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Occult Holidays or God’s Holy Days—Which?

Occult Holidays Book Cover

Updated & Expanded Second Edition

“Christians” today revel in Halloween, Christmas and Easter -
yet ignore the holy days kept by Jesus and the first-century Church.

Holidays...or Holy Days? Does it really matter which days you observe?

With new material:

  • The occult’s use of the entertainment media
  • Understanding Paul’s difficult Scriptures

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About this book

Today, billions of professing Christians—indeed, the vast majority of mankind—participate in Halloween, Christmas and Easter celebrations. But how did these popular holidays—with all their mysterious trappings—really originate? Are they Christian—or pagan? Does it even matter?

While mainstream Christian leaders are very well aware of the pagan origins of these holidays, the average churchgoer is oblivious to the truth of how today’s widely accepted holidays have become central to Christian practice. Still fewer realize that the biblical festivals God gave to ancient Israel—observed by Christ and the early Church—were over the centuries proclaimed to be obsolete by prejudiced Christian authorities. How did what God absolutely condemns in His Word come to be fully embraced as a fundamental doctrine of this world’s Christianity?

Fred Coulter’s Occult Holidays or God’s Holy Days—Which? lays bare the naked truth with authority, fully explaining when and how these holidays originated. In this seminal book, Coulter thoroughly documents how subtle forces from the world of paganism systematically replaced the seventh-day Sabbath and annual festivals of God with counterfeit holidays born of the occult—and how such occult holidays became “Christianized” over time by so-called “early church fathers” as they disparaged and rejected the Sabbath and holy days of the Bible. Coulter goes on to give a complete overview from the Scriptures of the true meaning and purpose of God’s Sabbath and holy days. Why haven’t you been told about those days?

Coulter’s book not only unravels these ancient mysteries, it goes on to show how the occult has been used by Satan the devil to lay the foundation for his final, end-time attempt to destroy mankind through a climactic, grand deception (Rev. 12:9).

Both thorough and incisive, Occult Holidays or God’s Holy Days—Which? unflinchingly strips away numerous, overwhelming falsehoods fostered onto an unsuspecting mankind by Orthodox Christendom—deceptions flaunted for centuries with utter impunity in a grand attempt to manipulate the masses. Ultimately, Coulter leads the reader to the inescapable conclusion that God cannot be worshiped according to pagan, occult traditions—but in “spirit and truth” only.

Updated & Expanded SECOND EDITION

New to this Second Edition is the chapter, The World of Entertainment: Vehicle of the Occult—which examines the pivotal role of the media in the current worldwide explosion of interest in the occult. From the phenomenal influence of the Harry Potter movie series (with its seductive concept of so-called “white magic”) to the tragic effects of video game violence, this new chapter demonstrates how Satan the devil has left no stone unturned in his efforts to lure an unsuspecting mankind to the brink of utter self-destruction.

Also new is the appendix Understanding Paul’s Difficult Scriptures Concerning the Law and Commandments of God. The Protestant teaching that God’s commandments have been rendered obsolete by Jesus’ sacrifice is based primarily on the misunderstanding of certain passages written by the apostle Paul. This new appendix explains these difficult-to-understand passages and proves unequivocally that the laws and commandments of God are fully in force today. Covered are such vital topics as the “curse of the law,” “works versus grace,” “justification by faith,” and more. The wonderful purpose of God’s law is fully explained—and how both works and faith are required for salvation.

Plus, all Old Testament passages have been updated using The Holy Bible In Its Original Order. This new, easy-to-read translation by Fred Coulter faithfully clarifies many commonly mistranslated passages.

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