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Tom Fannin—January 16, 2021

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  • Is Jesus Christ your shepherd?
  • Do you know His voice?
  • Do you know Him?

In a lot of 'Christian' religions you hear that asked a lot!

  • Do you know Jesus?

For us who have been called and have God's Spirit within us, we do know Who Jesus Christ is, and we do know His voice!

John 10:14: "I am the good Shepherd, and I know those who are Mine, and am known of those who are Mine."

The sheep of Jesus Christ, He knows! His expectation is that all of us know Who Jesus Christ is, and there are some things that show that we know Jesus Christ.

2-Timothy 2:19: "Nevertheless, the foundation of God stands firm, having this seal: 'The Lord knows those who are His,' and, 'Let everyone who calls upon the name of Christ depart from unrighteousness.'"

If we know Christ, that's what we are to going to be doing, turning from unrighteousness, departing from it! As Paul says here that Christ knows all those who belong to Him! He knows who we are! Of all the people that are on this earth, and have been throughout time, God and Christ know those—wherever they are—who are Theirs.

Christ knows His sheep, those who love Him. He knows our heart and mind, our thoughts. He also knows all of our tares and needs. He leads us, He leads the Church as a good Shepherd Who knows His sheep. That's one attribute of a shepherd.

Christ our Shepherd—also every shepherd—knows the sheep. Aren't we glad that Jesus Christ knows us? He knows what is in our heart and mind! It's very important, and we should want Jesus Christ to know who we are so He can help us and lead us, through the Holy Spirit, so we can change, overcome, grow and develop His mind!

It's good to think on! Yes, we want Jesus Christ and God the Father to know us, lead us and help us. And They do!

Let's read a promise given to Jacob; Genesis 28: 5: "And, behold, I am with you, and will keep you in every place where you go… [that promise is for us today] …and will bring you again into this land, for I will not leave you until I have done that which I have spoken of to you." This promise applies to us today, too!

God and Christ are not going to leave us as long as we don't leave Them until they bring us to where They want to, and that is as firstfruits in Their Kingdom. They will always be with us to lead us and be with us.

David spoke about the Lord being His Shepherd. David made it clear that the Lord of the Old Testament was his Shepherd.

Psalm 23:1: "The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not want."

Verse 3: "He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake."

That's how we're led by Jesus Christ, our Shepherd. It's for His namesake, not ours!

  • Who He is
  • His plan
  • His purpose
  • for us
  • what's been done for us
  • what He's done for us through His name

His namesake; that's how we're led!

Psalm 63:1: "O God, You are my God…"

We can say one thing about David, when David was king over Israel, God was the true God of Israel! He didn't have other gods in Israel being worshipped. There was only God, the only true God!

"…earnestly I will seek You! My soul thirsts for You. My flesh longs for You, as in a dry and thirsty land where no water is" (v 1).

Verse 7: "Because You have been my help, therefore, in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice. My soul follows hard after You; Your right hand upholds me" (vs 7-8).

Yes, David did follow hard after God, as we should, too!

Psalm 31:1: "In You, O LORD, have I taken refuge…"

With what's going on today around this world, we certainly want to take refuse in God!

"…let me never be ashamed; deliver me in Your righteousness. Bow down Your ear to me; deliver me quickly; be my strong Rock, a fortress of defense to save me; for You are my Rock and my fortress; therefore, for Your name's sake lead me and guide me" (vs 1-3).

That's what a true shepherd does; they lead and guide! Part of that is teaching, but a true shepherd leads!

Verse 4: "Pull me up out of the net that they have hidden for me, for You are my strength. 'Into Your hand I commit My spirit; You have redeemed Me, O LORD God of Truth'" (vs 4-5).

We can say that today; into God's hands we commit our spirit, our life until the day of redemption and we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Psalm 25:5[transcriber's correction]: "Lead me in Your Truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; on You do I wait all the day long. Remember, O LORD, Your tender mercies and Your loving kindness, for they have been of old" (vs 5-6).

Psalm 119:66: "Teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I have believed Your commandments."

We are to believe Christ! Every word of Christ, and live by those words! To be taught of those words, so that we know for sure that when we read the Psalms and what David said about the Lord being his Shepherd. He truly was David's Shepherd.

  • Do we look toward Jesus Christ as our Shepherd?
  • Do you know Him?

Many people in this world in Christian beliefs ask that question: Do you know the Lord? We can answer that question. There's a certain way we should. John talks about that.

  • Do you know the Lord?
  • Do you know Jesus Christ?

If you do, there are going to be some things you are going to be doing actively, as soon as you can say, 'Yes, I know the Lord; I know Jesus Christ.'

1-John 2:3: "And by this standard we know that we know Him: if we keep His commandments."

  • Do we keep the commandments of Jesus Christ? A lot of times when we think about the commandments of Jesus Christ, we think about the Ten Commandments!
  • Do we keep the Ten Commandments? Sure we do!

But when we read Christ's Word, there's a lot there that Christ instructs us to be doing.

  • Do we keep His commandments?
  • Do we have the right kind of love for Him?
  • Do we have the right kind of love for our neighbor?
  • Do we consider the poor?
  • Do we consider the fatherless
  • Do we consider the widow?
  • Are we continuing to repent?
  • Do we forgive other from the heart?

There's a lot to the commandments of Jesus Christ!

  • Are we living by all of them?
  • Keeping all of them?

Verse 4: "The one who says, 'I know Him' and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the Truth is not in him." That's the answer! If we know Jesus Christ and we're going to be doing these things!

Verse 5: "On the other hand, if anyone is keeping His Word, truly in this one the love of God is being perfected. By this means we know that we are in Him. Anyone who claims to dwell in Him is obligating himself also to walk even as He Himself walked" (vs 5-6).

That's how we follow Jesus Christ, our Shepherd. When we are doing these things, we know that the love of God is being perfected in us and we can see it in ourselves and have that understanding.

Yes, to know Jesus Christ our Shepherd we'll be doing these things, and it will give us confidence that we know Him.

Let's look at what Paul wrote and once again gives us assurance that we really know Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 4:17: "So then, I declare and testify this in the Lord that you are no longer to walk even as the rest of the Gentiles are walking, in the vanity of their minds, having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their hearts. They have cast off all feelings, and have given themselves up to licentiousness, to work every uncleanness with insatiable desire" (vs 17-19).

This way of life that Paul is talking about here that people lead, that was the way of life all of us led before Christ and God called us and we entered into covenant.

Verse 20: "But you have not so learned Christ."

There are things we have learned once our calling came and our mind was opened to the Truth about Christ and Who He is.

Verse 21: "If indeed you have heard Him and have been taught in Him, according to the Truth in Jesus."

Yes, we have been taught the Truth. Hopefully that's what we hear and have a desire to hear Jesus Christ and His words.

Verse 22: "That concerning your former conduct, you put off the old man, which is corrupt according to deceitful lusts; and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind; and that you put on the new man, which according to God is created in righteousness and Holiness of the Truth" (vs 22-24).

Hopefully we can see this in ourselves, that we have put off the old man and we are renewing the spirit in our mind and a new person exists and is being perfected. This is how we learn Christ, and this gives us confidence when we see this growth and development in ourselves, this changing. That we really know Who Christ is, our Shepherd.

John 10:2: "But the one who enters through the door is the shepherd of the sheep."

Yes, there's one way that needs to be entered, and that's how Christ enters, through the door and the doorkeeper opens and the sheep hear His voice.

Verse 3: "To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out."

Yes, Christ knows us by name! He knows who we are, He knows who are His. He leads us, no one else.

Verse 4: "When he brings the sheep out, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never…" (vs 4-5).

Lots of times people mark their Bibles, highlight areas, "…never…" is a good word to underline in Scripture.

Verse 5: "But they will never… [those sheep of Jesus Christ] …follow a stranger for they will flee from him because they do not know the voice of strangers.'"

To really know the voice of Jesus Christ, His Word, we have to be totally engaged in studying the words of God that are inspired and written for us. And also be living them: overcoming and growing in grace and knowledge. It takes a commitment to do this, and are we all committed to that, learning the words of God so we know them. So, we always know the voice of Jesus Christ so we will never follow a stranger.

We have to ask ourselves that all the time: Are we committed in this, to knowing God's Word?

Let's see what Paul told Timothy; 2-Timothy 2:15: "Diligently study to show yourself approved unto God…" –not on some man! That's what we want to be doing! That's why we diligently study.

"…a workman who does not need to be ashamed…" (v 15).

We don't want to hear another voice and follow a stranger. We don't want to be ashamed because we know God's Word and we're living it.

"…rightly dividing the Word of the Truth" (v 15). That's what we need to be doing, and then growing an developing as we learn God's Word:

  • not remaining as babes
  • not remaining on milk

but moving on to the meat of the Word, because it's important! We're on the meat of God's Word! Paul talks about that:

Hebrews 5:12: "For truly, by this time you ought to be teachers…"

In other words we should know God's Word well enough that you can help others, teach others God's Word.

"…but instead you need to have someone teach you again what are the beginning principles of the oracles of God, and have become those in need of milk, and not of solid food" (v 12).

Yes, as we come into the Church and start studying God's Word, we do begin with beginning principles of the oracles of God. Probably there are some listening today that are just recently coming into the Church and you're learning, studying and growing.

That's how it works, but you are to move on and to grow and develop into the meat and not stay on the milk. It's important that we move to the meat.

Verse 13: "For everyone who is partaking of milk is unskilled in the Word of Righteousness because he is an infant. But solid food is for those who are fully grown, who through repeated practice have had their senses trained to discern between good and evil" (vs 13-14).

We need discernment! God's Word gives us discernment! When we study God's Word, we get more understanding and wisdom. We need that, especially with what's going on in the world today.

We need to know the difference between good and evil. We need to be able to know the voice of Jesus Christ and what the voice of a stranger is.

A few years ago, I was getting ready to set out some hay for the cattle and I do this with a tractor. This particular day I was not on my tractor, which had some mechanical problems. I borrowed my neighbor's tractor.

As I was going across the field, and typically when you to set out hay for cattle they come running because they're really looking forward to it. They know what's coming. But this day, as I was going across the field the cattle weren't coming. They were standing back off. I wondered why the cattle weren't coming up. Then I dawned on me that I was on a different tractor.

So, the people who grew up on farms in the country can recognize the difference in the sounds of tractors. Of course, they look different, too. But in this case, this was a different tractor I was on and the cattle knew that wasn't the tractor. The person on the tractor was the same, but the tractor wasn't the one they were used to.

I thought that was interesting, and is a good example: As animals the cattle knew that that was a stranger. There was something strange there and they wouldn't come to it.

Just recently I had a neighbor come over to visit. He was going to go hunting and he pulled back into a lane ahead of me and I came down the road in my truck and pulled up behind him and got out. As soon as I got out of my truck he said, 'Tom, those cattle must really know your truck, because they were bawling and going on.' And they were!

As soon as I pulled up and go out of my truck the cattle recognized even that truck.

Isn't it inspiring when you have animals—including dogs and cats—that they recognize who takes care of them. They also recognize when it's something different. It makes you really feel good when the animals appreciate what you do for them. You can tell it in the animals.

I think that's probably how God and Christ feel, too, when we follow Them, and we recognize Their voice and Who They are. They know Them and They know us. That same feeling about us desiring to know Them and follow Them.

I thought that was a good example to bring up, that yes, the animals know who we are, and they also know when something is different about us.

It's kind of what is mentioned in Isaiah; let's read that.

Isaiah 1:2: "Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth; for the LORD has spoken, 'I have reared and brought up children, but they have rebelled against Me.'"

How sad is that thought, that what God did for Israel—reared and brought up children—loved and cared for them as a Shepherd, and they rebelled against Him.

Verse 3: "The ox knows his owner, and the donkey his master's crib… [just as the cattle know me] …but Israel does not know Me; My people do not understand."

They didn't appreciate God and what God had done for them, all the things that God had done for them over the years, bringing them out of captivity and leading them in a correct way. They didn't appreciate or understand what had been done for them. They didn't make a relationship with Him. That's what he desired and wanted. That's something we need to be mindful of ourselves. To know Who Christ is, to follow Him!

Let's read what Christ said to the Pharisees:

John 8:42: "Therefore, Jesus said to them, 'If God were your Father, you would love Me, because I proceeded forth and came from God. For I have not come of Myself, but He sent Me.'"

That's what God says, that He sent His only Begotten Son.

Verse 43: "Why don't you understand My speech? Because you cannot bear to hear My words." We love to hear the words of God, what God instructs us!

Verse 44: "You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you desire to practice. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has not stood in the Truth because there is no Truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he is speaking from his own self; for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I speak the Truth, you do not believe Me. Which one of you can convict Me of sin? But if I speak the Truth, why don't you believe Me?" 9vs 44-46).

We do believe! We know Who God and Jesus Christ are! We desire to hear the Truth, follow the Truth and be led by the Truth.

Verse 47: The one who is of God hears the words of God…. [we know the voice] …For this reason you do not hear, because you are not of God." They weren't the sheep of God! But we are!

We must desire to hear Truth, because that's all that's going to come from Jesus Christ, as our Shepherd, is the Truth! That's what we follow!

I want to spend a little time changing the topic a little bit. There are those who want to be your shepherd. Can you tell the difference? What I'm talking about is Jesus Christ and His true shepherds and strangers, those who are not true shepherds of Jesus Christ, those who can lead you in a different direction.

I'm not talking about those of the world. I'm talking about those who are within the Church, those who are not true shepherds. Can you tell the difference. We have to be able to tell the difference. Let's look at what Christ said, that 'you're going to know them by their fruits.'

Matthew 7:15: "But beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing… [on the outside they look like sheep, one of us] …for within they are ravening wolves. You shall know them by their fruits. They do not gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles, do they? In the same way, every good tree produces good fruit, but a corrupt tree produces evil fruit. A good tree cannot produce evil fruit, nor can a corrupt tree produce good fruit" (vs 15-18).

You're going to get from a true shepherd what is good. That's what's going to come forth. But from others they're going to produce evil fruit. We're going to know them by their fruits. Later on we will see what the problem is. There are things we need to be watching for to determine the difference, and make sure that when we hear the voice of a stranger, we know that.

Let's study into a few things that we need to be on guard for and watching for.

John 10:11: "I am the good Shepherd. The good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep." That's exactly what Christ did for us!

Verse 12: "But the one who is a hireling, and who is not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not… [that's Christ's] …sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep, and flees. And the wolf seizes the sheep and scatters them."

One thing I'll say about the wolf: As long as Satan the devil is the god of this world—and we know that sometime in the future he will be removed—the wolf will always be there. We have to be mindful of that. The Scriptures warn us of that. We are reviewing some of them today. The wolf will always be there.

Verse 13: "Now, the hireling flees because he is a hireling… [he's paid to do a job and that's what his mind is on] …and has no concern for the sheep."

That's the problem, there's no real concern for the sheep; something to watch out for. Within the Churches there are paid ministers. The important thing is, is any minister of Jesus Christ—not a minister of an organization or a minister of a hierarchy and following that—following the words of Jesus Christ!

Sometimes we have to be mindful of that, because people who are paid sometimes have their mind on who is paying them. It's an important thing for all ministers and shepherds to be taking care of and having concern for the sheep. That has to be primary and first, and they can't be motivated by anything else.

We have to be on guard for that, because we're fleshly. Sometimes it's easy for us to get our mind on the physical things, and we'll read more about that, too.

I'm not critical of ministers that get paid as a full-time job, because they do have a full-time job being a minister. When you shepherd the sheep and take care of them, teach them, and lead them, and spend time with the sheep. There's a lot that goes into that. But they have to be shepherds of Jesus Christ!

2-Peter 2:1: "But there were also false prophets among the people, as indeed there will be false teachers among you, who will stealthily introduce destructive heresies, personally denying the Lord who bought them, and bringing swift destruction upon themselves. And many people will follow as authoritative their destructive ways; and because of them, the way of the Truth will be blasphemed. Also, through insatiable greed they will with enticing messages exploit you for gain; for whom the judgment of old is in full force, and their destruction is ever watching" (vs 1-3).

That's not what shepherds should be doing; they don't exploit for gain. They're not concerned about greed and what they get. They really have concern for the sheep.

"…for whom the judgment of old is in full force, and their destruction is ever watching" (v 3).

Verse 18: "For they speak bombastic words of vanity… [we have to watch for that] …enticing others through the lusts of the flesh by granting indulgences to sin, and ensnaring those who had indeed escaped from those who live in deception."

Ensnaring and teaching things they shouldn't do that are not from God's Word.

Verse 19: "While promising them freedom, they themselves are actually slaves of corruption because by whatever anyone is overcome, he is also held in bondage."

Once you change—and I'll just use the phrase, 'going to the other side' because there's a way of God that is good, and there's a way that's evil and against God—and go that side and become enslaved to that corruption, then you're owned by that! That's the way it works in the world, and it's the way it works in the Church.

Also, once people go over to corruption they are held bondage into that, and shepherds can do this. Hopefully the shepherds who have done this, they can see this and repent and change. We have to be mindful that this can happen, and it's happening right now.

We've seen that in politics in Washington, D.C., here in the United States, the corruption and the bondage that all of them are held into. Right now a lot of that is being made known. We have to be aware that that can happen.

True shepherds are going to be leading God's people, following behind Jesus Christ, Who is the Chief Shepherd. They're going to be leading the brethren toward God and Jesus Christ continually.

Jude 3: "Beloved, when personally exerting all my diligence to write to you concerning the common salvation, I was compelled to write to you, exhorting you to ferventlyfight for the faith, which once for all time has been delivered to the saints." That's what continue strive to do, continually fight for the faith!

Verse 4: "For certain men have stealthily crept in, those who long ago have been written about, condemning them to thisjudgment. They are ungodly men who are perverting the grace of our God, turning it into licentiousness, and are personally denying the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ."

Talking the Truth, God's Word and you're twisting and using it in such a way to deceive people, and have people believe things that are not true.

Verse 16: "These are complainers and critics, who are walking after their own personal lusts… [that's what they're in it for] …while their mouths are speaking great swelling words, flattering persons for the sake of advantage."

That's how the world works, thinking about who they can impress, and what gain is there for them through this, through doing what I do.

  • Are they looking to get their reward and their approval from God and Jesus Christ?


  • Are they looking to get approval from men in these systems?

Verse 17: But you, beloved, remember the words that were spoken before by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Words of the apostles that are canonize and written for us: Paul, Peter, James, etc.

Verse 18: "Because they said to you that in the last time there would be mockers, who would be selfishly walking according to their own ungodly lusts. These are the ones who cause division; they are psychic, not having the Spirit of God" (vs 18-19).

We talked about this earlier, that you 'shall know them by their fruits.' God's Spirit produces fruits within us. "…not having the Spirit of God"; something that we need to be watching for, it should be evident to us.

That's the problem, we saw shepherds—a lot of them within the Churches of God—who do not have the Spirit of God. Paul gave a warning to the elders there before his departure to Miletus.

Acts 20:28: "Take heed, therefore, to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to feed the Church of God… [that's elders should be doing, the shepherds of Jesus Christ] …which He purchased with His own blood."

When we think about what's been done for us, how important it is to teach the Truth and lead properly?

Verse 29: "For I know this: that after my departure grievous wolves… [those who come in and intention and purpose that will have an effect] …will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves men will rise up speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after themselves" (vs 29-30).

We have to be aware of this; we don't have to be afraid, but we have to know the voice of Christ and His Word. In the times that we're living in now, I'll just say that with all the deceptions that are going on in this world, the same things happened with the Church. When we're in turmoil in the world like we are now, that's taken advantage of, to stealthily sneak in changes, subtle and deceiving. We have to be on guard for that at all times!

I want to read about what true shepherds do and who they are.

Philippians 2:19—Paul writes: "Now I trust in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon that I may also be encouraged when I know your state of affairs; for I have no one who is likeminded, who has genuine concern for you. For all are seeking their own things, not the things of Christ Jesus" (vs 19-21).

Let me just stay that true shepherds have genuine concern for the sheep! True shepherds seek the things that are of Jesus Christ.

Verse 22: "But you know the proof of him, that as a child with a father, he served with me in the Gospel." That's what shepherds do, they serve also in the Gospel, preaching the Truth!

In 2-Cor. 12 Paul is referring to himself and also referring to Timothy. This time he's mentioning Titus, whom we know was another minister of God that Paul helped mentor and teach.

2-Corinthians 12:18: "I urged Titus to go to you and sent with him our brother. Did Titus make a gain of you?…."

True shepherds don't exploit the sheep for gain; Titus was there to make a gain of them.

"…Did we not walk in the same spirit and in the same steps?" (v 18).

True shepherds of Jesus Christ walk as Jesus Christ walked. True shepherds of Jesus Christ walk in the same Spirit and in the same steps. This should all be familiar to us, because they are the same. At least in their mind and what they do. They may have different personalities and interests, but when it comes to what motivates them, they speak from God's Word. They follow Christ!

Verse 19: "Again, do you think that we are making an excuse to you? We speak before God in Christ; and everything we do, beloved, is for your edification"—in everything they do as they lead the brethren! They're not leading for:

  • the money
  • the recognition from men
  • the authority or power that may think they have

They're leading as servants!

Hebrews 13:7: "Remember your leaders who have spoken the Word of God to you, considering the outcome of their conduct; and imitate their faith."

Verse 17: "Follow your leaders, and be submissive, because they are looking out for your spiritual well-being…"

That's the sign of true shepherds; they are concerned about the brethren and their spiritual well-being. They want to see all the brethren go into the Kingdom as firstfruits and fulfill that calling.

"…as those who must be ready to give an account to God in order that they may do this with joy, and not with groaning because that would be unprofitable for you" (v 17).

I hope we can recognize Christ, our Shepherd, and the true shepherds of Jesus Christ who follow behind Christ under His authority, as Christ is the Head of the Church.

John 21 gives us a good idea of the importance of knowing Jesus Christ and His voice, Who He is as our Shepherd. As we read through this, think about ourselves.

  • Is this how we think?
  • Are these things in our life that we recognize, we know and are aware of?
  • Do we know the words of God?

John 21:3: "Simon Peter said to them… [talking to some of the apostles and other men] …'I am going fishing.' They said to him, 'We also will come with you.' They left immediately and got into the ship, but during that night they took nothing. And when morning had now come, Jesus stood on the shore. However, none of the disciples realized that it was Jesus" (vs 3-4).

Verse 5: "Then Jesus said to them, 'Children, do you have any food?' They answered Him, 'No.'"

I suppose the apostles were about the same age as Jesus Christ. Can you imagine that here is a group of men on a ship and someone calls out to them, "Children…" Maybe some would think that these men could have an attitude of who is calling out to us and calling us children? Well, think about it!

  • Aren't we all God's children?
  • Aren't we to become like little children?
  • Have that attitude about us?

This is the voice of Christ calling out to them!

Verse 6: "And He said to them, 'Cast the net to the right side of the ship, and you shall find some.' Then they cast the net, but they did not have the strength to draw it in because of the multitude of fish."

They listened! They were given instruction on what to do and they listened!

Verse 7: "Then that disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, 'It is the Lord.' And after hearing that it was the Lord, Peter put on his outer garment, because he was naked, and threw himself into the sea. But the other disciples came in a small ship, dragging the net full of fish; for they were not far from land, but about two hundred cubits away. Now then, when they came up to the land, they saw a fire of coals spread, and fish lying on it, and bread. Jesus said to them, 'Bring some of the fish that you have just caught.'" (vs 7-10).

Everything was laid out there for them and prepared. They listened to what Christ said and were blessed for it.

Verse 11: "Simon Peter went up to the shore and drew the net to the land, full of large fish, one hundred and fifty-three; and although there were so many, the net was not torn. Jesus said to them, 'Come and dine.' But none of the disciples dared to ask Him, 'Who are You?' For they knew that it was the Lord. Then Jesus came and took the bread, and gave it to them, and likewise the fish" (vs 11-13).

He served them what He had prepared for them, and gave to them. The thing I want to emphasize here is that they didn't dare ask "…Who are You?…." because they knew!

We know, too, what's been done for us, how Christ works in our lives.

  • we know the voice of Christ
  • we know Who Christ is

We don't dare ask, because we see what's been done in our lives, we know! It's Jesus Christ working in us!

It's a good story to reflect on and see what was done here. God and Jesus Christ are working in us, leading us, and there's a reason for that.

Hebrews 13:20: And may the God of peace, Who raised our Lord Jesus from among the dead—that great Shepherd of the sheep—through the blood of the everlasting covenant, perfect you in every good work in order that you may do His will; accomplishing in you that which is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to Whom be the glory into the ages of eternity. Amen" (vs 20-21).

Jesus Christ is our Shepherd.

  • we know Him
  • we have confidence in that
  • we know His voice
  • He's leading us
  • God's leading us
  • They're leading us into the Kingdom
    • perfecting us
    • developing us

Scriptural References:

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  • Psalm 31:1-5
  • Psalm 25: 5-6
  • Psalm 119:66
  • 1 John 2:3-6
  • Ephesians 4:17-24
  • John 10:2-5
  • 2 Timothy 2:15
  • Hebrews 5:12-14
  • Isaiah 1:2-3
  • John 8:42-47
  • Matthew 7:15-18
  • John 10:11-13
  • 2 Peter 2:1-3, 18-19
  • Jude 3-4, 16-19
  • Acts 20:28-30
  • Philippians 2:19-22
  • 2 Corinthians 12:18-19
  • Hebrews 13:7, 17
  • John 21:3-13
  • Hebrews 13:20-21

Transcribed: 12/6/21

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