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(Sabbath Before Trumpets)

Steve Durham—September 24, 2022

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The fall Holy Day season starts, but this is not necessarily a Feast of Trumpets message. I want to focus on something that is a result of the Feast of Trumpets; something that is desperately needed in the world, and that is peace!

Appendix S (The Holy Bible in Its Original Order, A Faithful Version) God's Annual Feasts and Holy Days:

4) Trumpets: N.T.—God's triumph over Satan and all evil. Christ and the saints return to the earth from the Sea of Glass.
O.T.—Memorial of… [the blowing of] Trumpets… [plural] …God putting His presence in the temple.

We're going to just talk about the first part of that and focus more on the result of Christ's return. There are two steps to peace in the world:

  • physical peace—the general temporal peace when there is no war and people are getting along

Christ said in John 14 that 'My peace I leave with you.' That peace is different; that involves the Holy Spirit, our relationship with God, getting to know Him and all the process that we're talking about in conversion and becoming part of the Family of God.

  • that peace that comes from Christ

That peace will be had eventually as the Feast of Tabernacles begins and once Satan is put away. We're going to talk about Christ's return.

  • He has to fight against the world and the armies that Satan has gathered and inspired to come against Christ, and put them down
  • bind Satan and put him away; he is the perpetrator of all sin and difficulties and everything going on in the world with mankind

Satan doesn't like God's Plan; he wants to destroy it if he can. He thinks he's doing a good job and it's going to end in him being put in captivity for quite a while. He'll be let out again, but…

Trumpets is not that the war to end all wars, it ends war until Satan is let out again at the end of the Millennium when he's let out for a short time and disrupts the nations of Gog and Magog; the people of that area. They come down against Jerusalem again.

To show you how this is a war Feast, in Lev. 23 it lists all of the Holy Days, starting with the Sabbath. In order to have peace, you have to get rid of strife and conflict, the evil.

Leviticus 23:23: "And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, 'Speak to the children of Israel saying, "In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, you shall have a Sabbath… [remember that all Holy Days are also called Sabbaths] …a memorial of blowing of ram's horns, a Holy convocation" (vs 23-24).

Trumpets were blown at least 100 times on that day. It was a reoccurring ongoing of blowing of Trumpets throughout the entire day. A trumpet represents—one of the things—a call to go to war.

This Feast is a war feast and pictures the return of Jesus Christ to the earth with the saints. The saints join Christ in the air on Pentecost, go to the Sea of Glass and then to return. Again it's a war feast. They're sounded all day long declaring the sound of war and a warning!

In this case we have to have a war to have peace, because they're not going to quit. Satan is not going to quit unless he's defeated. He was defeated in Matt. 4:

Matthew 4:4: "…Man shall not live by bread alone…"

Before that Jesus went into the wilderness and Satan was trying to tempt him and trying to get Him to give in and Christ was able to defeat him. It was a spiritual battle that went on! So, Christ will defeat Satan again on the Day of Trumpets.

The meaning of Trumpets is about war and strife that's going on between nations—human beings. The war that's going on between God and the angels vs Satan and the men against God. It's followed by the ultimate victory and peace that is going to come because of the return of Christ and the war that takes place and the putting away of Satan on the Day of Atonement.

It's like a movie that John Wayne was in—Hellfighters—and they were fighting oil well fires. What was interesting is that you couldn't put the fire out, you had to have an explosive charge right at the opening of the well where fire was coming out to blow all the oxygen out of the air and it shut the fire down.

It took that extreme measure to stop that fire. Christ will do the same thing with Satan and the armies of the world. He is that overwhelming charge that will take the oxygen and kill the fire, the efforts that the world is putting against Christ and His return and the establishment of His Kingdom forever.

"All men desire peace, but very few men desire those things that make for peace"
—Thomas Kempis

Psalm 55:21: "The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart…"

Jeremiah 17:9: "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked…"

Psalm 55:21: "…his words were softer than oil, yet, they were drawn swords."

That's a description of the way man is! We can look at the Scriptures that we know:

Proverbs 16:25: "There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is the way of death."

We know that Satan is 'the god of this world,' that he has jurisdiction over the world right now; God is allowing him to reek havoc.

2-Corinthians 4:4: "In whom the god of this age has blinded the minds of those who do not believe, lest the Light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ, Who is the image of God, should shine unto them."

That's going to go away on the Day of Trumpets and afterward when Satan is put away on Atonement.

What is the state of the world today? It's easy for us to turn on the news; it's a mess! There are wars and violence in the world today. I had to pull an article here:

According to globalcitizen.org; April 2022:

Nuclear arsenals are swelling, conflict is on the rise, millions are displaced, international law is disregarded with impunity, as criminal and terrorist networks profit from the division and violence.

This is the situation the world finds itself in today. The reason for the outbreak of conflict ranges from territorial disputes and regional tension, to corruption and dwindling resources due to climate change.

That's their take on the reason for the outbreak!

According to the Council on Relations, Global Conflict Tracker: Right now there are currently 27 major conflicts going on in the world. I thought it would have been more

In another report that was written in 1999: The World's Evils Have Escalated

A recent report in the New York Times carried the headline: Global Arm Sales Swell to 30-billion!

In 1999, who were the leading suppliers of this vast array of arms? The United States led the way with sales of 11.8-billion; second was Russia with less than half that. However, Russia nearly doubled its sales over the previous year.

Then came Germany, China, France, Britain and Italy.

(the same report continues): In the past, roughly two-thirds of all arms were sold to developing nations preparing for war.

Everyone is defending themselves. After two world wars, and many major wars during the 20th century, which left hundreds of millions dead and wounded, one is led to ask, "When will the nations ever learn peace instead of war?"

Good question? Don't think that's going to happen without Christ's intervention, and that's what the Feast of Trumpets pictures. Christ tells us what's going to happen in the world (Matt. 24). They thought it was going to happen shortly after His demise, but we know that it's been a couple of thousand years since then. But it's coming up.

Matthew 24:3: "And as He was sitting on the Mount of Olives, His disciples came to Him alone, saying, 'Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of Your coming, and of the completion of the age?' Then Jesus answered and said to them, 'Be on guard, so that no one deceives you'" (vs 3-4). It's interesting that He would lead with that!

Verse 5: "For many shall come in My name, saying, 'I am the Christ'; and they shall deceive many. And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you do not let these things disturb you. For it is necessary that all these things take place, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in different places" (vs 5-7). We certainly have seen the pestilence!

Verse 8: Now, all these things are the beginning of sorrows…. [This is just getting wound up, just getting started] …Then shall they deliver you up to affliction…" (vs 8-9).

Matthew 5:10: "Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Matthew 24:9: "…and shall kill you; and you shall be hated by all nations for My name's sake. And then shall many be led into sin, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another; and many false prophets shall arise, and shall deceive many; and because lawlessness shall be multiplied, the love of many shall grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, that one shall be saved. : And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be proclaimed in all the world for a witness to all nations, and then shall the end come" (vs 9-14).

It's show us that several things are going to happen before the end comes. There's a counterpart to this in Rev. 6, and we will see a little bit more about this and what's going to happen before the end.

Revelation 6:1: "And I looked when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures say, like the sound of thunder, 'Come and see.' And I looked, and behold, there was a white horse…" (vs 1-2).

A lot of people think that's Christ, but we will see why that it's not.

"…and the one who was sitting on it had a bow, and a crown was given to him; and he went out conquering, and to conquer. And when He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, 'Come and see.' And another horse went out that was red; and power was given to the one sitting on it to take peace from the earth, and to cause them to kill one another; and a great sword was given to him. And when He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, 'Come and see.' And I looked, and behold, there was a black horse; and the one sitting on it had a balance in his hand" (vs 2-5).

Verse 6: "And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures say, 'A measure of wheat for a silver coin, and three measures of barley for a silver coin: and see that you do not damage the oil and the wine.' And when He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, 'Come and see.' And I looked, and behold, there was a pale horse; and the name of the one sitting on it was Death, and the grave followed him; and authority was given to them over one-fourth of the earth, to kill with the sword and with famine and with death, and by the beasts of the earth" (vs 6-8).

Verse 9: "And when He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the Word of God, and for the testimony that they held… [that's the martyrdom of the saints] …and they cried out with a loud voice, saying, 'How long, O Lord, Holy and true, do You not judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?'" (vs 9-10).

Verse 11: "And white robes were given to each of them… [that represents righteousness] …and they were told that they should rest a short time, yet, until it be fulfilled that both their fellow servants and their brethren also would be killed, just as they had been."

Verse 12: "And when He opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as the hair of sackcloth, and the moon became as blood; and the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree casts its untimely figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. Then the heaven departed like a scroll… [sign of the Son of man] …that is being rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the powerful men, and every bondman, and every free man hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains. and they said to the mountains and to the rocks, 'Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him Who sits on the Throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb, because the great day of His wrath has come, and who has the power to stand?'" (vs 12-17).

It shows the events coming up to Christ's return and His wrath. So, here we have the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but there's a fifth horse, as well.

World statistics bear out the fact that we need Christ's return to bring peace; peace cannot be had unless these events are stopped.

What about this white horse? The white horse in Rev. 6 represents religion and false prophets. The five major ones are Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, mainstream Christianity and Islam.

The red horse represents war, the black horse, death, and the pale horse pestilence and famine. If you look at the Covid statistics, for example, things are ramping up. These have been on man's scene as long as man has been around, but it's beginning to escalate as time gets closer to the end.

  • there has always been war
  • there's always been false religions
  • Satan has always been around
  • death has always been there

There has always been sickness, pestilence, famine and drought in parts of the world, but it's the ramping up of this that is the beginning of sorrows!

So, Covid statistics just to give you an idea. I can't be sure that these are accurate; I don't think anybody can:

  • worldwide new cases are 619-million 832
  • deaths are 6-million 539

Worldwide that's what's happened. That has ramped up. We didn't have that before in any of the other pandemics, so we see that pestilence is really ramping up.

  • 27 wars in the world
  • disasters: drought, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.
  • the pale horse—famine

Also arms sales that are just waiting for the world to explode.

Christ warns us of the last days and the need for Christ to return and straighten things out. Focusing on peace that will come after Christ returns and the need for Him to come is the purpose of this message.

White Horse (Rev. 6)—people think that that is Christ. It is not! Christ does not ride with famine and pestilence or a false gospel as the earlier riders did.

Instead Christ is the return King of kings and Lord of lords. Christ arrives at the world stage at the moment of the earth's greatest crisis and makes war!

So, we see that there are two white horses. That's been a confusion for a lot of people. So, you false prophets and you have Christ, Who is completely different.

Matthew 24:22: "And if those days were not limited, there would no flesh be saved; but for the elect's sake those days shall be limited."

So, we see that mankind is not going to annihilate himself; God is not going to allow that to happen. There will be peace, and it will truly be the war that will be waged in righteous judgment.

When Christ comes back we've heard of the slaughter and carnage and you think: Why would a loving God let that happen? It is a righteous judgment and at the end of that is love!

Revelation 19:11: "And I saw heaven open; and behold, a white horse; and He Who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He does judge and make war."

Verse 17: "…'Come and gather yourselves together to the supper of the great God.'"

Plainly, after Christ destroys these armies that gather to fight against Him, there's going to be nothing left of them but food for the scavenging birds.

Like the first horseman of Rev. 6, Christ is sitting on white horse and in both cases symbolizing conquest. But unlike the deception of the first rider, Jesus comes with Truth! So, you can see the differences.

Verse 13: And He was clothed with a garment dipped in blood; and His name is The Word of God. And the armies in heaven were following Him on white horses; and they were clothed in fine linen, white and pure…. [in another place it says that is the righteousness of the saints] …And out of His mouth goes a sharp sword…" (vs 13-15)—The Word of God!

Hebrews 4:12: "For the Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword…"

It's a literal battle, after which the true way of God will replace the governments of the world, and the nations will be subject to the Kingdom of God. The reign of Jesus Christ over the entire world, along with the saints.

Unlike the previous four horsemen that foreshadowed increasing world destruction, conflict and tribulation escalating, Christ's ride will lead to a time of peace throughout the earth! It's necessary for peace to come.

In Isaiah—this is a Millennial Scripture—it's the base of Trumpets and Atonement which are required for this Scripture to happen.

Isaiah 9:6: "For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulders; and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."

All these are titles for Christ. He certainly will be the Prince of Peace after Trumpets.

Verse 7: "Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and over His Kingdom, to order it and to establish it with judgment and with righteousness from henceforth, even forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this." It is going to happen!

So, we have peace to look forward to, and we have a whole lot of difficulty before that. But there will be peace! Men really do desire peace; nobody wants conflict. I guess there are some that love it, but most people don't want conflict, war and disagreement. They want peace. Throughout the ages men and women have looked and longed for one that would bring peace.

We've heard about that even in Jesus' day they were still looking for the Messiah, somebody Who would bring lasting peace to the world.

Quote by David O. McKay https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/david_o_mckay_270284:

Only to the extent that men desire peace and brotherhood, can the world be made better. No peace even though temporarily obtained, will be permanent, whether to individuals or nations, unless it is built upon the solid foundation of eternal principles.

I thought that was a pretty good quote! It must be built upon the Rock, solid foundation to have lasting peace.

1-Corinthians 10:4: "And they all drank of the same spiritual drink; for they drank from the spiritual Rock that followed them. And that Rock was Christ."

Matthew 7:24: "Therefore, everyone who hears these words of Mine and practices them, I will compare him to a wise man, who built his house upon the rock; and the rain came down, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; but it did not fall, for it was founded upon the rock" (vs 24-25)—instead of sand!

That is a principle in physical building that you build on a solid foundation. Peace cannot come unless it's built on Christ!

Matt. 28 tells us what to do today. As Christ left the disciples He left them a commandment, directive or charge:

Matthew 28:18: "And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Therefore, go and make disciples… [that's us and He's going to give us that power and authority] …in all nations…'" (vs 18-19).

  • spread this out to the world
  • change hearts and minds
  • turn people to God

"…baptizing them into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit; teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you. And lo, I am with you always, even until the completion of the age.' Amen." (vs 19-20).

Matthew 24:21: "For then shall there be Great Tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until this time, nor ever shall be again. And if those days were not limited, there would no flesh be saved; but for the elect's sake those days shall be limited" (vs 21-22).

Christ is going to come along with the saints on white horses and fight against the world and Satan, and bring everlasting peace. Of His Government that peace will increase and never end. It will just grow and grow and grow.

Revelation 14:18: "And out from the altar came another angel, who had authority over fire; and he called with a loud cry to the one who had the sharp sickle, saying, 'Thrust in your sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the earth, because her grapes are fully ripe.'"

Verse 19: "And the angel thrust his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast its fruit into the great winepress of the wrath of God…. [Feast of Trumpets] …And the winepress was trodden outside the city, and blood spewed out from the winepress as high as the horses' bridles, to the distance of a thousand six hundred furlongs" (vs 19-20). This is 180 miles, I think!

We understand that these events are coming, we see it in several places. God's Plan for mankind we can read about that in the Holy Days, which picture:

  • the Kingdom of God coming
  • the purpose for mankind
  • the purpose for Christ to come originally as God in the flesh
  • to come as God and King
      • What's our part in all this?
      • What do we want to do?
      • What should we do?

We already saw that we're to go out and spread that to the world, spread the seeds and let God bring those whom He will into that firstfruit situation before Trumpets and then all mankind after that.

Hebrews 12:29: "For our God is indeed a consuming fire."

2-Pet. 3 talks about what will happen to the physical:

2-Peter 3:1: "Now, beloved, I am writing this second epistle to you; in both, I am stirring up your pure minds by causing you to remember in order for you to be mindful of the words that were spoken before by the Holy prophets, and of the commandment of the Lord and Savior, spoken by us, the apostles; knowing this first, that in the last days there will come… [think about these]: …mockers, walking according to their own personal lusts, and asking, 'Where is the promise of His coming?…. [saying He's not coming; that's fairytales, not happening] …For ever since the forefathers died, everything has remained the same as from the beginning of creation'" (vs 1-4). Nothing has changed, He's not coming! 

Verse 5: "But this fact is hidden from them—they themselves choosing to ignore it—that by the Word of God the heavens existed of old, and the earth came forth out of water and amid water"—witnesses of God!

God doesn't do anything without a witness, but people are blind to it because they want to be!

Verse 6: "By which the world at that time, having been deluged with water, had itself been destroyed. But the present heavens and earth are being held in store by His Word, and are being reserved for fire in the day of judgment anddestruction of the ungodly" (vs 6-7).

Even though they have their heads in the sand, they're going to have a penalty to pay.

Verse 8: "Now, beloved, do not let this one fact be hidden from you: that with the Lord, one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not delaying the promise of His coming, as some in their own minds reckon delay; rather, He is longsuffering toward us, not desiring that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. However, the Day of the Lord shall come as a thief in the night in which the heaven itself shall disappear with a mighty roar, and the elements shall pass away, burning with intense heat, and the earth and the works in it shall be burned up" (vs 8-10). We know that's a fact!

Verse 11: "Since all these things are going to be destroyed, what kind of persons ought you to be in Holy conduct and Godliness… [good question] …looking forward to and striving for the coming of the day of God, during which the heavens, being on fire, shall be destroyed, and the elements, burning with intense heat, shall melt?" (vs 11-12).

Verse 13: "But according to His promise, we look forward to a new heaven and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells. For this reason, beloved, since you are anticipating these things, be diligent, so that you may be found by Him in peace, spotless and blameless. And bear in mind that the long-suffering of our Lord is salvation… [He doesn't want any to perish] …exactly as our beloved brother Paul, according to the wisdom given to him, has also written to you; as he has also in all his epistles, speaking in them concerning these things; in which are some things that are difficult to understand, which the ignorant and unstable are twisting and distorting, as they also twist and distort the rest of the Scriptures to their own destruction" (vs 13-16). We see destruction every day!

Verse 17: "Therefore, beloved, since you know this in advance, be on guard against such practices,lest you be led astray with the error of the lawless ones, and you fall from your own steadfastness… [here's our charge] …rather, be growing in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and into the day of eternity. Amen" (vs 17-18).

That is the way you escape what's coming! Not that we do it because of that, but wouldn't you rather be on the white horse riding behind Christ than down on the ground and being the brunt of force that's coming?

Build our house on the Rock (Matt. 7:24). They all drank of that same spiritual Rock; that Rock was Christ! (1-Cor. 10:4). Building on that Foundation! He's the Rock in Whom peace must come, on Whom peace must be built! The Government will be built on that, on peace, The Prince of Peace! He's a Righteous Judge of nations. We see judgment being twisted and distorted today.

Micah 4:3: "And He shall judge among many people, and will rebuke strong nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks…."

Isaiah 2:2: "And it shall come to pass, in the last days… [that's what we're talking about] …the mountain of the LORD'S house… [tie in Isa. 9:6] …shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow into it." Mountains and hills picture government!

Verse 3: "And many people shall go and say, 'Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob. And He will teach us of His ways, and we will walk in His paths.' For out of Zion shall go forth the Law, and the Word of the LORD from Jerusalem…. [where the Government will be setup] …And He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore" (vs 3-4).

This is going to be a reality, and men want that—they really do! A famous statue in the United Nations in New York City depicts a man beating a sword into a plowshare. It's based on the Bible principles and prophecies and what we're talking about: peace coming, the hope for peace:

Let us beat swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.

Peace to all nations, no more war, because the Prince of Peace shall be ruling.

How and when will these words be fulfilled? The Feast of Trumpets will be the beginning of that, by Jesus Christ! This is going to be wonderful and amazing! We used to talk about the 'wonderful world tomorrow, what it will be like.' It's been the hope of man to some day have peace on the earth:

  • no more war
  • no more pain
  • no more suffering

caused by man's inhumanity to man!

Hag. 2 speaks about the desire of all nations, the desire for peace that men have. Through they prophet Haggai God sent a message of comfort that has been ageless. It speaks to the world at a time of great calamity today.

Haggai 2:5: "'According to the word that I covenanted with you when you came out of Egypt, so My Spirit remains among you. Do not fear.'"

God tells us, 'Don't worry! Don't worry about what man can do, I'm with you!

Verse 6: "For thus says the LORD of hosts, 'Once again—it is yet a little while—I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land. And I will shake all the nations; and the desire of all nations shall come; and I will fill this house with glory,' says the LORD of hosts. 'The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine,' says the LORD of hosts. 'The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than that of the former,' says the LORD of hosts. 'And in this place I will give peace,' says the LORD of hosts" (vs 6-9).

  • He's going to have peace
  • it's the desire of all men
  • it's going to fill the temple in Jerusalem

Acts 2:17: "'And it shall come to pass in the last days,' says God, 'that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams; and even upon My servants and upon My handmaids will I pour out My Spirit in those days, and they shall prophesy; and I will show wonders in the heaven above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and vapors of smoke…. [talking about the time of the end] …The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and awesome Day of the Lord. And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved'" (vs 17-21).

Isa. 44 talks about the Holy Spirit comes and the peace that follows; the desire of all men.

Isaiah 44:3: "For I will pour water upon him who is thirsty, and streams upon the dry ground. I will pour My Spirit upon your seed, and My blessing upon your offspring."

Joel 2:27: "And you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the LORD your God, and there is none else; and My people shall never again be ashamed. And afterward it shall be that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh. And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy; your old men shall dream dreams; your young men shall see visions. And also I will pour out My Spirit upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days" (vs 27-29).

The Feast of Trumpets pictures:

  • the peace that's going to come
  • the establishment of the Kingdom of God
  • the increase of that government
  • the peace that will last forever

But there has to be a war first, because man's heart is set to do evil! Satan has stirred that up and he and his demons are the perpetrators. Christ will come along with us behind it and put this down and put Satan away.    in the Kingdom of God! What a wonderful day!

  • Christ's first coming was to save all mankind from the death in their sins
  • Christ's second coming is to give the world peace, to save the world and put Satan away, the perpetrator

Luke 2:11: "'For today, in the city of David, a Savior was born to you, Who is Christ the Lord. Now, this is the sign for you: you shall find a Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.' And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, 'Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth among men of goodwill'" (vs 11-14).

John 14:27—Christ says: Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give it to you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it fear."

That peace comes through the Holy Spirit, through Satan being put out, in our day as firstfruits putting out sin through the Holy Spirit to cover our sins. Also in the future when that Spirit will be poured out on those after Satan has been put away.

Who is the desire of all nations? Christ! (tie in Hag. 2)!

The Bible indicates that this peace would be in the final/latter days. As a consequence of that, the peace is abundant.

Isa. 54 speaks of that time, and not only forever, but abundant.

Isaiah 54:13—God says: "And all your children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of your children…. [can't say that of today] …In righteousness you shall be established; you shall be far from oppression; for you shall not fear; and far from terror, for it shall not come near you. Behold, they may gather together against you, but not by Me; whoever shall gather against you, he shall fall for your sake. Behold, I have created the smith who blows the coals in the fire, and who brings out a weapon for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy. No weapon that is formed against you shall prevail and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment, you shall condemn…." (vs 13-17).

We're going to see, from the Sea of Glass, the vials poured out, we're going get on our white horse and come with Him. 'Vengeance is Mine,' says the Lord. Out of His mouth will come vengeance. But we'll be there to see it.

"'…This is the inheritance of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is from Me,' says the LORD" (v 17).

Christ is the desire of all nations! That's what the nations really long for. People really want peace; they don't want war, disease. They want a chance to live and love and grow old. Every man with his vine and under his fig tree. We want that, too, from a spiritual standpoint. We will be spirit and gods as firstfruits. But we want to see the rest of the world at peace, as well.

Revelation 14:1: "And I looked, and I beheld the Lamb standing on Mount Sion, and with Him one hundred and forty-four thousand, having His Father's name written on their foreheads. Then I heard a voice from heaven, like the sound of many waters, and like the sound of great thunder; and I heard the sound of lyre players playing their lyres. And they were singing a new song before the Throne, and before the four living creatures and the elders. And no one was able to learn the song except the hundred and forty-four thousand, who were redeemed from the earth. These are the ones who were not defiled with women, for they are virgins; they are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. They were purchased… [with Christ's blood] …from among men as firstfruits to God and to the Lamb… [also those died in the faith] …and no guile wasfound in their mouths; for they are blameless before the Throne of God" (vs 1-5).

Firstfruits: We are to grow in grace and knowledge in order to assist and serve along with Christ. He comes and establishes His Kingdom on that day after Satan is put away, after He has come and fought against Satan. We have an inheritance and we must diligently pursue that. What is that inheritance that we have?

Romans 8:14: "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God. Now, you have not received a spirit of bondage again unto fear, but you have received the Spirit of sonship, whereby we call out, 'Abba, Father.' The Spirit itself bears witness conjointly with our own spirit, testifying that we are the children of God. Now, if we are children, we are also heirs—truly, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ—if indeed we suffer together with Him, so that we may also be glorified together with Him" (vs 14-17).

Verse 18: For I reckon that the sufferings of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectation of the creation itself is awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God" (vs 18-19)

Acts 3:21: "Whom the heaven must indeed receive until the times of restoration of all things, of which God has spoken by the mouth of all His Holy prophets since the world began."

We are to seek the Kingdom of God and all of these other things will be added to you. Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow shall take care of the things of itself. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof. The zealous struggle, but they take the Kingdom, IF we hang in there.

God is the Author of that peace. He's not the author of confusion. Everlasting peace can only come from the Prince of Peace.

John 16:33—talking to His disciples: "These things I have spoken to you so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation. But be courageous! I have overcome the world."

  • Prince of Peace
  • Wonderful Counselor
  • Mighty God
  • Everlasting Father

God is in full control!

This is the good news of the world tomorrow and the good news of the Feast of Trumpets. God allows everything that is happening to occur in His fulfillment of His prophetic Word and His end-time plan for mankind.

Revelation 11:15: Then the seventh angel sounded his trumpet; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, 'The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ, and He shall reign into the ages of eternity"—and we shall reign and kings and priests!

We look forward to that day!

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