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Lyall Johnston—September 9, 2022

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Greetings to everyone on God's Holy Sabbath Day, the seventh day of the week. We know that God rested six days, but on the seventh day—right from the very beginning in that first week—He rested on the seventh day.

He did not rest on Sunday, because that represents the first day of the week. When you look at that logistically, it's the beginning of the week, whereas the Sabbath is at the end of the week.

Satan has done a masterful job in deceiving the whole world into keeping his day and worshipping him!

The events of the past day or two have been so encapsulating the attention of the majority of the world that I'd be remiss if I did not make some comments about this. So, we will be talking about the Incorruptible Seed but first, let's talked about what happened on Thursday at 6:30 British Standard Time when Queen Elizabeth II died. As they say:
'The Queen is dead; long live the King,' as it is in this case.

The moment of her death, Charles became King Charles III, and takes over the responsibilities of the Crown, even though his coronation will be a little time forth from here.

What we find in Gen. 3 is that Satan the devil deceived Adam and Eve; we are all very familiar with that, and we have the prophecy where Jesus Christ was going to come and totally crush Satan. We've been hearing about that regarding the Day of Atonement, the day when that takes place, which is also linked with the Passover.

As Michael Heiss mentioned, without Atonement there will be no Feast of Tabernacles. Likewise without the Passover there will be no Day of Atonement.

So, you cannot separate the two! As I said, they're so inexorably bound together; you cannot separate them! We understand the message of both and look forward to the message during the Day of Atonement, which is coming upon us very rapidly!

We find that Adam and Eve were corrupted; they were corrupted by a corruptible seed! Who planted that seed in the mind of Eve? Well, it was Satan!

Gen. 3:15 is talking about the incorruptible Seed,which we have available to us through the sacrifice, death and the precious blood of our Savior Jesus Christ!

Romans 5:12: "Therefore, as by one man… [Adam] …sin entered into the world…"—right from the beginning, as soon as Satan was allowed into the garden!

"…and by means of sin came death; and in this way death passed into all mankind…" (v 12).

That is the seed of corruption that Satan sowed, and we the human race swallowed it 'hook, line and sinker.' It's only by the grace of God and the blood of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice and resurrection that mankind is going to be saved from the evil, dirty, filthy corrupt works of Satan. In the meantime, our minds were corrupted!

We are corruptible flesh, "…and it is for this reason that all have sinned" (v 12).

Verse 15: "But should not the free gift be even as the offense was? For if by the transgression of the one man… [going back to Adam and Eve] …many died, how much more did the grace of God, and the gift of grace, which is by the One Man, Jesus Christ, abound unto many?"

That is, of course, talking about the incorruptible Seed that has been made available to us.

Again, the Queen is dead, long live the King! Much has happened, because just three days before the death of the Queen she inaugurated the new Prime Minister Liz Truss. We don't know what she has in mind, but some reports that have come through is that we may be looking at an even more liberal government.

One comment has been made about one of the ministers, I think it was the Minister of Health, is that she looks anything but like a minister who is suitable for that job. I won't make anymore comments about that.

Just three days later the Queen dies and Charles becomes King Charles III. There are questions that we must ask here, because few people know this, but King Charles is a member of the Economic Forum (WEF). He gave a message on the 'great reset,' and he's also very much a part of the 'green new deal' and climate control and change.

So, where this is going to lead us after the stable 70-year rule of his mother Queen Elizabeth, where are they going to take us? It would seem that prophetically that all roads are leading now to a rapid downward spiral, even moreso than what happened after the end of WWII when the British Empire (Ephraim in prophecy) lost power and control, and ever since been losing the Empire. Today, we have just become the Commonwealth of Nations—many nations!

Rather than seeking God, the British Commonwealth (Ephraim) and in what we know today in prophecy and our writings, and the prophecies of the Bible, America is Manasseh upon whom the name Israel was named! Jacob who God renamed Israel, named his name on those two boys.

If you're unfamiliar with that, that is all outlined in our book America and Britain: Two Nations that Changed the World by Philip Neal

It's interesting because Queen Elizabeth's ancestry is traced back to the tribe of Judah. This is very significant prophetically in what God has to say is going to happen to Judah and the other nations being the United Kingdom and what remains of the British Commonwealth and the United States.

  • We as a people have left our God!
  • We have departed from Him!
  • We have sought other gods!

For example: the Church of England; the Queen was a very noble, very fine queen. She kept the nation on an even keel for 70 years. That was her goal. She sacrificed much in her own life. Oh yes, she had the luxury, she had animals, she was wealthy, but she dedicated her life many times going against her own personal desires to take care of the country.

Look at the way she traveled the world visiting nations. Look at the way she made herself available! The first monarch that went down and met the people face-to-face. Remember, many of them, even the very poor and lonely.

However, what we are to understand from Scripture, being the head of the Church of England is not the Church of the Living God! So, that is a very important factor.

The Church of England is not the Church of God, it is not a Church of God. Those leaders at the head of the Church of England—the Archbishop of Canterbury—has a responsibility before God to preach the Truth. He knows it, but because people are so deceived by Satan and so ingrained in the lies and hypocrisy of Satan the devil, the question is:

  • Is the Arch Bishop of Canterbury prepared to repent before God and proclaim God's Law to the nation?
  • And to be sure that it's circulated throughout the British Empire?

The same is true for Manasseh, the United States!

  • Will the leaders turn to God?

I believe what we're going to see now—I'm not making a prophecy—with the trend the way things are going, from this time on we're going to see things going downstream!

The indications from the past, although Prince Charles has been very active in many areas, and has served his people, there is an element there that he needs as he is now the new king, which is an office recognized throughout what remains of the British Empire, the Commonwealth, to turn the people back to God.

Will that happen? If he were to do that as head of the Church of England¸ and instruct the Arch Bishop of Canterbury to call the whole church and country to repentance, it is possible that they could stave off the disaster that the nation, the commonwealth is bringing upon its own head!

The prophecies of that we can read about in our publication America and Britain: Two Nations that Changed the World.

It's a story! Queen Elizabeth is of the house of Judah as her records show. As queen she is queen over the house of Ephraim. The connection here is incredible. Now will King Charles III of the United Kingdom and its realms turn the people back to God? We will have to wait and see on that!

If he doesn't, the United Kingdom and the rest of the empire will continue down the tubes into oblivion and eventually into captivity. A great responsibility falls on the head of the new king. We are, of course, are to respect and pray for our leaders, so that we can have peace in our time.

But that peace is rapidly disappearing because of our breaking of the laws and commandments of our God. So, the Queen is dead and long live the King!

It's interesting that the queen was active right up to her death when she accepted the roll of the new Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom Liz Truss. So, she was active to the end! She was a woman who promised to spend her life serving the British people, and she did!

The one thing that she did not have, as far as we know, was the knowledge of some events of the true Sabbath Day and the Passover, the correct day. The Church of England and most churches in this world do not understand. Many of the leaders do, but because of tradition—the traditions of men—they have changed the days that God set from creation.

God rested on the Sabbath Day, which we know is the seventh day of the week. The whole of creation was ordained around that so that we would know who the true God is!

Any other day does not reveal the God of creation, the God of the Bible. The God who chose Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and then through Joseph Ephraim and Manasseh who became the United States of America (Manasseh) and the British Empire and the Commonwealth of Nations (Ephraim).

Why is that? Because as a people we have refused to obey and keep the commandments of God! We've changed God's Sabbath to Sunday; that's like spitting in the face of God. As a people we don't keep God's Holy Days. What do we keep? All the pagan festivals as they were observed, to some degree, in ancient Babylon, which God destroyed!

If we as a people do not repent—the British and American peoples, descendants of Joseph—adopted by Jacob and God change Jacob's name to Israel…

God put that name Israel on Ephraim and Manasseh so the two major nations today, modern Israel, happen to be the Commonwealth of Nations, the Old United Kingdom, and America. We have turned our backs on God! We literally spitting in God's face as we bow to the god of this world Satan the devil. '

Unless we repent, we're going to pay the penalty! God is going to put us through such horrific punishment that we have brought upon ourselves. We cannot blame God for this! At this time when the world is focusing on one day, we've forgotten everything else that is going on, particularly in the Commonwealth of Nations and to some degree the United States.

We've had 24 hour coverage of death of the Queen and the history of the Queen and the monarchy; and it continues today, the Sabbath Day.

But is the new king going to give leadership to the nation and confess himself and bring in the archbishop of the Church of England and tell him:

You and I must repent before God. We must change and get back to keeping the Sabbath Day of God. We must throw out this Eucharist, the so-called Lord's Supper. We must get back to the Passover, which is the only day that represents the death of Jesus Christ. If we don't get back to that as a nation we are done for!

Will there be any change? That's hard to say! It seems that the new king has a program that very much fits in with the World Economic Forum, Klaus Swab and others. The keynote speaker there said that 'changes need to be made' that are not the changes toward God. Unless he repents and sets, as the king, over the house of Ephraim, which is today the British Commonwealth of Nations. It was once the mighty nation or the mighty kingdom of the British Empire.

It's no longer mighty! Why? Because we've turned to the embrace of Satan the devil, Sunday! As a people we are observing and worshipping on the day of Satan the devil, Sunday, the day of the sun.

It's interesting that if we go back to Exo. 20 what do we read? What day is the day of God? The fourth commandment!

Exodus 20:8: "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy."

  • Are the main churches in the British Isles and the Commonwealth of Nations around the world coming together to worship the God of creation today, the Sabbath?


  • Are they going to be meeting tomorrow—in dwindling numbers of course—the day of the sun, which is the day that Satan is worshipped?

Satan has deceived the nations! We read that in Rev. 12, which we read over and over again. Satan is 'the god of this world,' as Paul tells the Corinthians, and he has deceived all nations. That includes all the descendants of Abraham, as well as the other nations of the world.

That is why the Body of Christ, the Church that Jesus Christ has called out of this world; we have got that responsibility of preaching the Word of God. Telling the nations their sins, because if they do not respond, modern Israel in particular, are going into tribulation like we have never seen!

God is going to bring a punishment on all nations, and eventually, we know through the Feast Days of God—which the churches of this world have rejected and brought in the satanic days of:

  • the Lord's Supper
  • Communion to replace the Passover
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • etc.

God hates these days!

  • Do we want to be hated by God?


  • Do we want the blessings of God?

God blesses those who obey Him! God will bless anyone whom He wants to bless in order to complete His Plan!

I think it's really clear that God blessed Queen Elizabeth, because of the path that she took. She was concerned for her people. She went down amongst the people. She met them, shook hands, she remembered details about them and talked about them 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years later. She was concerned for the people.

  • Did she keep the Sabbath Day? No!
  • Did she keep God's Holy Days? No!
  • Did she keep the pagan holidays? Yes!
  • Did she keep Sunday? Yes!

We have to compare that with the work that she did. Although the Law of God would condemn her for the disobedience, it's my belief—and maybe I'm wrong—but God was able to use her to keep the British people together, because she sacrificed her life!

I believe that in the Kingdom of God that will be recognized by God, that she tried to keep her people together. Where are the British going from now? Who knows! Unless they turn their hearts to God, and they forsake their pagan practices of Sunday Easter, or Lint, you name it! All the Holy Days of God, Satan has managed to change them! We know the blame is going to fall on the head of Satan.

So, as the Church of England is that, also known as the Anglican Church, a 'Christian' Church or is it Christian in name only?

The name that God has given to His Church is The Church of God! God has not given it any other name. Collectively it's called the Churches of Jesus Christ, and Jesus always kept the people and the Church in the name of God the Father. That's what we have to look to when we try to examine these other religions.

What was the true religion of God? It's found in the pages of the Bible! Anyone who wants to search the Scriptures honestly they will discover all of this. They can come to the Truth, to the knowledge of God. The challenge is placed there before them by God when the Gospel is preached.

The Church or the Churches of God, IF they aren't preaching the Truth of God, THEN the people will not be without witness! IF the Church fails to preach the Truth, IF they preach some 'fairytales' or preach philosophy, IF they do not preach the Word of God and warn the people and tell them their sins, and encourage them to repent, THEN a burden falls upon that Church.

We read in Rev. 2 & 3 the Churches of God were given a commission by God down through the ages, and even right up until today of what they should be doing. If we read that, we find the bottom line and what responsibility God has put on the Churches.

The important factor is the seventh-day Sabbath, the day that identifies the people of God. Sunday does not in any way, means, shape or form identify the people of God! God set the Sabbath Day from creation, and the week ended with the seventh day.

The Sabbath Day is not the Sabbath of the Jews, and even those who keep the Sabbath Day, are not necessarily keeping it the way that God commanded.

They do not have access to the Holy Spirit unless they repent, and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, their Lord and Master, High Priest and King. The Jews are still waiting for that person, but He's already here sitting at the right hand of God the Father in heaven.

There are two basic factors for the people of God: they will be keeping the seventh-day Sabbath, no other day counts

It takes a calling from God for a person to really repent. That means to change, turn from observing all the traditions of what is called 'Christianity' today, but actually is 'a religion' worshipping the devil by keeping Sunday and all the pagan holidays of ancient Babylon, which have been renamed and called 'Christian.'

They may not call them 'Christian,' but it doesn't make them days that God gave. The Bible shows us the days that He wants us to observe:

  • the Sabbath Day
  • the seven annual Holy Days

Were shown and they reveal the Plan of God!

But Satan has so deceived the nations, even the people that God chose to be His special people, who today happen to be the Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America! We're going 180 degrees in the opposite direction!

Yet, God called those peoples to take His Laws and commandments to these nations so they would obey them and receive the blessings of God.

We, as a people, have refused to do that! Just like God is bringing His judgment upon us; yes, upon the nations of the British Commonwealth, once the mighty British Empire, and the United States of America! We see the battles taking place in the United States right now.

  • Is God going to give more time to the United States in order for the Gospel to be taken to mankind, the warning of the calamities that are going to come? It is coming!
  • Is there going to be maybe a little more time so that this Gospel can be preached? We'll have to wait and see!

Let's have a look at a very important statement:

1-Peter 1:3: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who, according to His abundant mercy, has begotten us again unto a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead; unto an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and unfading, reserved in heaven for us" (vs 3-4).

Verse 23:"For you have been begotten again, not from corruptible seed, but from incorruptible seed… [the Spirit of God] …by the living Word of God, which remains forever."

Here's our human state without God; v 24: "For all flesh is like grass, and all the glory of man is like the flower of the field; the grass has withered, and its flower has fallen away." Peter is quoting here from the book of Isaiah.

Verse 25: "But the Word of the Lord endures forever; and this is the message that was preached to you through the Gospel."

Verse 23[transcriber's correction]:

  • "For you have been begotten again, not from corruptible seed…"—human birth!

We all bear the sins from Adam and Eve that was passed on down through the ages.

  • "…but from incorruptible seed…"—which is the Holy Spirit
  • "…by the living Word of God, which remains forever"

That is where the differences are between the religions of this world and the Church of the Living God! The Church of the Living God understands at least two things at a minimum:

  • the Sabbath Day that identifies God
  • the meaning of the Passover, the death of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins

These are the two bear essential, minimal understandings for anyone in the Church of God.

  • Do the Protestant churches have these two understandings?
  • Do they keep the Sabbath?

Exo. 31 identifies:

  • who are the people of God
  • who are the followers of God
  • who are the children of God
  • for physical Israel down through the ages
  • the Church of the Living God, spiritual Israel

Exodus 31:12: "And the LORD spoke to Moses saying, 'Speak also to the children of Israel, saying…'" (vs 12-13).

If you happen to be part of the British Empire or Commonwealth, as it is today, or the United States of America, this is specifically or to the nations of Northwest Europe, here is God's message:

"…Truly you shall keep My Sabbaths, for it is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations…" (v 13)—never done away with; right from the book of Genesis, chapter two, when God rested on the Sabbath Day!

He blessed that day and hallowed it! Who has the audacity to speak in the face of God and say,

We're going to change Your day. We're going to make Sunday now the day that we worship You.

From His position on high, God looks down on those leaders who deceive the people—inspired by Satan the devil—and says:

You got 60-70, maybe 80 years to live and proclaim you're wise, but you're going to die. I live forever! I created the heavens and the earth; it is Me that structured the heavens and the earth to circulate around the Sabbath Day where you will recognize Me as God!The God of heaven and earth, the Creator!

You are flesh and you are going to die! I live forever! But all those who are willing to obey Me; those who are willing to listen to Me, you will be with me for all eternity!

Obedience is required. You obey Me and I will bless you, look after you, your children, after your progeny and I will provide for you. I will let you know what is Truth and what is error. In fact, I've given you a book, it's called The Holy Bible! All My Truth is hidden in there. If you're prepared to look at and search out that Truth, you will find the Truth.

Don't look the 'religions' of this world. Not even those churches that call themselves 'Christian.' They are not of Me! The Church of England is not of Me! The Episcopalian Church is not of Me! The Protestant churches  and the Roman Catholic Churches are not of Me!

They are the deceptions. and as a result of lies, are of Satan the devil, which you have swallowed 'hook, line and sinker.'

If you want to stop right there and open the pages of the book that I inspired—word by word—I will give you My Truth so that you can understand between the Truth and the lies that Satan percolates through his churches.

Those are hard words to some people:

I've been a Episcopalian all my life
I've been in the Church of England all my life
I've kept Sunday all my life

In doing so, you're worshipping the devil! Everyone of us has done that. I did that in the past, worshipping on Sunday. I was worshipping Satan the devil because that is the day of the sun, his day that he has deceived the whole world with.

That's one thing we have to understand. Satan has deceived the whole world, every last man, woman and child lock, stock and barrel! It's only the Word of God that can deliver you and me from the lies, the filth, the corruption and the false teachings that come from Satan the devil, twisting the Word of God.

So, we need to be careful in studying the Word of God. To cast off what we have learned from these other churches and put our faith and trust in the Word of God.

  • It's there!
  • It's discoverable!
  • We can discover it!

God feeds the mind of His servants! Sometimes we have difficulty in sorting though it, but nevertheless, God so floods the mind. Once you get onto a subject, it really becomes very powerful.

This has to do with the Incorruptible Seed, because that's what God's Word is called in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, the Incorruptible Word! That was the mind of Jesus Christ. It was totally incorruptible! He said, 'Satan does not have one thing in Me!' Jesus was the perfect servant of His Father God! He obeyed every Law, every word faithfully! That's why He's able to be our Savior.

Satan comes along and gives us a counterfeit Christ, and the majority of the 'Christian' or 'religions' that call themselves 'Christian' today follow Sunday, the day of the sun and the day of Satan, worshipping Satan the devil.

That will strike a very unsavory cord in the mind of some people. But you have to get over it! You have to go to the Bible and find out which day God says is the Sabbath Day from the creation; the seventh day of the week! The Passover of the Lord Jesus Christ on Nisan 14 beginning at sunset is the only day that God recognizes as the day that Jesus Christ died and gave His life for the world.

If we try to keep any other day to remember that's the counterfeit from Satan the devil. What does Jesus tell us? Satan has deceived the whole world (Rev. 12).

Are you able to take that on board and accept the fact that:

I've never thought of that before. The church I go to, the religion I follow, am I being deceived or am I just following in the footsteps of my friends and relatives or my father and mother. Have I checked the Scriptures, the Word of God, as to where the law of observing and keeping is true.

Hebrews 8:8: "But since He found fault with them, He says, '"Behold, the days are coming," says the Lord, "when I will establish a New Covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah."'"

We know that Jacob, the son of Isaac who was the son of Abraham, God place the name Israel on Jacob, who was also called Israel. Jacob put that name on the heads of the two sons of Joseph and adopted the two sons and called them Ephraim and Manasseh—today those two nations are Britain and America.

Our book America and Britain: Two Nations that Changed the World by Philip Neal

Verse 10: "'For this is the covenant that I will establish with the house of Israel after those days,' says the Lord: 'I will give My laws into their minds, and I will inscribe them upon their hearts; and I will be their God, and they will be My people.'"

This is so crucial to the faith that the Bible calls the Christian faith!

Exodus 31:12: "And the LORD spoke to Moses saying, 'Speak also to the children of Israel, saying, "Truly you shall keep My Sabbaths, for it is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations to know that I am the LORD Who sanctifies you"'" (vs 12-13).

Does God sanctify those who keep another day such as the day of the sun? No! Since God said this, no man, no high priest, no archbishop, no minister or elder has the authority to change what God has said! God lives forever! These false prophets will die! They will be resurrected and will have to face the judgment.

So, if you happen to be one of those, you better change your ways quickly and cry out to the Lord God and repent!

Verse 14: "You shall keep the Sabbath, therefore, for it is Holy to you…."

Here we are today we're observing the Sabbath Day looking into the Word of God.

"…Everyone that defiles it shall surely be put to death, for whoever does any work on it, that soul shall be cut off from among his people. Six days may work be done…" (vs 14-15).

In six days God created the heavens and the earth; so God wants us to work those six days.

"…but on the seventh day is the Sabbath of rest, Holy to the LORD…. [Is Sunday Holy to the Lord? No, it's a work day!] …Whoever does any work on the Sabbath Day, he shall surely be put to death" (v 15).

Verse 16: "Therefore, the children of Israel… [today the Commonwealth of Nations and the United States] …shall keep the Sabbath, to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations as a perpetual covenant." Everlasting! So, have to consider what we're going to do.

Verse 13: "…Truly you shall keep My Sabbaths, for it is a sign…"—today is that day! It's a sign that identifies the people of God. That's not the only sign. The other sign that is necessary is the observance of the true Passover.

You can read in the writings of Paul, 1-Cor. 11, where he gave instructions that on the very day that Jesus was crucified is the day (the night before) in which He kept the Passover, which was an annual event. Not the Lord's Supper, which is celebrated weekly, monthly, whatever; the Lord's Supper is not the Passover!

The Passover is observed just after the sun sets on the 14th of Nisan. That's easy to identify that particular day with the Roman calendar.

I want to point out two words: give and inscribe.

What God says to those who will follow Him and worship Him, study His Word and Law, and obey His Laws, this is what He's going to do"

Hebrews 8:10: "…I will give…"

Day by day if we understand the Law of God, then we keep that Law. As we keep it, what is God doing?

"…My laws into their minds…" (v 10).

As we read the Scriptures and His Laws, we will understand them! As we understand them and observe them, what does God say He will do?

"…and I will inscribe them… [in other words, He's going to deeply write them indelibly] …upon their hearts; and I will be their God, and they will be My people" (v 10).

Hebrews 10:16: "'This is the covenant that I will establish with them after those days,' says the Lord…"

This is talking about house of Israel and all of those people whom God is calling today, and eventually prophetically after Jesus returns. Today, what God is doing, is doing this within what He calls the Church of God.

Where is that Church? If you don't know where that Church is, I urge you to seek that knowledge!

"'…those days,' says the Lord…" (v 16).

After the Tribulation, the troubles and God bringing the nations of Britain and America and the rest of modern Israel, as well as all the other Gentile nations, to their knees and destroy the paganism and the opposition to His Word and Law and people looking up at him and actually cursing Him, because of the destruction He's going to bring because of the disobedience of men, which is destroying the hearts and minds of all men!

"…I will give My Laws into their hearts, and I will inscribe them in their minds" (v 16).

That's what God is doing to day. Those people who are willing to obey Him and have come to Him.

That shows how God is working within us, because of this incorruptible seed, whichwe didn't quite get to. What God is doing when He calls somebody, and that person repents of having broken God's Law, they cry out to God in repentance, with the decision to change and be obedient to the Laws of God.

God forgives them! The person is baptized and they receive the Holy Spirit and that is God's mind; it's the way God thinks, a seed and is called the incorruptible seed! It's that seed within us that we are to nurture by a study of God's Word, nurtured by coming to God in prayer and study:

  • to understand His mind
  • to understand His will

then to follow His mind, will and desire for us!

He wants us in His Kingdom! But He is not going to take those sinners who will not be (inaudible) and stick to all these 'religious' practices that come straight out of Babylon the Great (Rev. 18), which still exists today.

The Church of Rome and the Protestant churches God is calling to come out of that corruption and paganism! To fail to do that, we as a people are going to suffer tribulation and troubles such as the world has never seen before.

But eventually, God will bring His Kingdom to pass, and Jesus Christ is going to set up the Kingdom of God on earth.

1-John 5:17: "All unrighteousness is sin…"

As identified by God's commandments, namely the Ten Commandments and the unpacking in the rest of the Bible the meaning of those Ten Commandments.

"…and there is a sin not unto death. We know that anyone who is begotten by God does not practice sin; for the one who has been begotten by God keeps himself by the power of God, and the wicked one does not touch him. We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one. And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us an understanding, so that we may know Him Who is true; and we are in Him Who is true, and in His Son, Jesus Christ. He is the true God, and the eternal life. Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen" (vs 17-21).

The religions of this world are basically following idols, and behind those idols is Satan the devil. All the practices and teachings are his.

The Holy Spirit is the incorruptible seed! Peter talks about this. Once this incorruptible seed is placed within us, by our study of the Scriptures, by our daily communications with God our Father through Jesus Christ our High Priest, that seed grows!

As that seed grows, it continues to push out the sin that dwells within. So, we come to that place where God puts us under His protection, His guidance. He protects us from Satan the devil! It gives us the power to resist Satan the devil!

That incorruptible seed is precious for us! We are to feed that Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is the mind of God the Father and Jesus Christ dwelling within us:

  • guiding us
  • directing us
  • pointing us to the Father
  • the very element that gives us that instant contact with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ
  • and through Jesus Christ and also with one another

It's that Spirit that gives us the ability to love one another. That's a command, because God looks down upon His children and He sees if you and I are loving our brothers and sisters, and even the world as God loves it,  even though He's going to punish it!

God knows and God sees that we also love Him! He knows that we are truly His begotten sons and daughters, and He's ready to change us as Jesus Christ returns and brings us all into His Family, into His Kingdom. Then comes the great marriage and feast of Christ and begins the salvation of the rest of mankind through the 1,000 year reign of Christ. The removal of Satan and all those who died not in the faith, though not the incorrigible sinners. But those who have not yet had the opportunity to receive the salvation that God will offer. They will be offered salvation without that presence of Satan the devil.

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Transcribed: 9/19/22

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