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The Day Jesus The Christ Died

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Do you “continue in sin” that “grace may abound”?
Mardi Gras, Lent and Easter center around a “no works” salvation—and make a mockery of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ!


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Christendom is busy preparing for its most sacred time of the year—the Easter season. Catholicism—wrapped up in tradition—focuses on Mardi Gras and Lent as its lead-in to Easter. Protestants key in on the “Sunday resurrection” teaching. Besides the fact that the Bible offers no support for such traditions—and that they are actually holdovers from ancient occult holidays—these observances center on the “Christian” idea of a “no works” salvation. The fact is, they make a mockery of the very sacrifice of Christ!

Mardi Gras pictures lust, debauchery and sin—followed by Lent with its forty days of penance. The idea is that you can live like you want—no law, no works—as long as you perform some act of penance. And Easter, it is said, pictures the resurrected Jesus—Who, it is claimed, “kept the law in our stead.” Quite deceptively, such traditions promote a salvation “by grace alone”—without law or works.

But this is not the salvation described in the pages of your Bible. Indeed, true salvation is made possible by grace. But it also requires repentance (not penance)—which means change, obedience to God’s laws—which leads to good works. In fact, the idea of a “no works salvation” is expressly condemned in Scripture: “Shall we continue in sin”—breaking God’s laws—“that grace may abound? God forbid!” (Romans 6:1-2).

The true meaning of salvation is made clear through the Christian Passover—a biblical observance long ago cast off as “Jewish.” Maybe it’s time you understood. Ask for our free 160-page book, The Day Jesus the Christ Died—the only book that presents the biblical truth about Christ’s passion, crucifixion and resurrection. This intriguing book not only thoroughly covers Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension, it also brings out the awesome meaning behind the Christian Passover - the key to salvation.

Before you observe Christendom’s traditions this year, why not take a close look at what the Bible really says about the day Jesus the Christ died?