Book: Lord, What Should I Do?

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Fred R. Coulter attended the University of San Francisco and graduated from San Mateo State College before graduating from Ambassador University (Ambassador College), Pasadena, California, with a BA in Theology in 1964. He was ordained a minister of Jesus Christ in 1965 and pastored churches of God in the Pacific Northwest, the Mountain States, the greater Los Angeles area and Monterey, including the central coast area of California. Mr. Coulter completed advanced biblical and ministerial studies in 1972-75 under the Ambassador University Master’s Program. While completing these studies, he was encouraged by his professor of Koiné Greek to consider translating the books of the New Testament.

For the next twenty years, Mr. Coulter diligently studied, continuing to expand his knowledge of Koiné Greek. While undertaking a verse-by-verse study of the books of the New Testament, he was moved to translate the New Testament into clear, easy-to-read English for contemporary readers—resulting in The New Testament In Its Original Order (now incorporated into The Holy Bible In Its Original Order—A Faithful Version With Commentary).

Fred Coulter has dedicated his life and talents to restoring original Christianity for today’s generation. Laying aside all traditions of men, he has preached the truth of the Scriptures as taught by Jesus Christ and the apostles—proclaiming Jesus as personal Savior for all. Since 1983, Mr. Coulter has been the president of the Christian Biblical Church of God, headquartered in Hollister, California. He has an active ministry which reaches all parts of the United States and Canada, with additional offices in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Each year over 1,200,000 people from around the world actively utilize the church’s Web sites where they find timely, inspiring weekly sermons and in-depth verse-by-verse biblical study materials covering virtually all of Scripture (see and and and www.afaithful

With a ministry now spanning 55 years, Fred Coulter is on a God-inspired mission to preserve the truth of God—restoring original Christianity for today—for the next generation of faithful Christians. With today’s Christianity experiencing rampant doctrinal confusion, an overall watering down of the truth, and virtual disintegration, Mr. Coulter has been inspired to write Lord, What Should I Do? as a practical guide for believers who are determined to find God in a godless society.