really wonderful here. We began our meetings yesterday. We spent all day studying God’s word and praying. We will continue with the same today. Then we will have a whole day’s meeting on the LGD. We wish a very nice and uplifting Feast to all of you out there. God bless you all. I will send some pictures soon.

Date: Sunday, 7 October 2007

Subject: Great Feast

Dear Fred and Jim,

I fully believe that you have had a very great and nice Feast and LGD. We have experienced God’s presence on this Feast. We began the feast on Sept. 27. We had a day-long meeting, both the morning and the afternoon. I shared with those who attended the meaning of the Feast, quoting several scriptures relevant to the subject so that they can understand that this festival is an important one in God’s plan. From Sept. 28 to Oct. 3, we studied the word of God each morning and evening. In the intervals I prayed for those who were sick and God healed them. I shared the messages which Fred has made on the prophecies of Isaiah from the recent DVDs.

On Oct. 4 and 5, we spent the whole day [together]. I shared the messages from the book, “God’s Plan for Mankind Revealed”—from pages 528-572. The people were revived by these wonderful messages. The Feast was great here. The blessings are still with us. God has taught us a lot. Praise His name. I will write again soon. God bless.

Sincerely in His love, Kassahun

The Extra Sermons Before, During and After the Feast

            This year, because of the sequence of the holy days and weekly Sabbaths, I had the opportunity to give eight more sermons. We are sending them to you in this mailing. At least half of them are about the coming problems with the USA, with the dollar and the North American Union. I also covered parts of the book by Jerome Corsi, The Late Great USA. However, I titled those sermons, The Late Great .

Brethren, the reason that I have given the series of sermons called “Be Strong in the Lord” is because we are on the verge of some very dramatic events to take place in the near future. How far in the future will these events be? A year, several years? We don’t know exactly, but they are coming and we must be prepared. These things will probably not happen all at once, but will come like the waves of the ocean in a storm, one after the other. Regardless, when these events take place they will greatly affect the USA and the UK, because they are actually the hand of God’s judgment for our great national sins against God!

As I mentioned in my last letter, our downfall will largely be the result of our multitudinous debt: national, state, regional—plus all of our business and corporate debt. And piled high upon these debts are all the personal debts of the American people. This nation is literally in debt to the whole world!  We have flooded the world with trillions and trillions of dollars and paper debt that in the near future will become nearly worthless. It is becoming more and more obvious to those who hold all this paper debt that the United States and its people will never be able to pay back any of it!

Remember, God prophesied that because our nations have rejected Him and disobeyed His laws and commandments, foreign nations would rise high above us as punishment from the Almighty: “The stranger that is within you shall get up above you very high; and you shall come down very low. He shall lend to you, and you shall not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shall be the tail.

“Moreover all these curses shall come upon you, and shall pursue you, and overtake you, until you are destroyed; because you did not hearken unto the voice of the Lord your God, to keep His commandments and His statutes which He commanded you: and they shall be upon you for a sign and for a wonder, and upon your seed forever; because you did not serve the Lord your God with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things” (Deut. 28:43-47).

We are witnessing these prophecies coming to pass before our own eyes. We had a narrow escape just before the Feast. On the international money markets, confidence suddenly eroded because of sub-prime mortgage defaults and the high number of houses in foreclosure, coupled with a stagnant real-estate market in many parts of the USA. To reverse the falling dollar, the United States Federal Reserve Bank lowered the interest rate and barely staved off an immediate dollar disaster. But that move will only fuel inflation, leading to more economic problems. Therefore, we need to be “wise as serpents” and “harmless as doves” as we eliminate as much personal debt as possible.

Unfortunately, the majority of people in the USA do not really know what is happening. In the years ahead, people will continue to accumulate more debt, while many others will leave too much of their money in banks that will eventually fail. Then debtors will be out of house and home, and depositors will lose most, if not all, of their money.

When tumultuous times like these come, we need to claim the promises of Psalm 91—Almighty God’s protection, which I thoroughly cover in the last sermon on this CD. Please, brethren, be strong in the Lord and trust in Him regardless of troubles on the right hand and on the left.

Letter from South Africa

Dear Fred,

            Greetings from South Africa.  As you may know I have been receiving material from CBCG for a couple of years now, for which I am very grateful.  Being an outlying member of God’s Church and not being able to assemble with brethren regularly because of distance and high travel costs, a service such as you do provide is of very high value and much appreciated.

            Thank you for the very timely news letter of September 11, 2007.  Things in South Africa are getting worse by the day.  God is severely punishing [the descendants of modern] Israel [the Anglo-Saxons] down here, and yet people do not understand what is going on!  They are still living it up while God is left on the sid track or completely forgotten.

            To be white in South Africa is almost a curse.  Unlawful “immigrants” from Zimbabwe are flooding our borders and I don’t know how long it will take before a similar situation as in Zimbabwe will take place here.

1. White farmers are being murdered, their land confiscated and nothing is being done about it.

2. All sections of the government are rife with corruption, fraud, nepotism, incompentence, and whatever name you can think about, you’ll find it there. 

3. The police forces are the most corrupt.  

4. High-jacking, kidnapping, rapes, burglaries, assualts, murders, you name it is every day happenings.

5. The unprecedented fast rise in the cost of living is a foreboding of only one thing—revolution, when the have-nots will by force and enmasse take what they want and need.

6. Apart from all this human evils, God is also punishing us with drought, floods, fires and the consequences of these on the food supply.

Despite this bleak picture there is still so much to thank and praise God for.  I still have a house, a work, fairly good health and above all God’s truth!  One can only look up and pray for His protection and guidance.

            When available, please send me the whole translation of the Bible. 

            Thank you once again for your great service of love and all the inspiring sermons.

Warm regards, R.M South Africa

The Bible Project

            We are working hard to complete the Bible Project and get everything to the printer by November 1. It looks like we will make it; but if not, we will not be more than a week late. We have finished all the beautiful artwork for the cover—leather and softcover, as well as for the presentation box—thanks to Cindy Curley of Curley Creatives. The genuine handcrafted lambskin cover and the artwork are beautiful. As some of you know, during the Feast I took samples of the artwork and the leather cover and showed the brethren. They all agreed that this will be a first-class Bible in every way. From all the letters, e-mails and comments, we know that everyone is anxious to receive their copy of the new Bible. We should have it in hand by the middle of December and you will receive it shortly afterwards.

Appendices W and X and footnote for Genesis 6:4

            You will find enclosed Appendices W and X (from the new Bible) detailing the two Jehovahs of the Old Testament and an analysis of Mark 12:29. Save this paperwork for the next CD, which has the sermon that accompanies them. We have also included the footnote that will appear at the bottom of the page in the new Bible for Genesis 6:4. We did not have enough room or the time to put this sermon on the enclosed CD, so it will be on the next CD in the next mailing.    

            Brethren, as you can see from this Feast Report letter, in every place—whether assembled together in groups or alone—God has blessed everyone with a tremendous Feast this year. We all know that as we hold fast in the love of God and grow in grace and knowledge, God the Father and Jesus Christ will continue to bless all of us in our lives as we continue to serve the brethren of God and those new people that He is calling—and those He will yet call. Thank you for your continued support through your love, prayers and tithes and offerings. May God continue to bless you and yours in every thing, so that you may be strong in the Lord.

I have been invited to participate on Internet Radio on on Halloween Night, October 31, 2007, on THE GIANNI HAYES talk program. Her program is: THE NEW WORLD ORDER DISORDER. It will air live from 8-10 PM Eastern Time USA; 7-9 Central Time USA; 6-8 Mountain Time USA; 5-7 Pacific Time USA. ANYONE WHO IS ON THE INTERNET anywhere in the world can listen to the program.  They also have one FM station and are affiliated with other FM stations, but are not listed on line.


With love in Christ Jesus,

Fred R. Coulter


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