The secret and understanding of the LORD is given
to those who love Him and obey all of His commandments!

Fred R. Coulter—June 17, 2023

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Guess what men are trying to do now, which is the ultimate goal of Satan the devil!

  • What do you think it is other that the destruction of human life?
  • What is it that he is busily doing right now?

He wants to destroy the Word of God! Yet, there are so many out there digitally and printed that he can't do it.

  • What is his greatest scheme that the world is going to think is a wonderful thing?

There's a man who works for and is the brains behind the World Economic Forum—Klaus Schwab and his intellectual homosexual brain: Yuval Noah Harari.

You can look it up online on YouTube because he gave an interview there and it's very interesting what they have discussed, which is having A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) re-write the Bible and make a new one! Harari is probably the most brilliant idiot I have ever seen! He's a Jew, homosexual, and he readily admits that he plays the female part in the relationship between two men.

He says that we need to control A.I. because it may get away from us. The man who was interviewing Harari said:

I was preparing for the interview with you, and I was working out some questions to ask you, so I decided to ask A.I. what questions I should ask you. And it came back in seven seconds with better answers and questions than mine.

Here is the ultimate wipeout of the Bible: A.I.! Harari said:

It's the first quality ever that can create new ideas. The printing press, radio and television: they broadcast, they spread the ideas created by the human brain, the human mind. They cannot create a new idea.

Guttenberg created the Bible in the middle of the 15th century. The printing press printed as many copies of the Bible as Guttenberg instructed it, but it did not create a single new page. It had no ideas of its own about the Bible. Is it good? Is it bad? How to interpret this, how to interpret that.

A.I. can create new ideas! it can even write a new Bible. You know, throughout history religions dreamt about having a book written by a super-human intelligence. By non-human entity. Every religion claims "our book"—all the other books by other religions human's wrote them—but our book, no, no, no. it came from super-human intelligence."

In a few years there might be religions that are actually correct! That to think about a religion whose holy book is written by an A.I. That could be a reality in a few years.

God's Word is written in such a way that only God can unlock the mystery of the Kingdom of God and the Truth of His Word! That is through:

  •  obedience to God
  • repentance to God
  • loving God
  • living by every word that comes out of the mouth of God

Then you mind is opened to begin to understand! The major key that no one wants is you must obey God!

Little did they know, but probably ten years ago I gave a message on it. I am sure that it is already imputed into the A.I. memory. A.I. is the huge, giant, vast floors of computers where they have everything digitized.

I love it! Cut off the electricity and blow up the generator of the building and it's no good!

  • you can't do that to God, because He lives forever
  • you can't do that to God, because He's eternal

There is no way that the imputing of all the intellectual things of men down through history, including all of the great philosophers of the past, and all of those who think they know everything today, all put into this A.I. will ever be able to understand the Word of God!

If it comes to answer a point or two of it, they will stumble over it with the other religions of the world. Here is a book, the basis for what they want to do. If they re-write the Bible, they will start with this:

World Scriptures: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts

It means of all the religions of the world! I've gone through this.

This is the foundational block on which they're going to build their new Bible—from the Forward—and it will be well received. All of us who believe in the Word of God are going to be made fun of, ridiculed, hated because this comes straight from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil! This represents the good side of Satan.

Yes, they take some things out of the Bible and put in there, that is true. But it's all buried under all the other religious writings of the world.

From the Forward by Dr. Ninian Smart, Chair, Dept. of Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

It is obvious that as we move into a world civilization…

What is Klaus Schwab? Isn't it interesting that some of the most hateful things against human beings have come out of Deutschland/Germany? and they're at it again!

If they abandon the United States, guess what happens in Europe? Who is the strongest power? Germany! That means that everything that was accomplished in WWII will be wiped away!

Is that the deadly wound of the system that is healed? And out of it comes another form of dictatorship? Because Fascism and Communism are two sides of one coin.

…in which so many cultures and spiritual traditions will impinge on one another, it is vital for us all to have an understanding of one another. This does not necessarily mean agreement—how could it, given the diversity of human values evident in the world? But it can mean some growing convergence and complementarity between the faiths, large and small…

For whatever small period of time you can get all the religions to agree together, and that's probably 3-1/2 years at best. That's with satanic signs an wonders. Get everybody in a mood of: 'we accept you! Oh, you Christians accept our Buddhist religion. That's good, we've got lots of things are even better than Christianity. And the Hindus, oh yes! They know more about meditation and the spiritual things.' It's going to be absolutely euphoric!

…of our shrinking planet. It is therefore good to have sources of comparison between traditions…

Dr. Andrew Wilson [World Scriptures] supplies us here with an admirable assemblage of quotations from the holy texts of the world. He approaches his systematic task from a broadly theistic angle. As he says in his introduction, others (say, Buddhists)…

…But I think that the consequence of his systematic arrangement of themes and texts is that a logical and orderly way…

Of all things, be logical!

Isn't that what philosophy is based upon? Yes! A lot of people think that Satan is only interested in the most corrupt and evil people that are the scourge of the earth. But most don't realize it! But they are the most educated, wealthiest, smartest of the world! How did they get that way? Through Satan the devil! Remember what Satan told Jesus:

If You bow down and worship me, I'll give you all the nations of the world and the glory of them, for it has been delivered unto me, and I'll give it to You now! You won't have to go through all of Your suffering, Jesus, and die. I'll give You the kingdom now, because I have it! All you have to do is just bow down and worship me. (Matt. 4; Luke 4)

Of course, Jesus rejected all of it! His answer was:

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God; you shall not tempt the Lord your God. The only one you're going to worship and serve is God!

That drove Satan away! But in the world, someone will come along and say:

O Barak Obama! You're such a nice man! If you just listen to us we'll make you wealthy!

  • Did that happen?
  • Does he live in Martha's Vineyard?
  • Does he have everything that he wants?
  • Yes, indeed!


  • Who's going to be the final Judge? That's the catch! God will be!

(continuing in book)…of looking at the wide range of material comes through. Dr. Wilson therefore has put together a collection which is illuminating.

It's over a thousand pages! They did a great job in assembling it, and it looks so appealing! What's going to happen when they go to A.I. and say:

A.I., you've got everything put into you that man has ever said and done, and now we're coming to you and we want you to create a new Bible, which will be acceptable for everyone.

A.I. will probably answer back, 'Well, that will take me at least ten minutes.'

You know what was outstanding what Noah Harari said, and this will blow your mind:

The first thing we need to do is find out why we're here!

Imagine that!

One of the most well-educated men, smartest thinking man in the world, completely diluted, and knows nothing about God! The truth of the matter is, if you don't know why you're here, what do you know? Look in the mirror and say, 'Who are you?' I don't know! 'Why am I here?' I don't know! 'Well, I'm smarter than you.' So you think!

That's what they're going to do! I've got certain sections of this book World Scriptures marked up. They do include the Beatitudes right next to everything from Buddha, Confucius, Islam, Catholicism—all the religions of the world!

So, this will be the basis of it. It's already done, A.I. doesn't even need to think about it, it's already been complied.

What God has given to us, all that they put in here. Yes, there's some things from the Bible in there, but it's put in such a way that it's buried. You can't get much out of it. But the secret of the Lord is to those who love Him and obey Him!

  • this is why God has written the Bible the way it has been written
  • this is why many of the prophecies are scrambled in such a way that if you were a sequential thinker you would say this is crazy

We've covered this before and there's not going to be one Scripture that we're going to cover in the rest of the message…

I asked Michael Heiss, how do the Jews understand Isa. 9:6. This is perhaps one of the most useful verses to understand how God has scrambled prophecy so that only He can reveal it. He's given us what keys to reveal it? The Sabbath and all the Holy Days!

Even if they input it from the Jews they won't understand it, because the Jews don't understand it. One of the main reasons they don't understand Christ, because they keep a 15th seder Passover when Christ was sacrificed as our Passover! So, you can't understand it unless you do it on the day that Jesus died, the 14th. You cannot substitute the 15th—the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread—and call it the Passover anymore than you can keep Sunday as a Protestant and say that's the Sabbath for Christians.

Both of those things cut you off from God! Let's look at this prophecy and see how it's written. They know that this is a Messianic prophecy, but they have no clue how to understand it because they reject Jesus Christ. Isn't that an amazing thing! The Jews, some of the smartest people in the world, reject Jesus Christ, and end up like Harari! 'Well, we have to figure out why we're here.'

The Jews are smart enough to look at Catholicism and know that's just baptized paganism and Protestantism—oh thy love the Protestants because they get money, money, money from the Protestants; lots of it. My answer to them is go to Rothschild and get a couple of billion and shut your mouth!

Isaiah 9:6: "For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulders; and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God…"

How can the Mighty God be an infant that is born? If you don't have the New Testament you will never understand that.

"…The Everlasting Father…" (v 6).

I'll bet a lot of people even in the Church don't understand that. When will He be the Everlasting Father? First of all, He's everlasting, so the question is: When will He become a Father? After He marries the Church and the Millennium is setup all of those who come into the Kingdom of God through that, He'll be their Everlasting Father of those people!

Verse 7: "Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and over His Kingdom, to order it and to establish it with judgment and with righteousness from henceforth, even forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this."

Unless you understand:

  • what God did in sending Christ
  • Christ empting Himself to become a pinpoint of life, begotten in the womb of the virgin Mary
  • that He was God manifested in the flesh
  • that He's going to come and setup the Kingdom of God on the earth

you cannot understand these verses in Isa. 9! It makes no sense to you!

How can a baby become God? That's what the New Testament is all about with us! We will become the sons and daughters of God! God is doing something so great, magnificent and marvelous that the world will never know it! When Jesus and the saints return they are going to 'fight tooth and nail' to the last standing man to stop the invasion from outer space returning from the Sea of Glass.

Only when Christ and the saints on the earth and Satan is put in His prison, and the darkness is lifted from the people's eyes will they begin to understand. That is an amazing thing to see someone so brilliant but so ignorant! A homosexual who doesn't understand about marriage. They'll never find it.

We will see some of the magnificent things that God has shown in His Word for us. Let's see what God's Plan is for us and how much God cares for us.

This book World Scriptures, A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts, I forgot to look at the copyright date. I know that I've had this book for well over 10 years. So, Jonathan asked when it copyrighted. So, we look at the front of the book and it was copyrighted in 1991. That's 32 years ago! Think about what Satan is going to do and what a thing this will be.

When they re-print it with all the digital things that they have, they can print it in every language everywhere, doesn't matter where you are, it will automatically translate it for you. So, people are going to say, 'Oh, it's about time!'

Let's understand about the Bible. What God has given to us, He knew and understood before what is called for us the ages of time. We are part of God's Plan that was before there was even an earth! It's really something the way that the Bible has been put together. It gets back to this one thing:

  • What is man?
  • Why are we here?
  • Where are we going?
  • Why is there good?|
  • Why is there evil?

If there is a God

  • What is He going to do about it?

That's all here in the Bible, but people reject it!

A person will say, 'I'm going to read the Bible.' They start out in Gen. 1 and they read 'in the beginning was God and He created the heaven and the earth.' Then they read on about creating man, and by time they get to Gen. 10 with all the genealogies they're worn out.

The Bible is not like a novel that you can read and understand as we displayed before the break. What I want you to do is get on your computer and go to the James Webb Telescope website and look at the recent things that they have put up there. How awesome and fantastic the universe is. This tells you how awesome and fantastic that God is, and how awesome and fantastic His Plan is.

This is what every one of us did, somewhere along the line before God called us, we wondered:

  • Why am I here?
  • What is life?

Generally, we messed up our lives plenty good enough that we needed the help of God, so we called out to God! And only God can rescue us! Now, clear back here in the days of King David:

Psalm 8:3: "When I consider Your heavens…" Today we can consider them better than at any other time!

I'm sure that God gave that knowledge and information so that those telescopes will be up in space so that we here on the earth at this time can see some of the vastness of what God has created, which pales into insignificance anything that men do on the earth.

"…the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained, what is man that You are mindful of him…?" (vs 3-4).

We know that Jesus said that if a sparrow falls. God knows it. We're made in the image and likeness of God. So, what are we that He is mindful of us?

"…and the son of man that You care for him? For You have made him a little lower than God…" (vs 4-5)—Elohim! The word of angel is 'malak' in Hebrew, and this is Elohim—a little lower than God!

That's quite a thing, male and female! As I just did on Church at Home: You can't change your gender—period! You can

  • butcher yourself
  • cut yourself
  • drug yourself
  • fool yourself
  • put on makeup
  • take off makeup
  • grow hair
  • cut it short

but you can never change your gender! The best you can do is make yourself a hacked up freak from the drugs and the operations! That's what those who went through it are beginning to see!

God made us for a specific purpose, after His image and after His likeness! And then, as it says here, gave the whole world do us! That's quite a thing.

John 1 is one of the most important parts of the whole Bible, because it tells us about God, about Jesus and also introduces us to how God came into the world as a human being, because He made in the likeness of God, and that's one of the reasons that we are made in the likeness of God. so that one in the Godhead—because there are two in the Godhead—in the Old Testament is The Ancient of Days or The God Most High and the LORD God. In the New Testament it is the Father and the Son.

Our new book is going to show, the Holy Spirit is never mentioned as a God. That's a satanic intervention by Satan to try and make himself part of the Godhead. Doesn't he want to be worshipped? Yes, he does!

God let's us know what He has been doing; John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word…"

That's another name for Christ, because He brought the Word of God and taught the Word of God. In the Old Testament He spoke the Word of God to all the prophets and all those who wrote in the Old Testament.

Verse 1: "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with the God… [two of Them] …and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.

Notice this, the first thing you learn; there's no such thing as evolution. There's variety within species and kinds. But there's no evolution.

Verse 3: All things… [everything that there is] …came into being through Him, and not even one thing that was created came into being without Him. In Him was life, and the Life was the Light of men" (vs 3-4).

One thing we learn hear is that we have life because of God! We have free moral agency because of God! With that free moral agency, God leaves up to us to choose. He is there if we want Him; He is not there if we don't want Him!

But He's made certain laws so if you go this way to God, there's one effect, and if you go another way to Satan there's the opposite effect. There is no way that you can change that, because that's what God did!

Verse 14: "And the Word became flesh…"

Read Luke 1 and that will tell you how that came to be. Read some of the prophecies how Jesus was educated every morning by God the Father.

"…and tabernacled among us (and we ourselves beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten with the Father), full of Grace and Truth" (v 14).

That had to be so God could begin calling people from all nations. God has a plan, and His Plan is revealed here. {note our book: God's Plan for Mankind Revealed by His Sabbath and Holy Days}.

It's not revealed in: World Scriptures: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts. You get done reading this and your brain is all messed up: What is Truth?

The fact of the matter is this: God's Plan is so special and particular that God the Father Himself is the One Who draws us to Him. God, personally!

Think about that whenever you come up against a brick wall of a trial that is more than you can handle on your own, and you have to put it in God's hands. He draws you and Christ follows up to begin opening up your mind. That is a calling! So, we will answer the questions:

  • Lord, why are you mindful of mankind?
  • What is Your plan for Him?

It's so great and magnificent, greater than anything anybody can come up with! Only God can do this!

1-Corinthians 1:26: "For you see your calling, brethren, that there are not many who are wise according to the flesh, not many who are powerful, not many who are highborn among you."

Isn't that true? Look at all the intellects in the world. Look at those who are the most educated, the most wealthy, and everything like that. How many do you see in the Church of God? None! Why? Because God didn't open their mind!

Think about that! The Creator of everything that there is has drawn us to Himself and has given us His Spirit and opened our mind. That's why when we come to Rev. 17 we are the called, the faithful and chosen! Selected, picked out, called by God!

Paul had to learn what a calling was in a hard way. He was on his way to Damascus to arrest Christians and God decided that's enough, and knocked him flat on the ground! Instant change of thought! When Paul was on the ground he said, 'Lord, Who are You? 'I'm Jesus Whom you're persecuting!'

Then He told Paul, 'You go into Damascus and Ananias will come to you. Paul was struck temporarily blind to teach him a lesson that he didn't know a thing!

Verse 27: "Rather, God has chosen the foolish… [the uneducated] …things of the world, so that He might put to shame those who are wise…"

Isn't that true? I imagine that if some of those really rich, intelligent and important people would come in here to this small gathering that we have, they would say, 'Why would God choose them?' Because He wants us, not them!

"…and God has chosen the weak things of the world so that He might put to shame the strong things. And the lowborn of the world, and the despised has God chosen—even the things that are counted as nothing—in order that He might bring to nothing the things that are; so that no flesh might glory in His presence" (vs 27-29).

Job had to learn the lesson. Look at what happened to Job. A lot of people don't understand about Job, because you can't do the things God said you 're supposed to do and claim that you do it because you're good. That your righteousness is as good as God's

So, it cost Job everything to learn that lesson! You read the book of Job and there's every argument back and forth about sin, good and what men do and don't, and finally God answered Job when Job said, 'I would that God would come down and talk to me.'

So, God came down in a whirlwind and said, 'Job, here I am! Who are you who knows nothing to talk about Me? So, I'm going to start with one question: Where were you when I laid the foundation of the Earth, if you know?'

Like it says in Isa. 40—Who I the counselor to God to tell Him what to do? He Who has created all the stars in heaven above and names them and numbers them! God did that! That's why I want you to watch those photos of the latest things they discovered out there in the universe, because it will humble you and make you realize what a fantastic thing that God has done to call us and to reach into our lives so that we can become part of His Family.

Paul also shows that in 'the wisdom' of this world they rejected God! Isn't that what we're seeing today? We'll rewrite the Bible but we don't know why we're here!

1-Corintians 2:9: "But according as it is written, 'The eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.'"

  • you love Him
  • you believe Him
  • you worship Him
  • you keep His commandments

That's what God wants! That's worth more than anything in the world. Like we started out in Psa. 8; 'What is man that You're mindful of him?'

How do we know what we know? We know things that prophets and kings didn't even know!

Verse 10: "But God has revealed them to us by His Spirit… [the Spirit of God] …for the Spirit searches all things—eventhe deep things of God."

The deep things of God are hidden in the Bible in plain sight, but cannot be understood without loving God and keeping His commandments! That's just the way it goes.

Verse 11: "For who among men understands the things of man except by the spirit of man, which is in him? In the same way also, the things of God no one understands except by the Spirit of God."

Yuval Noah Harari, may you read that Scripture and repent of your arrogance and your sins! The truth of the matter is that you may be one of the smartest men in the world, but all like you know nothing about God, because it hasn't been revealed to you! So, create whatever scripture you want to create, but you're following Satan the devil!

Verse 12: "Now, we have not received the spirit of the world…"

The spirit of Satan the devil; that spirit that is working in the mind of those who don't know God!

"…but the Spirit that is of God, so that we might know… [God wants us to understand] …the things graciously given to us by God" (v 12).

That's what God wants us to know. How does He do this? Let's see what happens in every one of our lives as we come to God. Not with Franklin Graham's little 'tinkle-tinkle' prayer. That is a perversion of the Scripture that sounds true, but isn't. Here's what has to happen. I want you to understand how important that this is:

Matthew 11:25: "At that time Jesus answered and said… [here's a prayer to God out loud so His disciples could hear it] …'I praise You, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent… [tie in 1-Cor.—hidden! They can't come to understand it and here's why]: …and have revealed them to babes. Yes, Father, for it was well pleasing in Your sight to do this. All things were delivered to Me by My Father; and no one knows the Son except the Father; neither does anyone know the Father except the Son, and the one to whom the Son personally chooses to reveal Him'" (vs 25-27). That's quite a statement!

Luke 10:22: "Then He turned to the disciples and said, 'All things were delivered to Me by My Father; and no one knows Who the Son is, except the Father; and Who the Father is, except the Son, and the one to whom the Son personally… [individually] …chooses to reveal Him.'"

Verse 23: "And He turned to His disciples and said privately…"

This applies to everyone of us. It's not because of any great words that we do; it's what God does!

"…'Blessed are the eyes that have seen the things that you see. For I tell you…" (vs 23-24).

Add on top of what He's saying here to the disciples:

  • all of the writings of the Apostle Paul
  • the four Gospels by the apostles
  • the General Epistles by Peter, James, John and Jude
  • the book of Revelation

"…'Blessed are the eyes that have seen the things that you see. For I tell you, many prophets and kings have desired to see the things that you see, and have not seen them; and to hear the things that you hear, and have not heard them'" (vs 24-23).

Think about that! Go down through time, what is Christ telling us? We know more! Not that we should get lifted up or we should become vain, but that we should become humble and yielded to God. But:

  • we know more than all of the philosophers of the past.
  • we know more than all of the greatest brains in the world

Because we love God and keep His commandment sand understand the things that He has put in His Word because of His Spirit. Let's see:

  • what God wants us to do
  • how God wants us to approach Him
  • what God is doing in our lives

This is tremendous! We are called the children of God! Not yet born into the Kingdom, because that comes at the resurrection. But we do have, with the Spirit of God—which none of the world has or can receive—right here in John 1. the whole Gospel of John and John's three epistles are some of the most inspiring and spiritual things in the whole New Testament. John recorded the very words of Jesus, which is the basis that undergirds all of the Word of God, which is:

John 6:63: "It is the Spirit that gives Life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit and they are Life."

That sets the background for what we're going to read in 1-John 1. God has given to us the greatest relationship that we can possibly have, right here, and John is speaking from personal experience, because he was there.

  • he saw Jesus
  • he saw the miracles
  • he handled Him after He was resurrected from the dead

Can you imagine that? What a startling thing that was for those apostles when they really understood that it was Jesus Christ raised from the dead? John was there and saw Jesus crucified and everything that went on!

1-John 1:1: "That which was from the beginning… [just like we started out] …that which we have heard, that which we have seen with our own eyes, that which we observed for ourselves…"

They watched everything that Jesus did. Go back and look at the thousands that He healed, the things that He preached, what He taught.

"…and our own hands handled, concerning the Word of Life; (and the Life was manifested, and we have seen, and are bearing witness, and are reporting to you the eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested to us)" (vs 1-2).

What a fantastic thing that that was! Manifested to the apostles! He had to manifest it in a way that was progressive. Then when it was the time, He took Peter, James and John and went up into a high mountain and was transfigured before them so that they would know that He was the Son of God!

How startling that was! Then they heard the voice from heaven say, 'This is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased!' Can you imagine what they felt like up there on top of that mountain, just the three of them and Jesus in the vision?

Jesus told them to tell the vision to no man until after the Son of man is raised from the dead. What John is writing here is very important.

Verse 3: "That which we have seen and have heard we are reporting to you…"

This was done not for their benefit, but to have them rooted and grounded in the things of God so that they could teach them to us, so that it could come down to us. With the Word of God and the Spirit of God; with loving God and keeping His commandments we could share spiritually in that which God has done!

"…in order that you also may have fellowship with us; for the fellowship… [a close working relationship] …—indeed, our fellowship—…" (v 3).

All elders listen: You don't rule over the brethren! God and Christ do! We are to teach the brethren the Word of God and stay close to God so we will be inspired to preach the Truth so the brethren can learn!

Jesus said that it's 'sufficient if the disciple become like the teacher. Who is the teacher? Jesus Christ! That's why we're here to do it.

"…for the fellowship—indeed, our fellowship—is with the Father and with His own Son Jesus Christ" (v 3). That is it! That's the whole foundation of everything that we do!

Verse 4: "These things we are also writing to you…"

Later on all the rest of it is 'I'm writing' but here it is 'we are writing' this shows that this first chapter was added when they were canonizing the New Testament.

"…so that your joy may be completely full. And this is the message that we have heard from Him and are declaring to you: that God is Light, and there is no darkness at all in Him" (vs 4-5).

Now John wants us to know that you can't combine the ways of the world with the way of God. He was already fighting the philosophies of those who were into Greek philosophy at that time.

Verse 6: "If we proclaim that we have fellowship with Him, but we are walking in the darkness, we are lying to ourselves, and we are not practicing the Truth."

  • Who is the power of darkness? Satan!
  • What does he come as? As an angel of light!
    • to take away
    • to deceive

Verse 7: "However, if we walk in the Light, as He is in the Light, then we have fellowship with one another…"

So, we not only have fellowship with God the Father and Jesus Christ, but fellowship with one another. That's why it's so important. That's why in the rest of the First Epistle of John he talks about loving each other and loving God.

"…and the blood of Jesus Christ, His own Son, cleanses us from all sin." (v 7).

That's what the process of conversion is about, the renewing of the mind! That means the transforming or as the Greek is 'metamorphing' through:

  • prayer
  • study
  • living God's way
  • keeping His commandments
  • loving God

our minds are converted! Morphoused! Changed!

Verse 8: "If we say that we do not have sin, we are deceiving ourselves, and the Truth is not in us. If we confess our own sins…" (vs 8-9).

This is what we are to do; remember the model prayer (Matt. 6) Jesus said this is how you are to pray: Our Father, Who is in heaven…

What was one of the first things He began to reveal to the disciples? The Father! 'Holy is Your name.'

What's the next part? Your will be done on earth—meaning in our life—as it is in heaven! 'Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.' Right there in Matt. 6; amazing! He's referring to it here.

Verse 8: "If we say that we do not have sin…"

That is a sinful nature, but are good, sincere people; that's the way people view themselves. Some hardened criminals may understand what they are. One murderer in jail said, 'You better keep me here, because if I get out there I'm going to do it again.' At least he was honest.

Verse 10: "If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His Word is not in us."

Let's understand that all Scripture is God-breathed. That means God-spirited. You're not going to find it in fake, artificial intelligence!

It comes from God! And 'is profitable for doctrine, for correction and instruction in righteousness so that we may be complete!'

What did Peter write? How Peter did the same thing as John was writing! 1-Pet. 1:16 is very important because it describes what this is, what the coming re-writing of the Bible will mean:

2-Peter 1:16: "For we did not follow cleverly concocted myths as our authority…"

That's what all the religions of the world are, cleverly concocted satanic myths or lies!

"…when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His magnificent glory" (v 16). That's exactly what John wrote in the 1-John 1!

"Because He received glory and honor from God the Father when the voice came to Him from the Majestic Glory, 'This is My Son, the Beloved, in Whom I am well pleased.' And this is the voice from heaven that we heard when we were with Him on the Holy mountain. We also possess…" (vs 17-19).

Why does Peter do this? Because there were a lot of those out there challenging everything that they were saying and doing with the pagan religions of this world!

Verse 19: "We also possess the confirmed prophetic Word… [the Old Testament and what they were writing] …to which you do well to pay attention, as to a light shining in a dark place… [almost a repeat of what we read in 1-John 1] …until the day dawns… [that's the return of Christ] …and the morning star arises in your hearts"—that's the resurrection!

Like Daniel said, 'Those who that turn many to righteousness shall shine like the stars in heaven.' Jesus said that those who are in the Kingdom of God 'shall shine like the sun.' That's what God has given us!

Verse 20: "Knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture originated as anyone's own private interpretation; because prophecy was not brought at any time by human will, but the Holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit" (vs 20-21)—Old Testament and New Testament!

What we have is greater than anything that the world can provide. This goes back into the ages of time before time began with us!

Let's see how Paul ends this. We need to understand, especially now in these days when we are being assaulted day and night with everything against us. We need to be fortified in our mind.

Ephesians 1:1: "Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God…"

We read this before, but this is something we need to read and understand and always cling to!

"…to the saints who are in Ephesus and to the faithful in Christ Jesus" (v 1). That goes clear out to our time!

Verse 2: "Grace and peace be to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."

It's God the Father and Jesus Christ dealing directly in our lives. There's no other book on earth that can bring it about. Fake, artificial intelligence cannot outdo God!

Verse 3: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly things with Christ; according as He has personally…" (vs 3-4).

This is a special verb in the Greek called the middle voice verb, which means God is the subject and the object! So, He is doing this for us so that He can create His Family.

"…chosen us for Himself before the foundation of the world… [He had this plan already to go before then] …in order that we might be Holy and blameless before Him in love" (v 4).

That's what God wants. How does God want this manifested? You read the rest of Eph. 1! That is really tremendous.

Paul says that God has revealed the mystery of His will to the apostles and prophets. It's written here in the New Testament. That's why it's so important. The N.T. is supported by everything in the Old Testament.

Ephesians 3:14: "For this cause I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ… [that's why we pray every day] …of Whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named… [we're to become the sons and daughters of God the Father] …that He may grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power by His Spirit in the inner man" (vs 14-16).

In the very depths of our heart and mind and soul and everything about us! To be strengthened with God's Spirit!

Verse 17: "That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith."

  • having the mind of Christ
  • having the thoughts of God
  • having the words of God

Verse 18: "And that being rooted and grounded in love, you may be fully able to comprehend with all the saints… [God wants us to know just like we started out in 1-Cor. 1-2] …what is the breadth and length and depth and height… [of God's Plan] …and to know the love of Christ, which surpasses human knowledge…" (vs 18-19).

Here's what God wants; here's the goal and they'll never find in their machines. They'll never find it in Satan; only in God the Father!

"… so that you may be filled… [think about that] …with all the fullness of God" (v 19)—that we will be like God!

That answers the question: 'O Lord, what is man that you are mindful of him?' God is mindful of us!Notice the promise:

Verse 20: "Now, to Him Who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that is working in us, to Him be glory in the Church by Christ Jesus throughout all generations, even into the ages of eternity. Amen." (vs 20-21).

Man can never—being separated from God—understand what the Word of God is. We will have to wait and see what they produce when they re-write the Bible. We have been granted the knowledge of it! We need to love it and hold onto it!

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