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Going through this I'm not trying to up-build myself. I'm just trying to tell you what got me where I am. You can probably tell me your story; what got you where you are. I'm not trying to be egotistical or vain about it, but having been demonized by so many people, because I left before Herbert Armstrong died, so I'm a bad, bad boy!

This will help answer that question. We had the big flap concerning the Passover in 1975, guess who brought that on—the 14th/15th Passover? Lester Grabbe and Robert Kuhn. I still have that study paper, all marked up. If you want to see the original study paper with my reaction all marked up, write me and I'll send you a copy.

I was stuck in a position that I either had to find a place in the Scripture that defined between the two evenings in relationship to sunset, or I would have to admit that what they wrote was true. I found out that God's Word says that between the two evenings means just after sunset until dark.

Then things started building up more and more. Herbert Armstrong would go on these trips overseas. In the ministerial bulletins that would come out, he would talk about his trips. Please understand that Herbert Armstrong, under the coercion and heavy hand of Stan Rader, changed the Gospel

  • from Jesus Christ to give and get
  • from the visible return of Christ to the unseen hand from nowhere

—which are Masonic doctrines!

Also, it is documented that Stan Rader made Herbert Armstrong, for the sake of getting in to see the world leaders, a 33rd degree honorary Mason, which Mr. Armstrong said, 'That doesn't mean anything, it opens doors.' So therefore, all of the gifts that were given were Masonic gifts: lions, obelisks, all of these things in Steuben Crystal, and so forth. That's how he got in.

Preaching the gospel of give and get is not the Gospel of Christ. One of his best friends—this is leading up to my resignation {note Repentance & Resignation—Day7 of Atonement 1979}—was the king of Thailand. Do you know who the king of Thailand is? He is the head of the Buddha religion on the civil side! Every spring his duty is to re-dress the Buddha statue with new clothes. I could not see the Apostle Paul sitting next to the king of Thailand as his 'best friend' and not telling him about Jesus Christ and that he ought to lead the nation in repentance and destroy all of these idols!

The money they were spending was unreal! And Goto and the seven Japanese sons; and Stan Rader who is 'more than my own son'—talk about being controlled—was baptized in a bathtub in Hong Kong.

They had a lot of unrest with the brethren because there were a lot of brethren who didn't like this going overseas and spending all this money. Everywhere Armstrong went, the leader would die. It was unreal! It was almost like the 'kiss of death' if Herbert Armstrong comes to visit you; you can be guaranteed of a coup or death—one of the two—which do you want? Try Emperor Haile Selassie!

There are also indications from people, that drugs were being brought into the U.S. through that plane. Why do you think they had so many visits to Thailand? Of course, we're going to teach them—I'll be a little cynical here—to grow vegetables instead of opium. They helped fund that, too, through AICF, by the way. What they didn't tell you was that they were still growing opium.

I know of one man who walked into the plane in Los Angeles, while it was there, to meet Herbert Armstrong, and there he found a briefcase stuffed full of 100-dollar bills. He walked out of the airplane and resigned, never heard from again. Those things were going on!

Now we come to the time that Herbert Armstrong puts Ted Armstrong out for the final time. I said, 'Okay, there's hope!' Armstrong said that he would never ordain Stanley Rader; he was going to get rid of Quest Magazine. Can you imagine the money they spent for Quest Magazine, to advertise Christmas and hard liquor. And the one that I mentioned in my resignation sermon (1979) was by a Jew who was really a first-level witch. I called him and talked to him on the phone. He lived in Berkley, Cal. Here was God's tithe money being used for Quest Magazine. He said he would sell it, but that was Stan Rader's baby, and you don't go against Stan Rader!

Think of this; we're coming up to the time of the lawsuit. A lot of unrest in the Church. Evangelists being 'oblique aberask' here and there—which means a transfer with great fanfare of an improvement, which is a dead-end transfer to get rid of you.

  • Rod Meredith was gone!
  • Ted Armstrong was gone!
  • Raymond McNair!
  • no leader!
  • Hermon Hoeh was the only one there!

Now it's ripe to move. Herbert Armstrong in Tucson, AZ, suffering from congestive heart failure, on constant medication with a doctor there all the time; and with Ramona holding him prisoner in the house. True! Here comes a lawsuit. The one who advised the lawsuit was Robert Kuhn. By the way, most people don't know, Robert Kuhn and Stan Rader spoke every night over the phone to each other for up to 2-3 hours. They were the ones who were bringing about all these personnel changes, to put their personnel in place. They were the ones to facilitate the infiltration of the Church. We can look back and see now that it was their job to destroy the Worldwide Church of God.

  • Confuse it with doctrine!
  • Confuse it with changing of personnel!
  • Spend the money and deplete the Gospel!
  • Stop the Plain Truth from preaching the Gospel!
  • Distribute millions of them so it becomes inconsequential!
  • Have another magazine for the brethren called The Good News!

That's canceled!

  • Have another one where we put the doctrinal things in: Tomorrow's World!

That's canceled!

Get the picture? All of those things were going on. Now comes time for the lawsuit. Robert Kuhn was the one who advised the people to give a special way of suing the Church. Go to the Attorney General of the state of California, and use the law concerning charitable organizations. So, he did. It was sent to LA to the Superior Court. Deukmejian was running for governor and he needed the Jewish vote in Southern California.

  • Guess where Stan Rader came from? Southern California!
  • Where was he educated? Loyola University! University of Southern California!

He received a medal from the pope, too, by the way; you don't get that unless you've done special service for the pope. Perfect man to come in and infiltrate: a Jew, but not religious. A Mason, but also Jesuit trained. This thing was for the plucking!

What happens? Deukmejian sends it down to the Superior Court in Los Angeles, to a Jewish judge, a Jewish prosecuting attorney and with a Jewish receiver. Here they come, marching into the Administration Building to take over the Church, because of malfeasance of money.

I later discovered, because when that happened and I heard that there was the sit-in, I went down—drove down every week, Monday thru Thursday or Tuesday thru Friday. I knew everything that was going on. But I look back on it now and I see that this must have been Stan Rader's move to take over the Church. He came in and when the lawsuit took place he got rid of Wayne C. Cole, the last evangelist that could have helped Herbert Armstrong; he tried to, but got canned.

I think Rader expected Herbert Armstrong to die of a heart attack in Tucson, and there Rader was in his white suit to rescue the Church. Thus he effectively killed Worldwide! But I think in the dark moments of that time that Herbert Armstrong did some repenting. God gave him life and he did not die! So, Stan Rader had to be the defender.

You can imagine this: A Jewish receiver, a Jewish prosecutor, a Jewish judge and a Jewish defender. I'd have to say he did a pretty good job in defending, but I did discover—because I knew people in the financial area and I got my hands on some financial material and it was exposed to me because I've had accounting—double expending.

  • Budget for Herbert Armstrong, Pastor General overseas activity: $12-million
  • Budget for AICF, 12 chapters: $1-million each

Got the picture? Draw down the money, go overseas, draw down the money and send the equivalent amount wherever you want to. I would have to say that I deduced that, but the money was going somewhere, and I knew that.

So, I was explaining this to the Church every week when I would come back. At Pentecost I was stirring up a storm. They sent Norman Smith and Dennis Luker up to 'take care Fred Coulter' and transfer him out. Steve Martin—who had been in Monterey previously—wanted to get out of Pasadena and the mess there, so he personally appealed to Herbert Armstrong so he could come and take Monterey. They came to move me and transfer me.

So, I said, 'Okay, what have I done wrong?' They couldn't find anything wrong. What doctrines of my preaching that are wrong? They couldn't find anything wrong. 'Well then, what's the need to transfer me? The brethren love me. I'm doing a good job. I've been here four years.' So, they couldn't transfer me.

I said, 'I want to talk to Herbert Armstrong.' I've talked to him in the past. They said they would work it out. At that time, Rod Meredith was back in charge—which was a political move by Stan Rader to control the ministers—of the ministry. Everything was held in abeyance with transferring out until Delores and I could go down to see Herbert Armstrong.

We flew to Pasadena first, and we were in Rod Meredith's office. He made motions to me—finger on the lips, shhhh, pointing to the ceiling—waving to us to come out into the hall. We got out there and he said, 'Be careful what you say, it's bugged.' Can you imagine in God's Church, bugging the offices? Brethren, think what it was like!

Of course, all of you are out here in the field in total oblivion, lied to right and left by every minister and every bulletin that came out. You never new the truth about anything! They figured I was against Mr. Armstrong because I wasn't for the sit-ins and for the sureties. When it came time to do the surety, I didn't know that I had a spy right on the front row who was reporting everything in.

So, we get to go to Tucson and see Herbert Armstrong. He's very nice and he's very cordial and warm, and we just say down and he looked me right in the eye and he says, 'Fred, all I need you to do is help me defend the Church. Will you do that?' I said, 'Certainly, I will!' Of course, defend it for what is right! Also, in my mind, that was to defend the Truth!

They hadn't made up their mind on the transfer, so what they did, they sent Steve Martin up every Sabbath from Pasadena and he and I would bring split-sermons. I gave a series on the fall of Jerusalem out of the Scriptures and Josephus. Of course, the parallels as to what was going on in Pasadena were so evident that only a dunce couldn't figure it out.

The brethren knew what was going on! So, while this was going on, we had another ministerial conference local and Dennis Adams from San Francisco was in the process of resigning. At this meeting, because they knew what the pressure was on me here in Monterey, and why doesn't Steve Martin take San Francisco? It relieved all the pressure for the moment.

Pentecost at that time was Act 1, Scene 1. Listen to Repentance and Resignation—Atonement 1979—#1 in this series. They weren't done with me, yet. Come just before the Day of Atonement 1979, Herbert Armstrong had not repented, he had not sold Quest Magazine, he had not gotten rid of the people he said he would get rid of, and Wednesday/Thursday of that week here comes Leroy Neff and Dennis Luke, again, to get me to transfer. Again, I was very resistant!

I said, 'Tell me why.' Blah, Blah this! 'Is it a sin against God? Have I done anything wrong?' No! But, you just need to transfer, you cause too much trouble up here! I hadn't caused any trouble! I got home after that meeting and I had a call from Stan Surhotski—one who was on the inside in Pasadena—and he told me, 'You will never believe what happened today.' I said, 'What's that?' He said, Herbert Armstrong secretly ordained Joseph Tkach, Ellis LaRavia and Stan Rader as evangelists over at his home.'

I hung up the phone and I said to Delores, 'That's it!' To ordain Stan Rader as an evangelist is the worst thing that could ever happen to this Church. That's when I talked it over with my wife and made up my mind to resign. I went back on Friday to Leroy Neff and Dennis Luker—and by that time Ron Reedy was on his way up, not there yet—and I gave them an indication that I would transfer and put down all my resistance.

I said I want' going to fight it anymore, so I would be willing t transfer. I said that I had one request, 'I'd like to give a farewell sermon.' Is that all? 'Yes.' Well, you can do that on Atonement. I said, 'Okay, that will be fine.'

For that sermon all I did was just pray about it and write down the Scriptures. The only one who knew that I was going to resign was Delores, Chuck Barrett and Art Makarow. I called him and talked to him and asked him what he thought. That's how I resigned from Worldwide Church of God.

Like I said in the resignation sermon: I loved Mr. Armstrong, I had nothing against him. But in looking back it—I hadn't listened to that sermon for years—someone said one day that I ought to listen to the resignation sermon because everything I said there came true. I had forgotten what I had said.

When I was giving the sermon, I just had the Scriptures listed down and just asked God to inspire me. Leroy Neff and Ron Reedy were right down there in the audience. I just kept praying, 'God, don't let them come up and take me down.' Just inspire me with what you want me to say.' I was happy to see that years later that Herbert Armstrong did repent, and he did get rid of Stan Rader.

We started out with a group of 17, and then we formed the Biblical Church of God, and it soon grew to five congregations and 250 people. We had a magazine called Bible Answers. We organized it much in the way that they organized United Church of God, with committees here, there and everywhere.

That lasted until about 1983. Through the years I kept tabs on things that were going on in Pasadena, and one of my friends—Bob Ellsworth—had a condominium on the top floor right across from where you watch the Rose Parade. We had some brethren in Los Angeles, and I would go down there about once a month. I'd stay at his place and we had four brethren that we met there in LA.
I kept track on things that were going on in Pasadena. Years later I found out how Mr. Armstrong finally got rid of Stan Rader. It was Aaron Dean who was trying to tell Armstrong what Rader and Ramona were doing, keeping him captive there in Tucson, and what was going on.

Finally, some ministers were able to get together and convince Mr. Armstrong that he ought to get rid of Stanley Rader. They had a super-secret meeting that no one knew but those who were to come. The way I know is because the deacon who was in charge of that meeting is now attending with us. He gave me these details.

They had two limousines and they dressed up a man to look like Herbert Armstrong and he went in one limousine, Herbert Armstrong went in another limousine and they came in a roundabout way up to the Loma D. Armstrong center, and they had cut a tree down, so when that vehicle got in there they dropped the stump over it. They had security men all around it. Stan Rader couldn't get a whiff of what was going on. They got in there and they showed Herbert Armstrong the things that Stan Rader was doing.

Let's back up and tell some facts about how Stan Rader would control Herbert Armstrong. Remember, he filled the vacuum when Loma Armstrong died. Rader took him overseas, away from the Church, kept him away from everybody. Every time something would go wrong, Stan Rader would threaten to resign, and would rant and rave at Herbert Armstrong, just intimidate him: 'Oh, Stan, don't resign. Think it over.' He'd give him a resignation letter and walk out. He'd come back in a couple of days and Herbert Armstrong would give him back the resignation letter. Rader would keep it.

This happened many times during the years, and just before this meeting he did it again, giving Herbert Armstrong the letter of resignation. After the meeting, I suppose Stan Rader wanted to get his resignation letter back and Herbert Armstrong said, 'No! I'm going to accept your resignation this time.' That's how he got rid of Stan Rader. He had to negotiate a settlement with all the sins and things that had gone on, you had to do something. That's how Stan Rader was gotten rid of.

Then, I think, Herbert Armstrong was able to repent. I think his repentance is reflected in the things he did in the last two years he was there in Pasadena when he wrote the 18 Things Restored. This was his repentance. All during that time remember what he would say? Brethren, you just don't get it! And you didn't! He couldn't tell you lest he expose himself and everything that he had done and what went wrong.

I think he was personally repenting to God and God was granting him repentance, and he was able to do the very best that he could do. I do know a woman who was his personal confidant during that time, whom I talked to personally, who he kept saying, 'When I die I don't know who is going to take over.'

  • What about Dr. Hoeh? You can't trust him!

That's true!

  • What about Raymond McNair? He's just a…. you know!
  • Rod Meredith is too hardhearted!

That's why when I did the Invisible Idol/Visible Man #1 {#2 this series}—I talked to Rod Meredith on the phone back in 1988 and I knew then that God would never give him the Church. Before it happened, I said he would never get the Church.

But the reason Rod Meredith didn't leave the Church when Herbert Armstrong died was because he was waiting for God to give it to him. He told other people when they ask why he waited so long to leave, was because he was waiting to be assured there would be 10,000 people. You can be assured, and I can say before God, the judgment day cometh! And that right swift! Shawshank Redemption!

I believe that Herbert Armstrong repented and will be in the Kingdom of God. I loved Mr. Armstrong and I'm glad he repented, I'm glad he was able to get rid of Stan Rader. But the only one that was left to take over the Church—and this woman told Herbert Armstrong when he asked who is going to succeed him—was Joseph Tkach because 'he was always there for you during all of this trouble,' said the woman who was there with Armstrong. He said, 'Yes, you're right.'

That's how the Church—Worldwide Church of God—was destroyed! Subsequently, most of you know what happened from there.

Maybe that tells you a little bit about me, a little bit about the circumstance how we got where we are today. Through it all, I think we've all learned a lesson. We're not going to tell God what to do! We're not going to succeed by numbers, by might or political ecumenism!

  • We all better repent!
  • We all better yield to God!
  • We all better know we have nothing we didn't receive!
  • We all better get right with Christ!

This whole thing teaches us, if nothing else, if we haven't learned the lesson of Jerusalem, God could care less about physical things!

I remember looking back and we were all excited—weren't we? Remember when we were going to build a house for God? It got sidetracked and it was turned into a Masonic Temple. Did you know that? Of course, Mr. Armstrong didn't know. All the money that we sent into pay for it was used for something else. We borrowed $10-million to do it. David Jon Hill bragged, 'Hey, we're going to Petra in a few years and we won't have to pay the loan.'

It seems to me that whenever you read in the Bible about Solomon and the temple he built for God, did he get in trouble? Here's why:

Isaiah 66:1: "Thus says the LORD, 'The heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool. Where, then, is the house that you build for Me?….'"

  • What are you going to build for God?
  • What are you going to do for God?
  • What is any man going to do for God?

God uses people, and God will raise up the least of anyone to do what he wants. But who's going to do some great work for God?

"'…And where is the place of My rest? For all these things My hand has made, and these things came to be,' says the LORD. 'But to this one I will look, to him who is of a poor and contrite spirit and who trembles at My Word'" (vs 1-2). That's what God wants with all of us! What did He tell Amos when he asked: What shall a man do? Walk humbly before your God and do what is right! That's what God wants!

God is the One Who is going to exalt us. We're not going to exalt ourselves and tell God to recognize it. Think of the effrontery of the things that were said in the Worldwide Church of God, to God:

  • We are the two witnesses! Who appointed you?
  • We are Ezekiel's watchman on the wall! Who put you there?
  • I am God's only apostle on earth! Who appointed you?

Think of all the fighting and everything that went on.

Verse 3: "He who kills an ox is as if he killed a man…" That's what they were doing; killing brethren and ministers right and left—spiritually speaking, of course!

"…he who sacrifices a lamb is as if he broke a dog's neck; he who offers a grain offering is as if he offered swine's blood; he who burns incense is as if he blessed an idol…" (v 3).

  • he man became and idol
  • the office became an idol
  • the college became an idol
  • the temple became an idol
  • both campuses became idols

God took them away!

"…Yea, they have chosen their own ways… [instead of God's ways] …and their soul delights in their abominations. I also will choose their delusions…" (vs 3-4). Eventually it's going to happen!

God chose Joseph Tkach's delusion and he died on the Sabbath; the day that he desecrated and hated. And on the very day that he died, I was on the campus in Pasadena walking. I didn't know that he was in the hospital on his last. One of the guards came down—of course, he didn't know me—and we talked for a minute, and I said, 'I'm just strolling here on the Sabbath, how is Mr. Tkach?' He said, 'He's recovering.' I said, 'I wish him well.'

I walked down past the student center, down to the lower gardens where Delores and I were married and graduated—all of it gone! I walked around and saw all the buildings: decaying, unkempt and falling apart. It reminded me of these verses. God doesn't need that, but look what we could have done if we would have stuck with the Word of God instead of our own devices.

Verse 4: "I also will choose their delusions…" I could also add here: He who has an ear, let him hear! What is your delusion? God will grant it to you!

"…and I will bring their fears upon them…" (v 4). I am here to tell you that there is no minister that is going to get any permanent retirement, because they trusted in their mind; they trusted in the lies; and they preached false doctrine to preserve a retirement. Which those who are retired were only on discretionary assistance, and it's going to come to an end! They better repent!

There's still hope; as long as there is life there is hope! They can return to God! God can forgive them; they haven't done anything worse than Manasseh did, so they can repent. But they better get their lives right. All of us better!

"…because when I called, no one answered; when I spoke, they did not hear…. [They had the Word of God right in front of them] …But they did evil before My eyes and chose that in which I did not delight" (v 4).

In Herbert Armstrong's final repentance, he told Joseph Tkach, 'Don't go overseas; God didn't open those doors; we kicked them in with money!' They laid out $500,000 to get into China. And it is not true that if you warn the leader that it is his responsibility to warn his people. Where in the Scriptures do you find that? No place, with the exception of the king of the city of Nineveh! But he repented!

Verse 5 is talking about us: "Hear the Word of the LORD, you who tremble at His Word, 'Your brethren who hated you…'" I know what that's like. You know what that is like? You know all the demonizing that they have done to you, as well as they have done to me, and have done to many other people; because we resisted their:

  • tyranny
  • hierarchy
  • lies
  • hypocrisies
  • adulteries
  • thieveries
  • all the rottenness

that went on in the name of Christ! If Christ went into the temple and chased them out! Should we shut our mouths to preserve our own necks? No! He who seeks to save his life is going to lose his life!

"…who cast you out for My name's sake…" (v 5). I resigned, but they disfellowshipped me for speaking the truth in the name of Christ. Many others have been put out in the name of Christ.

They "…said, 'Let the LORD be glorified.' But He will appear to your joy and they will be ashamed" (v 5). That's what the Church is going through.

We just all need to admit and be honest. One of the worst sins we ever did was say that we're the 'Philadelphia' Church of God. I mean, spare us with all that hypocrisy, politics, money, wealth and all of that.

Listen! Let's understand something: Nobody is going to tell God who a Philadelphian is! God is! But I think we can all admit that we're Laodiceans. Let's be honest! We're all Laodiceans! We better be about repenting and stop doing all the things that led to all of this.

If there's any message that can get out to any of the brethren anywhere, that is:

  • Repent!
  • Open your eyes!
  • Stop your stupidity!
  • Quit going after false ministers and false doctrines! Quit feeding your lust for new things!

Go back to the old thing and repent! That's what needs to be for the Church of God. There's not going to be any political restoration. Brian Knoll has written How God will Restore the Power to the Church! Working for Robert Kuhn, Knoll says, 'We need to discover our Jewish roots.

Get a life! Christ! Beginning with John the Baptist, the umbilical cord to Judaism was irrevocably separated.

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That's what the Jews want us to do. Listen, they may have the Old Testament, but they have rejected Christ! They cannot teach us anything. Any of the brethren that go after Messianic Jews—though there may be some who are converted—are going after the traditions of men.

Get your nose in the Bible and study what is here. One of the things that we have to beware of is beware of the doctrine of the scribes and Pharisees, which is hypocrisy!

I thought when I read that article by Brian Knolls: another attempt at forcing God to do something of the physical action. We're not going to get God to do anything because of the physical things that we do. The physical things are only the result of what we do spiritually, and they better be right physical things.

Revelation 3:14: "And to the angel of the Church of the Laodiceans, write: These things says the Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Beginner of the creation of God. I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot…" (vs 1-2). Doesn't that describe what's going on today? I get letters all the time. This Church of God and that Church of God is boring. You hear the terms:

  • don't rock the boat;perfectly Laodicean
  • get along to go along;perfect Laodicean

Did Christ get along and go along with the scribes and Pharisees? NO! He said, 'You're hypocrites!' Read Matt. 23 to yourself as personal correction. Maybe that's a place to start.

"… I would that you be either cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and are neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth" (vs 15-16). You were in the Body of Christ, but I'm going to vomit you out, and you're not going to be a part of the Body of Christ unless you repent.

There are going to be people going into the Lake of Fire! We have to do like Jude; we have to reach out to them and say, 'Beware! Look out!

Verse 17: "For you say, 'I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing'…" We'll work it out our way; we know how to do it.

I remember that one man told me that the reason he transferred down to Pasadena was because that was where the action is. Boy, he climbed right up the political ladder with his nose as brown as could be. He latter on got spewed out! "…have need of nothing… [Listen, we need God every day! We need God every minute!] …and you do not understand that you are wretched… [Weren't we wretched?] …and miserable…" (v 17). Weren't we miserable?

Remember when all of these things were going on and how you were miserable, rotten and felt bad, betrayed, beaten upon? I went through that twice! The second time was worse than the first. The exit from Worldwide was gracious. I know what it's like.

"…and poor, and blind, and naked" (v 17). That's why we have to go to God and say, 'God, open our eyes! God, give us understanding! God, help us to think!

Verse 18: "I counsel you to buy from Me gold purified by fire so that you may be rich; and white garments so that you may be clothed, and the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and to anoint your eyes with eye salve, so that you may see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore, be zealous and repent" (vs 18-19).

If you repent, Christ will come back in, because He says, v 20: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice …" Does that not go right back to Gen. 3? Everywhere in the Old Testament: hearken unto My voice! In the New Testament: these sayings of Mine!

"…and opens the door… [the door of His mind through repentance] …I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me" (v 20). That's what it needs to be with the people of God. All this mickey-mousing around and one-upmanship with one or the other…

Listen, if we don't all return to Christ in love, truth and understanding, it's over! Christ joys in using repentance. We can be just like the prodigal son and come home, but we better be zealous! We better never, ever be satisfied with anything ever again. What we do today, fine. But what Christ has us do tomorrow, do; and that's done, fine. We realize that

  • everything that we have God has given us
  • everything we do, we ask God to help us and bless us

He will give every one of us a 'thorn in the flesh' just like He did with Paul:

  • so that we don't get exalted
  • so that we don't ever again repeat the mistakes of Worldwide
  • so that we don't ever again get lukewarm

Whatever your weakness is, you know. My weaknesses, I know. God knows! But the grace of God covers all of it, brethren. We better be about the business of God, of loving and serving each other, and knowing the Word of God and making it known. If God is going to use us—which He may—and if He doesn't, that doesn't bother me one whit! Whomever God chooses to use for whatever He wants, let Him use them. I'm happy for them.

I wish there were 10,000 ministers who would preach the Truth and stick to the Truth. I've been accused of thinking that I'm the only one who knows the Truth. NO! That's not true! Christ is the One Who knows the Truth and we go to Him! He'll give it to us. But everybody—ministers and brethren—get off your political high horse! God is going to judge you now. Peter said, 'Judgment is on the house of God.'

At least that gives you enough understanding of where I'm coming from. So, if someone says, 'I know Fred Coulter, he was always difficult to deal with and I know him, that he resigned before Herbert Armstrong died.' Well, it's better to give a witness while a person is living—don't you think?

The only thing I can say is that when I resigned I asked God to inspire me. If everything happened that I said that day came true, that's only because God inspired me to say it's true; though I'm very sorry that it all happened.

Just like Jeremiah, he had to give the message, but he was very sorry that he had to do it. It's just like a coroner. Ever watch Discovery Channel with the forensic experts? Somebody has to deal with the corpse—don't they? Somebody has to tell them—don't they? If that's my job and it's the dirty work that God has given me to do, then that's okay. If people don't like me, that's okay. I'm used to that.

Even if you don't like me, love God! That's what you need to do. Maybe with that then, at least you can care for me.

All Scriptures from The Holy Bible in Its Original Order, A Faithful Version by Fred R. Coulter

Scriptural References:

  • Isaiah 66:1-5
  • Revelation 3:14-20

Scriptures referenced, not quoted:

  • Matthew 23
  • Genesis 3

Also referenced: Sermons:

  • Repentance & Resignation
  • Invisible Idol/Visible Man #1

Transcribed: 4-28-14